28 Super Amazing Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartment

28 Super Amazing Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartment

Living in a smaller apartment has its advantages and also disadvantages. Whether you’ve downsized or you can’t seem to stop buying new stuff, you’re faced with the daunting dilemma where do you put everything? Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are Super Amazing Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartment.

1. A lot of us are working from home right now and a desk really helps spur on the production of our daily duties. Unfortunately, a full-sized desk would take up too much space. That is why a wooden wall-mounted table is great. Work from home, while not taking up unnecessary space.

2. When In Doubt, Hang It Up. While you may not think that something so tiny can make a difference, you would be wrong. These minimalistic wall hooks are perfect and also great for hanging purses, bags, and anything else. You can hang jackets and extra clothing items that legitimately cannot be wedged into your closet.

3. Bookends should be multi-purpose and this great little item that can make a big difference. Luckily, they can be with these acrylic bookends that have slots, for loose papers, folders, and files.

4. A Corner Shelf Is Perfect For Storing Items. When you have small knick-knacks, you may not know where to put them. By placing them on your desk, you’re taking up valuable space. This is why lightweight corner shelves are great solutions for this dilemma.

5. A Shower Curtain With Mesh Pockets Can Store Whatever You Need. Imagine not having to find a place for your shampoo bottles that means taking away space in your bathroom? Don’t reach too far for your shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and anything in between with this neat way to store essentials.

6. Invest in a Bedframe That Has room For Storage Underneath. Under the bed is a great place to store such items, such as boxes. Let’s say you have suitcases or winter clothes that you don’t have the room to store in your closet. If you put the right bedroom, you could have a full thirteen inches of room underneath to place whatever you want there.

7. A Medicine Cabinet Shelf Adds Another Means of Storage. This is a small item, but certainly will make a big difference. In your medicine cabinets, make the most of the space you have with medicine cabinet shelves. You can add multiple ones and you don’t even need to just use them in your medicine cabinets.

8. For The Book Worms Floating Hidden Bookshelf. You don’t need to toss aside your books simply because you have a small apartment. You also shouldn’t get a large bookcase, though. That takes up too much space. Instead, invest in some floating hidden shelves so you can display your collection.

9. A Hanging Closet Organizer that always There For You. You probably never thought about hanging up your purses. Where do you put them though? On the floor? A desk? That will take up too much space. A hanging closet organizer doesn’t require any assembly and is great for storing your purses.

10. Use a Slide-Out Storage Cart For Those Small Spaces. This video is all about making the most out of small spaces. That’s why, if you have room in your kitchen, between the fridge and a counter, utilize a slide-out storage cart or you can put this in your bathroom. It’s handy to store products in and when you aren’t using it, slide it back in.

11. Jute Bags Will Add Style and Space to Store Items. You absolutely do not have to sacrifice style when you are looking for ways to store your items. Jute bags are incredibly trendy and can be placed on the floor, without looking messy. You can store whatever you need in these bags and not have to sacrifice style.

12. A Makeup Caddy That Rotates Is a Perfect Purchase. Just like with jewelry, it’s sometimes difficult to store makeup. There’s so many pieces, where do you put them all? This makeup caddy is a great place to store and display your makeup. It also rotates, which makes accessing what you need a great perk.

13. A Hanging Cocktail Bar Is Great for Entertaining and Personal Use. Whether you like your cocktails with a side of reality television or you enjoy entertaining, a hanging cocktail bar is such a great buy. Instead of having a bar cart or nothing at all, you can have a hanging cocktail bar with a fold down table and voila, you have the perfect means to entertain guests.

14. Our closets always need a helping hand, especially in a small apartment. Installing some shelf dividers is a great means of organizing some of your items, such as scarves and blankets. You can really put whatever you want in these dividers – it’s up to you! Just know they’re a great way to organize your closet in your tiny apartment.

15. Hide Items In Plain Sight With a Storage Ottoman. If you want a cute way to store items, but don’t want to make it too obvious then a storage item is perfect for you. It will look great in your bedroom or living room and is a perfect place to store whatever you need to in it.

16. Use a Multi-Purpose Pantry Rack to Dry Your Pans. Whether you are a baker or a gourmet chef, you probably have a lot of dishes when you’re dinished making a great meal. A multi-purpose pantry rack is a great idea for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

17. A Magnetic Kitchen Rack is The Perfect Kitchen Buddy. In the kitchen, you have certain necessities that aid you in your cooking. Paper towels, soap, olive oil, etc. They take a lot of space up on the counter, so why not get a magnetic kitchen rack to hold all of those items?

18. An Entryway Mail and Key Organizer Is the Perfect At-Home Welcome. If you’re the type of person who always forgets where their keys are, this is a great item for you. You can place your keys on this organizer so you always know where they are and place any unopened mail so you don’t have them tossed aside on your desk.

19. A Structural Wall Hanging Could Also Hold Your Necklaces. You probably have never seen this before, but this structural wall hanging is a really cool way to hang your necklaces. It looks so incredibly chic on your wall, but is also a practical way to make the best out of a small space.

20. Over The Door Shoe Holder Is a Great Place to Store Your Shoes. If we have a lot of shoes, there comes a point where we simply do not have the place to put them all. This is why an over the door shoe holder is great. There are so many pockets to store your shoes in. It keeps them off the ground and adds an extra place of storage in your small apartment.

21. Offering the advice of a plate storage rack as a good means of storage is probably obvious. But, sometimes, we don’t consider the obvious when we’re looking for creative ways to store items in our small apartment. This is a tried and true means of storage in your quest to find ways to different methods.

22. Jewelry is something most of us like, but where do we put any of it? Jewelry can be messy to store, but it doesn’t need to be. This perfect tiered-jewelry stand can store your earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. You can fan out the tiers to display your items or have them all stacked.

23. Use a Ladder to Hang Your Towels On. I bet you never thought that a ladder could be used to store things on. Just get a five foot ladder and place it up against the wall. You can throw towels on it and voila, you have a fashionable way to store your towels.

24. Use a U-Shaped Shelving Unit to Organize Your Cabinets. If you haven’t seen this, then you are in for a surprise. An u-shaped shelving unit is perfect for storing items in your kitchen and bathroom. You can see everything that you have, while organizing your shelves.

25. Don’t Take Up Space With This Nesting Bowl and Measuring Set. While you love to cook, your bowls and measuring utensils can take up a lot of space. Luckily, there are nesting bowl and measuring sets that really ensure that you are making the most out of your small kitchen.

26. An outlet shelf is one of the coolest things I’ve seen online as it can free up counter space with an outlet shelf. This is great for those who own a Google Home or an Echo or anything in between.

27. There are certain items in the kitchen that are essential, but take up so much space. The same can be said of dish racks. They just take up so much space in your kitchen! No more though with this collapsible dish rack – It makes for easy storage.

28. A Drawer Organizer Can Easily Divide Your Clothing. If you live in a small apartment, you probably don’t have a lot of drawer space. You may have to put some different articles of clothing in the same drawer, but you don’t want everything getting mixed up. That is why a drawer organizer is perfect for keeping everything separate.

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