27 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Paradise You'll Never Want To Leave

27 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Paradise You’ll Never Want To Leave

Making your home look like a paradise does not mean getting a famous designer or you have unlimited funds if you’re creative enough nothing can stop you from transforming a simple home into a cozy relaxing paradise welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 27 ways to turn your house into the paradise you want.

1. Decorating your windows using rainbow film will not only reflect light but also add an additional layer of privacy to your home a rainbow film can be installed and removed in just a few minutes leaving no residue and easy to apply it can also warm your home during the winter minimize sun heat during summer and give you natural light at the same time.

2. You can use blackout curtains so you can get those sleep hours you need blackout curtains help your house to trap heat muffle sounds and won’t fade as years go by find curtains that are durable top-quality and very soft to touch in addition blackout curtains can help you save electricity cost especially during summer as they help keep sunlight out.

3. Why not use a luxury bath caddy light a few candles and let your body soak for some time some caddies offer silicone grips that are non-slip and ensure they stay firmly in place as you rest and relax a bath caddy is an ideal gift for those who love to relax during baths they also make bathrooms designed even if homeowners are not using them.

4. Get a luxurious silk sheet set that will make you feel like royalty even though you are actually acting like a couch potato you can look for a silk sheet with pillowcases that can help you sleep on golden clouds.

5. Cocoon yourself using a cozy Sherpa throat to give you nice comfort as you climb into your bed a Sherpa throw can help you keep warm in cold nights especially during winter some Sherpa throws are anti-static and made using 100% microfiber.

6. Increase your access to more entertainment options using the amazon firetv stick amazon firetv stick allows you to have literally thousands of channels and apps including more than half a million movies who does not want that on a lazy weekend morning or during your holiday break this little gadget also allows you to enjoy Hulu Netflix and prime video among others setting it up is quite a breeze taking you a few minutes to connect it to your television and Wi-Fi network.

7. Transform your house into an amazing movie theater using a mini projector why go to the cinema and leave the confines of your own home when you can watch a film from your own couch anytime you want to you can search for a good and easy to use projector but not clunky and offer stunning visuals with vibrant color depth and crisp sound.

8. Afraid of running out of treats or snacks in your house no problem avoid this problem using monthly subscription boxes that can provide you with crunchy salty or even sweet treats such as granola bars and artisan popcorn this is perfect as you watch your favorite movie or binge your favorite television series.

9. Pamper yourself with a skin revitalizing shower do not forget to comfort yourself using a skin nourishing shower especially during long work days a shower with charcoal body scrub towel can remove dead skin from your body giving you a renewed and glow.

10. To make sure that your shower can become a real party get a waterproof speaker where you can play your top tunes while at the same time trying to wash away the rigors of a long stressing day some speakers these days have no problems getting wet so getting a speaker in your bathroom would not be a problem listening to your favorite music podcast or radio stations should not be a problem while you’re taking a bath.

11. Get a huge variety of music and podcasts using Amazon echo with Alexa as soon as it is connected to Amazon echo Alexa can sing you a song or even tell you a joke it plays music ask questions manages your smart home devices and even sets alarms and times echo can make your home smarter not to mention more relaxing.

12. Place a mini fireplace in whatever room in the house you are spending a lot of hours with a mini fireplace can spread warmth especially during colder days increasing the cozy factor in your home you can adjust the flame brightness and ensure the safety of many fireplaces freeing you from overheating concerns.

13. Protect drinks and snacks using a mini fridge right next to the bed you don’t have to get out of your bed to go to the kitchen if you feel hungry or thirsty during midnight the kaluli electric cooler looks very sleek in their design as well.

14. Get the book smelling candles which you can use as you read your favorite novels.

15. A foot massager can definitely help remove your stress away due to a sedentary lifestyle most of us have our muscles have not been used on a frequent basis a good foot massager can help boost blood circulation and help reduce the possibility of getting foot injuries.

16. Have you tried a weighted blanket a weighted blanket will let you have a constant hug.

17. Consider getting a noise machine a noise machine can block unwanted sounds from outside your house like your friends and family pleading you to leave your lovely abode.

18. Turn your house into a relaxing Green sanctuary use succulents planted in pots so there is no need to transplant them with the help of the instruction guide you can even grow these succulents for your own use.

19. Get a hanging hammock chair taking brief sleeps midair is never as easy without the help of a hanging hammock chair.

20. Use lights in your bedroom that are waterproof and remain cool look for lights that can be quickly shaped to various sizes.

21. How about becoming a fish parent fish always give us solace and comfort when we take care of them why not make the house a host of some fish.

22. Use shea butter to lather your hands when you enter your houses bathroom a hand cream of shea butter can be desirable especially during cold nights shea butter makes your skin softer and smoother not to mention making them smell nice.

23. A diffuser as dreamy decor it is delicate and smells so amazing.

24. Try installing some wall art you can add bright dashes of color and vibrancy around the home using wall art.

25. A silicone pan can do wonders as you are baking in your home silicone utensils are good since they don’t melt and therefore you don’t need a pair of scissors to cut worn edges a silicone pan has no problem taking the heat to scramble eggs or bake your favorite recipe even after you use it for a while a silicone pan may still look like new.

26. A home sauna can help you relax and decompress home saunas do not just offer warmth in fact home saunas can help remove toxins from your system and boost skin health along with other benefits.

27. A storage bed that has multiple drawers it’s often a welcome feature in your home they can help you stack sheets and pillowcases you don’t need most of the time or out of season outfits you only need in certain times.

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