30-Minute Speed Cleaning Plan

30-Minute Speed Cleaning Plan

30-Minute Speed Cleaning Plan: Did you just find out you’re getting some unexpected guests, or do you have a particularly full schedule this week? Use these speed-cleaning tricks when you just don’t have enough time to clean.

Lose the clutter. Do you have tons of newspapers, magazines, kids’ homework, and other clutter lying around? Do a clean sweep, and tidy it up. Put it into neat stacks, or throw it all in a plastic bin or drawer to sort out later.

Wash the dishes and wipe down kitchen counters. Use burner covers to hide stovetop messes.

Empty the trash can. If your trash is overflowing, your guests are bound to notice, and it takes only a minute anyway.

Vacuum main areas only. Do a quick cleaning of the floors only where you and your guests will be visiting.

Quick-clean the bathroom. No one wants to use a dirty bathroom. Wipe down the mirror, sink, and toilet. Close the shower curtain, and clean the bathtub another day. If the toilet isn’t very dirty, just give it a once-over with the toilet brush. If the toilet needs a little more attention, use some toilet cleaner.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!