5 Decluttering Tips from a Professional Cleaner

5 Decluttering Tips from a Professional Cleaner

5 Decluttering Tips from a Professional Cleaner, I have yet to meet somebody who tells me that they resent the fact that they declared something or they regret spending time reorganizing or slimming down a space in their home holidays are one of the most important times of the year for us to feel proud of and good in our spaces and many times you guys are friends and family members of mine will send me DMS or texts and they’ll say I just decluttered my basement and I feel so good and it’s kind of nice like you can use me as the person who gets really excited for you when you declutter although you should also feel excited and hey I would encourage you to do that anytime if you ever need any motivation you can always send me a DM I’ll be very proud of you but around holiday time there are you know there’s so much going on there’s a lot of stuff coming into our house and we really want to make sure that we’re priming our homes our spaces and ourselves for being in receipt of all of this stuff.

So in this article I want to show you different ways that you can declutter or rethink organization in your home so that when you do have people and things and stuff coming into your home you can feel good about it you can feel sane and you can feel organized. if you are looking forward to a holiday break just like me one of the biggest challenges to getting started with decluttering or revamping a space is figuring out where to start so if you’re feeling that way here’s a great thing to do find all of the items that you want to focus on for example throw pillows or pens or spices and group them all together go all over your house get every one of that item together in the room on the floor in a pile the amount of stuff that you have will probably overwhelm you you’ll be very surprised to know that you have that much of that particular item but what it does first of all it gives you the opportunity to be really honest with what you have that way you remember when you go out and you’re shopping and you see a One Dirham sale that you definitely don’t need another one let alone or two of those second of all it allows you to sort through and pick out the very best so you can get rid of the stuff that you don’t love or you don’t need anymore you can move on from it or donate it and finally if you do need all of those things it at least gives the opportunity to find an effective way to organize them.

I am NOT somebody who would go out and buy a thematic serving dish that is not my style my sister-in-law’s they are all about it so it all depends on who you are and what your personality is that said single you stuff like Christmas specific serving dishes or salt and pepper shakers that can really take up a lot of space in your kitchen especially if you’re only bringing it out once a year so if you are that kind of person who has all kinds of like a Thanksgiving dish or a Christmas dish or a you know other sort of themed holiday serving piece I would ask you this first of all do you use it every holiday doesn’t have a story behind it if so keep it use it but if not if you just kind of have it because you got it as a Secret Santa gift or you got it on sale or you know it came to you some way somehow and you don’t really need it I would say just to get rid of it because you probably have other things that you can use in your house as an alternative if you are somebody who does like to have that stuff around here’s what I suggest box it up like the day after the holiday and put it in the same space every year that way everything in its place and a place for everything you know exactly where to find it when the time comes and then when you’re done using it you can just box it up and you don’t have to look at it for the rest of the year and it doesn’t mix itself into the rest of the stuff in your kitchen which would lead to clutter the feeling of overwhelm and potentially the feeling of disorganization.

When you’re having guests come over one space they will use for sure is the bathroom whether it’s your master bathroom the guest bathroom or just the one bathroom you have in the home think about your guests impression of that teeny tiny space now if you have the luxury of having a powder room that’s great because typically those aren’t too cluttered even still there are some good general practices for bathrooms when it comes to prepping them for guests as it pertains to clutter first and foremost you want to make sure there’s not much going on on the counters people can feel weirded out or uncomfortable like touching things that they feel maybe they shouldn’t be touching or they shouldn’t be looking at so just take away all the mystery for them put a soap pump on there maybe a bottle of hand cream and be done with it make sure that you have some nice clean towels extra toilet paper for goodness sakes have a toilet plunger there for them so you don’t have to have that embarrassing story about the Christmas party at your house at one time and you also want to make sure that there’s nothing weird under sink cupboards that you wouldn’t necessarily want people seeing for us in our guest bathroom it’s all bath toys I don’t care you want to see what kid’s playing with go for it but if there were other things like medications like maybe I don’t want to have that under there so just be mindful keep it neat organized and then of course the less you have in the bathroom the easier it is to clean and keep clean especially for those quick in between cleans right before people come by.

When you hear the word decluttering it could almost be a trigger weird sometimes I feel like it stresses people out but here’s the thing it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of everything in sight it could just mean that you find a good organization strategy for some of the things in your home that feel out of place it could also mean getting rid of stuff whatever it means to you that’s what I’m encouraging you to do this holiday season but by the way if you are getting rid of certain things and you’re not sure the most responsible way to get rid of them I’ll give you a few tips here linens blankets pillows towels pet shelters love that kind of stuff so you can take it there cleaning supplies pet shelters also love those too we did a whole bunch of cleaning supplies we dropped a whole bunch of those off at a pet shelter and they were like thank you electronics I take all of mine to Best Buy they have a great recycling program so you don’t have to worry about the right to effectively recycle wires or keyboards they deal with all of that for you same thing goes with clothing if you’re not somebody who wants to consign your clothing or donate your clothing to a secondhand shop you can also take your clothes to a textile recycling bin in my community we have them in several locations and many clothing retailers will actually take your clothes back and give you a discount on a future purchase.

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