5 Simple Ways to Remove Pet Hair

5 Simple Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Those of you who have pets at home know the issues we face with pet hair so in this article i’m going to show you five different ways that you can deal with copious amounts of pet hair whether it’s from your cat or your dog.

1. One of the ways that you can quickly get rid of pet hair if you don’t want to bring out a vacuum or another tool is to use rubber gloves they don’t have to be wet in fact they work really well if they’re dry, I want to show you how this technique works you’re just going to apply pressure to the surface and you’ll see that pet hair starts to come up on the rubber glove the friction from the rubber just rips it off the surface I don’t mean rip in like a violent way but it just sort of drags the pet hair right off the surface so that’s a quick and easy way that you could just sort of quickly you know run your hand over a piece of upholstery or furniture wearing a rubber glove if you don’t want to get the vacuum out and you know you’ve got to get the hair off quick.

2. Most of our pets refuses to sit on a pet bed and just make themself at home on our furniture, all upholstery can be easily wiped down with a dampened microfiber cloth, i’m just going to demonstrate how this works, just going to take the microfiber cloth and i’m going to work in quick strokes and you’ll see the hair just comes right off again it’s that friction that just gets caught with the microfiber and easily sweeps off.

3. The thing I find most challenging about cleaning the furniture is the uneven surface particularly the little tufts so I have two techniques i’m gonna show you. First up vacuuming makes a lot of sense here but keep in mind you have to use the right tools with your handheld vacuum, use a motorized head this is going to really dig into the fabric and suck out the hair the other thing i’ll point out to you is if your vacuum attachments have something like a strip like one of those lint brushes it’s actually going to be really helpful when you’re dragging the attachment across the surface to lift hair up now I prefer using something with a motor head to something like nozzle without a motor head when it comes to cleaning up pet hair.

4. Now of course you could just use a lint roller to clean, although I think that would sort of be wasteful but there is a great use case for lamp rollers when you’re dealing with the tufts or any corners that you just can’t otherwise get pet hair out of so what I like to do is take a clean sheet from my lint roller and sticky side down I start to work that into the tufts and get out all of the crumbs and the pet hair and the stuff that is otherwise stuck and just like a lint roller it picks up all the crap it’s a pretty quick and effective way to get this nasty little area clean.

5. Much like the rubber glove a rubber tipped squeegee can also help to get pet hair off of an upholstered or carpeted surface, this doesn’t replace vacuuming but if there’s a patch of pet hair on carpet or on a sofa for example you can quickly do this just short quick strokes and then when you flip your squeegee over you’ll see pet hair kind of building up you can pull it off and toss it.

Now you know 5 Simple Ways to Remove Pet Hair, thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you next time.


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