15 Ways to Stress Less About Cleaning

5 Ways to Stress Less About Cleaning

Something that I know causes a lot of frustration and anxiety in a home is cleaning I mean money is right up there too but so many arguments center around who does what and when and how often and yeah guys even I stress about cleaning so this week I’m going to share with you 5 Ways to Stress Less About Cleaning when it comes to cleaning no one wants to think about setting aside five hours to clean the whole house if that were the case nobody would ever clean the key ingredient to an easier cleaning experience and to avoid that deer-in-headlights paralysis is to divide cleaning into a series of smaller spurts so pare down larger jobs into smaller sections and that way you can feel more accomplished faster what this might look like is setting aside ten or fifteen minutes a day to clean as opposed to three hours over the weekend that’s what Chad and I do when we have to speed clean and it makes a big difference and yes if you can get someone in on it with you you’re that much farther ahead one of my secrets to handling any cleaning job is I think about and truly savor how I’ll feel when I’m done I think we can probably all agree that the feeling of a clean place and a job well done is truly a good feeling taking that quick moment to set myself up for that feeling really helps me get into the cleaning so even though I know it’s going to be hard work I set my goal and then I focus on getting there for example when I go to boxing class and moan and groan about the crazy exercises I’m doing I just keep at it because I know my arms are going to look that much better in the end remember no pain no gain mind you cleaning hurts a little bit less than boxing does when I first started clean my space services and was cleaning five days a week I put a bunch of audiobooks on my ipod and plugged in all day I was listening to a lot of motivational inspirational and leadership books and it really helped me focus and keep positive while I was building my business I also liked that I could learn and keep my mind active while I was doing something that was rather repetitive now chat on the other hand enjoys rocking out to some music while he’s cleaning so for all of you music fans it’s also an excellent way to pass the time you guys always ask me about a cleaning routine or schedule and well I haven’t formalized it yet for you and yes I promise I will do it and you will love it I have an informal one that I follow until then remember this that which gets scheduled gets done whether you set reminders in your cell phone or you have an old-fashioned paper calendar scheduled in your cleaning like you would anything else and you will get it done and for frequencies I know that each week I roughly do one to two loads of laundry I give the kitchen a good thorough deep cleaning and I give my bathroom a quick wipe down Chad takes care of his laundry in his bathroom and we give the house a quick speed tidy a couple of times a week – he usually vacuums thankfully and then we pitch in and we do the larger tasks as needed but roughly we know that’s what has to get done each week and we make time for it it’s for our own good I think a lot of us get caught in the Martha Stewart trap now she’s lovely but let’s be honest does your Thanksgiving dinner look like hers I didn’t think so so neither will your house I know you guys think I am perfectly clean but I assure you I am NOT I just take a realistic approach to it I know what I’ve got to get done in a week I know it drives me bananas and I know what I can let linger until I’ve got more time for example a dirty kitchen makes me mad so I like to spend my time cleaning that but my home office can sometimes get a little bit out of control and I leave that for what I’ve got a chunk of time that I can actually dedicate to it if I told myself that I’d have to do both perfectly I never get any of it done and I just end up feeling bad about myself also if you share a home with others who aren’t as clean as you are just do what you can and focus on that it’s not worth getting angry or upset about what they are or doing or feeling like you have to take on more than you should on the flip side if you’ve got the time in the motivation do everything and really relish the hard work and do it just for you not them heck if you’re a kid and you like to clean ask your parents to give you extra allowance to clean or if you’re a parent and your kid loves cleaning this is a great way to get them to do the work that you don’t want to our friends over at audible.com want to help you stress less about cleaning and have generously offered up a free audiobook download and -day trial at audible.com slash clean my space when I first started clean my space services one of the first books I listened to was good to great why some companies make the leap and others don’t by Jim Collins it served up over ten hours of listening enjoyment while I scrubbed like a madwoman I highly recommend it visit audible.com slash clean my space to get your free audio book and start your -day trial and of course stress less about cleaning that’s audible.com slash clean my space and the link will be down below for you to click or tap this week’s common question is what stresses you out the most about cleaning and how do you get around it let me know down below and I’m sure others will love reading your comments too hey we all need a bit of motivation every now and then there’s a button down there that lets me know you care so click it if you liked this video another great way to stress less about cleaning is to start your journey to a cleaner life and you can do that by clicking the subscribe button thanks so much for watching 5 Ways to Stress Less About Cleaning and we’ll see you next time


Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!