5 Bedroom Decluttering Tips, How to Keep Your Room Clean and Organized, Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

5 Bedroom Decluttering Tips

5 Bedroom Decluttering Tips: you can cut the clutter in your bedroom it’s easy for drawers to get cluttered and full of junk that’s why they’re called junk drawers because let’s face it when they’re closed no one knows about the crowded Horrors that lie within the key to organize drawers is having individual spaces for similar items and that doesn’t necessarily mean running out and buying something from the store but it does mean finding a creative way to keep everything in sight as soon as you open the drawer first off don’t keep too much stuff in one drawer the key indicator of a disorganized drawer is that you have to route around when you’re looking for something so avoid putting stuff in there that you should be putting somewhere else then organize the drawer content so everything can be seen easily you can use small containers or cans to keep all the small bits in one spot I’m using some small gift boxes to help with this drawer and if you want to get really fancy you can wrap them with wrapping paper or fabric keep horizontal surfaces as clear as possible this goes for desks and dressers and night tables and any other furniture you might have in your bedroom.
Visually you want to keep your bedroom surfaces free from knick-knack overload because the less stuff you see in your room the more calming and peaceful the room seems here’s an interesting way to look at it when I was younger my mom had a rule that we can only keep three items on each piece of furniture in our bedrooms this included my desk trust me it was difficult but it made me realize early on I should really keep only the things that I use most often out on display now that seems too limiting for you you can up it to five or six or seven just pick a number that feels manageable for you and will also look really great on your dresser here is a super simple solution that you’ve no doubt heard before use storage bins to contain stuff that you need to keep but you don’t necessarily use on a regular basis storage bins keep stuff from cluttering everything else up these bins are perfect for toys or books or wires or even seasonal clothing and accessories.
Find simple cardboard boxes like these which are only a couple of bucks and do a fine job at keeping items you don’t want to throw out but before you put anything into those storage bins you’re going to play a quick game of five-second purge hold the item in your hand and you have five seconds to give yourself a compelling reason to hang on to something and have a take up space in your room and your life it’s a fun game and anyone can play if you can’t figure out why you should keep something you’re going to get rid of it you’ll give it to a friend or local thrift store you’ll put it up on Craigslist or have a garage sale the best part about doing this is the stuff that you end up getting rid of will actually be used by somebody else instead of sitting in a box taking up expensive real estate in your room you knew this one was coming and trust me I know how difficult it can be when you’re out shopping but I wanted to share this method with you anyway so when I go and I purchase something that will reside in my bedroom I have a one in one out policy and it’s really simple if you buy yourself a new shirt or a belt or Avaaz or a knick-knack if it’s coming into the bedroom there’s an item that will be leaving the bedroom that way I always have the same amount of stuff in my bedroom at any given time and of course if you’re doing this for the first time you’ve got a declutter first get down to that baseline and then apply the one in one out rule now.


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