31 Ideas to Juice Up Your Cleaning Session

31 Ideas to Juice Up Your Cleaning Session

The universal cleaners that handle everything from grease on the stove to sticky messes on the dining room table but there’s a lot more cleaning than that welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 31 super useful things to get your next cleaning session done right.

1. You can’t clean your house properly without a good scrub brush look for one with sturdy bristles and a bamboo handle it will be comfortable to hold lasts for a long time as long as you take care of it properly and will help you clean the tile and grout in your home you’ll need a little extra power to get those areas sparkling.

2. Sometimes you need to clean up a small mess rather than pull out your full size vacuum and waste time getting the right attachments located and put on just use your hand vacuum these vacuums are very easy to use and are the perfect size for cleaning couch cushions and other small areas while they can’t tackle a big mess you do need to have one on hand just in case.

3. A microfiber mop is no match for a traditional mop and bucket full of floor cleaner however it can help in between those large cleanings for example if you have a sticky kitchen floor because you just spilled juice or something a Swiffer WetJet is ideal you can always pull out the regular mop later when your floor is in need of a deep clean.

4. Did you know that you can use a powder polish on your kitchen where you really can sure it comes out of the container as a Polish so you’ll need to mix it with water and then rub it into your pots and pans with a ray but the extra work is worth it when everything is shiny.

5. The classic toilet wand is of course the easiest way to clean a toilet of any shape and size many of these wands come with detachable cleaning heads filled with solution making it that much easier to clean your toilet not only do you not need to get too close to it but it also ensures that it ends up super shiny.

6. A magic eraser looks like a traditional chalkboard eraser only with cleaning solution embedded into it the eraser itself is white making it easy to tell when it’s out of cleaning power and ready for the trash you can use a magic eraser to clean just about anything in your home from the stove to the countertops and more.

7. Your microwave probably looks disgusting no one wants to clean their microwave despite the fact that they end up filled with food splatters and other messes thankfully you can make yours much cleaner with the help of a simple device that goes into the microwave follow the instructions on the package and in the end you won’t have done much.

8. Wood polish is good for you guessed it cleaning wood it polishes up your furniture giving everything a nice shine the protective coating is kind of like wax so it prevents the furniture from getting scratched and well if any scratches appear you can buff them out with more wood polish it works like magic.

9. Bonhomie is an old-school cleaning product that really does work on everything it removes lipstick stains from just about anything have gum stuck in your clothing use bonhomie to get it out it cleans the oven it stays off your counters and can basically handle everything that you throw at it it’s something of a miracle cleaner.

10. Antibacterial spray is a classic cleaning agent it kills bacteria and other microbes on contact and remove stickiness and general grime if you want your house to be as germ-free as possible you want a cleaning agent that is extremely multi-purpose then you need a bottle of antibacterial spray make sure that you always have some on hand.

11. Microfiber cloths are great dust and debris stick to them making everything cleaner without the power of cleaning agents you can also pair a microfiber cloth with something like antibacterial spray or wood polish as they’ll pick up grime and germs even better they’re machine washable so you’re saving the environment as well you’ll need a whole fleet of these cloths in your cleaning arsenal.

12. They make brushes that attach to the head of your drill to make cleaning that much easier you just need to attach it properly make sure that the battery of your drill is well charged and then go to town removing caked on soap and hard water stains if normal arm power won’t do then this is the way to go.

13. Cedarwood oil is great for keeping mobs out of clothing if you don’t want to have to deal with mothballs yet can’t afford a fancy cedar closet then you need a bottle or two of cedar wood oil wipe down the surfaces in your empty closet with it and watch the oil do its magic on top of this you can use it to make your furniture shiny.

14. This may not sound like a cleaning tool but in a way it is the suction cup keeps your sponge attached to the side of the sink not the bottom this allows it to drain properly in between uses so you won’t have to microwave it as often to zap those germs.

15. Gamsol oil is typically used by artists in order to clean paint brushes and other painting equipment however you can use it in your home to clean just about any surface it can get stains out of fabric make your dining room table shiny and much more.

16. Wire scouring pads are designed to help you get kicked off gunk off your pots and pans some of them have cleaning solutions soaked in so you don’t have to use separate containers of dish soap however if you’re dealing with really stubborn grease on your stovetop or burners the wire scouring pad will work there as well.

17. Charcoal is designed to soak up odors making everything in the vicinity smell nice and fresh if you’re worried about odors lingering in your closet then hanging one of these bags made of a bamboo based fabric over the rod they will take care of any random odors emanating from your clothes in no time flat.

18. Usually drain declutter is sold as a single bottle it goes down the drain where it dissolves all of the leftover muck clearing the drain however you might find some devices that consist of two different parts one has a cleaning wand that goes down the drain after the liquid in order to help break up the clog.

19. If you’re worried about your filthy windows then you need to get some rain-x it will clean them up nicely although this cleaning solution usually goes on car windows where it makes the rain pool up in a certain way making it easier to see you can also use it on your houses windows as well.

20. A multipurpose polish does many different things just as the name implies you can use to polish your furniture remove grime from your countertops and make sure that all of your doorknobs are completely fingerprint free many of these polished have antibacterial agents as well which is nice will really help you clean your home you need to have a tub of this around.

21. Did you know that you can clean your washing machine with laundry detergent despite what previously believed your washer doesn’t clean itself with every load in fact if you have a front-loading machine you probably have to contend with some stale water smells and other things just pop some detergent and run the machine without any clothes to clean it.

22. There’s nothing as useful as a toilet brush although these devices don’t have cleaning solutions in them they still do a number on your toilet you’ll need to scrub a little harder and use a separate bottle of toilet cleaner if you have stubborn stains that your toilet wand can’t clean you need a toilet brush.

23. You’ve probably seen the commercials for oxy clean stain remover all of those leftover stains will vanish thanks to this useful cleaning product yes it’s designed to work on clothes and get out stubborn stains but it also works well on just about every other type of fabric including pillows mattresses and upholstered furniture.

24. Those of you with pools will definitely benefit from a pool cleaner these devices are attached to houses and run on electricity you just need to pop them into the pool following the instructions of course and turn them on before you know it your pool will be clean since the device gets the sides of the pool you won’t have to do a thing.

25. Vinegar is one of the oldest cleaning solutions out there it’s a natural antibacterial cleanser that takes out germs very quickly the only downfall is the smell no one wants to deal with that vinegar scent this is where scented vinegar comes into play the scent makes the vinegar bearable so you won’t have to worry about burning your nostrils with it.

26. Sometimes you need more than one cleaning brush these devices are great for getting all those little nooks and crannies clean a set that consists of multiple brushes in different sizes is ideal for any homeowner or anyone who wants to clean their apartment dorm room or wherever you live it’s best to have an array of cleaning brushes just in case.

27. If you want your kids to help you clean your house then you’ll need to teach them to do so when they’re very young you can start with these chores sticks take a standard popsicle stick and write a chore on it fill a container with them and your kids will get the pleasure of pulling out their next chore.

28. It’s never too early to have your kids help you clean well you don’t want to mix this with cleaning solutions it will work for picking up dust and cat hair a moth onesie which is exactly what it sounds like a onesie for an infant or toddler that has moth-like attachments will clean the floor as your child crawls around.

29. A pool glove is for exactly what it sounds like cleaning your pool if you haven’t sprung for a pool cleaner then you’ll need to get in there and manually clean your pool using this glove and the appropriate cleaning solution after all you don’t want to swim in a dirty pool do you.

30. Who doesn’t need a pair of sturdy rubber gloves the quick answer here is that everyone should have a set there are some cleaning solutions that you just don’t want to get on your hands they’ll harm your skin and make things very unpleasant.

31. This cleaning agent is good for dishes but because it has deep cleaning agents that get out grease and other things you can use it to clean your kitchen floor the stove and much more you can also use it as a hand wash in a pinch.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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