27 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

28 Super Cheap Things to Keep Your Apartment Organized

Organizing is easy when you have the money to buy all of the necessary tools but we don’t have a large budget yet have a lot of different things that you need to properly store in your apartment it’s time to get creative welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 28 very cheap organizational ideas for your apartment.

1. Who doesn’t have an old shower caddy laying around from their college days rather than toss it into the recycle bin why not use it to store things options include medications paints kitchen spices and more you’d be surprised at how many things fit into this inexpensive organizer plus it’s very mobile.

2. All that you need for this one is some double-sided tape and a magnetic strip hang the strip on your bathroom wall and you suddenly have a great place to keep all your bobby pins and hair clips even better you can insert the strip into your bathroom drawer in order to hold these where they’re out of sight.

3. One quick way of organizing things in your bathroom and kitchen involves hanging cheap plastic cups on the side of the cabinet doors double stick tape should keep them in place nicely as long as you don’t put too many heavy things in them they also double his toothbrush holders in a pinch.

4. For in order to make an organization board hang a square of wrapping paper on the wall and then mount some cheap dry erase boards in the center now you have a handy calendar system a place for your grocery lists and even somewhere to put notes to yourself and your roommates it works well check out this DIY guide on girl of glam.

5. Sticky backed hooks can be hung anywhere in the house especially on the inside of a cabinet you can put any number of things on them particularly your cleaning supplies like your gloves and sponges they’ll keep everything organized and they won’t leave behind a trace except for some minor stickiness when you move out.

6. Skirt hangers are cheap you can buy the ones with multiple levels and plenty of clips at the dollar store they come in handy during the winter when you come home with soggy gloves scarves and hats just place the skirt hanger over a doorknob and clip your essentials into it they’ll have a place to dry and you’ll be able to find them when you again.

7. If you lack the money and the space for a fancy California closet system why not make your own out of trash bags this easy way of separating your clothing and storing the out of season items is very easy leave each item on its hanger then sort them on the rug by season place a trash bag over the ones that you can’t wear now.

8. And over the door shoe holder the kind with fabric bags for each shoe makes a great spice rack just hang it over the pantry door in your kitchen or over any door for that matter and place your spices in it you can fit two or three per shoe allowing you to organize those spices in a way that won’t take up too much room.

9. A stainless steel sponge caddy to keep your sponges dry until you’re ready to use them it sticks on to your sink with the help of suction cups mildew you don’t know her.

10. Did you know that some shoes especially low-slung ones like espadrilles and sandals are just the right height for cereal boxes obviously you need to eat the cereal first once the boxes are empty stack a few together taping them in place and then put your shoes in them.

11. Those rigid plastic bread tags the ones that keep the bag shut are just the right size for computer Intellivision cords if you have too many cords that look the same label the tag with a permanent marker and then slip it right over the cord you’ll never forget which is which again.

12. If you have a lot of drawers to organize yet you don’t want to shell out for plastic organizers just use empty boxes the ones that snacks come in are just the right size to fit into a drawer you might be able to fit in several depending on the size of the drawer and they’ll hold everything in nice neat rows.

13. Sometimes the rolled way of folding doesn’t always work items come unfolded and even though you know that this is a good method of fitting more things into a single drawer you’re ready to give up don’t instead purchase a bunch of rubber bands and use them to secure those rules together.

14. Who doesn’t have at least a dozen baseball caps stacked up and taking up too much room thankfully all that you need to store them better is a single clothes hanger and a few plastic circle hooks slip the circle hook around the back of the Hat and then over the hanger rod.

15. Scarf hangers can be found at any inexpensive store proving that you don’t need a lot of money to organize them properly instead use one of the hangers as its intended and then loop it over a doorknob or your closet hanger rod this one is so simple that it’s almost too easy isn’t it.

16. An ice cube tray has spaces that are just the right size for individual pieces of jewelry and pairs of earrings you can keep yours on your dresser or even stack them up to create a makeshift jewelry box of sorts all that matters is you can find the pieces that you want to wear when you’re getting ready in the morning.

17. It can be hard to find enough space for all your plates and cups when you’re in a small apartment thankfully these small metal stacking units are fairly inexpensive you can stack them in a corner of your counter and just place all of your serving pieces on them plus it’s easy to reach the right plate when you need it.

18. If you love to play cards but are constantly losing the boxes that the decks came in as well as the cards thanks to your lack of organization just buy a plastic travel soap holder for each deck these items are cheap and are just the right size for a pack of playing cards you can even color code them if you want.

19. Many people prefer to toss out their shoeboxes and just leave their shoes on a rack instead keep the boxes and use them to store office supplies and many other things they can be turned into impromptu to spice racks hold your cutlery and keep your craft supplies all in one place.

20. Baskets are fairly inexpensive they also come in many different shapes and sizes if you want to keep your towels organized in your linen closet then start there with a basket for each different size you can also place a basket under your sink and use it to keep your toiletries all in one place.

21. There’s no shortage of things that you can put into a wire bin especially the kind of bin that’s light enough to mount on the wall put one in your living room to hold the remote controls and phone charges keep some in your bathroom for toiletry items if you lack storage these will help.

22. Thankfully shoe racks aren’t overly expensive especially when you buy the kind that you have to put together yourself a good shoe rack just needs to be sturdy enough to hold your shoes it doesn’t need to be fancy since no one will see it but you and your significant other after all it lifts in the closet.

23. Sometimes you need a few cheap buckets some zip ties a cordless drill and some ingenuity to build a storage unit place the buckets on their sides and connect them so that all of their openings face the same direction drill holes and zip tie them together and the rest is history.

24. If you’re really desperate for space then you’ll love this idea it involves a piece of plastic mesh with some holes at the top to fit over your shower curtain rod install it over your shower curtain so that the two move together and you have a really useful way to keep all of your essentials in one place.

25. If you’re truly at a loss for space then a rack that spins fits the bill these racks don’t need to be fancy just functional they spin around on their base making it easy for you to get at everything on them without having to reach in and knock things over.

26. A stackable translucent container for any tea lover who wants to find the flavor they’re feeling that morning without having to sort through 15 different containers great tea bag storage box with plenty of room it has six compartments to hold all the tea you can handle.

27. Another over-the-door hamper so you can always remember to throw your soiled under things where they belong instead of leaving them on the floor what I like about this one is that it is the smaller of the two so it fits nicely in my cramped bathroom space however if you are looking for a large laundry bag this wouldn’t be the ideal choice for you.

28. A three-tiered standalone spice rack so you’ll be absolutely action ready especially when you need to add more flavor to your recipes super quickly the bottom edge is slightly larger at 6 inches maybe 1/8 of an inch so keep that in mind if you have a very tight space the border around each step limits the size of things that you can place together this may be more useful without the border.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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