27 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

27 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

As human beings we spend most of our time at home in our kitchen especially now that everyone is advised to stay at home cooking seems like the best hobby to have welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are things you can do to keep your kitchen organized.

1. You’ve probably been doing this incorrectly for years and this may seem like a bit of a no-brainer but there really is an art in how to properly store your groceries by learning how to store your groceries you’re avoiding clutter food spoiling and making more room for other items knowing how to store your groceries is the first essential key to an organized kitchen.

2. Check out the complete list on tasty to don’t throw out your six-pack containers after you’re done drinking the last beer there’s a definite need for those containers and it’s handier than you think by putting them in the doors of your fridge you can not only store your beer but other bottles you won’t have to worry about your soy sauce chili peppers and more knocking around when you use this method.

3. It’s easier to stay organized when you know where everything is in your home when you need to search for food items you could make a mess trying to find one thing by placing everything in clear jars you will be able to see clearly what is in what and that way you aren’t struggling to find any ingredient you may need.

4. This may seem a bit obvious but it’s probably not something you are actively doing in your kitchen you need to label everything since this will keep everything more organized and give you peace of mind there’s no need to shift through everything in your kitchen when you simply have labels to tell you what everything is.

5. It’s not a good idea to have cutlery knocking around in your drawers since this keeps everything disorganized as well as damages the knives you have when they are damaged they will not work properly when you use them to cut ingredients avoid this by putting them in the knife blocks so the knives are not damaged and stay in one place.

6. When you are in the middle of cooking and trying to pack certain good items away it may get irritating trying to find plastic baggies you may either have a box of them tossed somewhere or your hands are too dirty to grab one out that is why pinning the box to the wall with the lid open allows for an easier grab when you are looking to food prep for the week.

7. Plastic bags can be useful for a variety of things whether it’s storing other bags throwing out the garbage we’re picking up a dogs mess you could also use plastic bags in the house the trouble is they can get quite messy in order to keep everything organized use an empty tissue box container and stuff the plastic bags in them to keep for an easy dispensary.

8. Leads to containers can be quite a nuisance when you are trying to organize them most of the time you end up throwing them in a cabinet almost never to be found again when you place them all in a dishwashing rack and place that in your cabinet you have them all stacked and organized to pull whichever one out you need.

9. While you may have a wide assortment of ingredients and spices everywhere there is always going to be a go-to ingredient when you are storing your ingredients by what you use the most you are taking away the hassle of trying to find said ingredient every time you decide to cook for the family.

10. Rather than your measuring cups and spoons clanking around in your utensil drawer take them out of any drawer or cabinet by hanging them up on the wall by taking them out you are making your drawers neater while also having some essential cooking and baking items Within Reach when you need them that way next time you decide to make an apple pie you can easily pluck a measuring spoon right off the wall.

11. When you are looking to declutter your kitchen the best thing is to take whatever is unnecessary in your fridge and cabinets out anything that you can hang on the wall you should this means that you probably want to invest in storage bins by placing them on the wall you can store whatever you want in them either install them on the wall or get smaller ones for the inside of your cabinets don’t throw items around when you can place them in wire storage bins.

12. Most measuring spoons have various sizes on one chain that is all well and good but they can end up becoming tangled and thrown around by separating your measuring spoons and then storing them by size you’re actually organizing them for a neater look in your kitchen you will be able to grab whichever measuring spoon you need for the recipe that you are cooking up that night for your family.

13. Spices can be very cumbersome in cabinets by labeling them as well you can easily make out what spices which get spice containers that match so that you can stack them which means that you are making your spices neater instead of spreading out in your cabinets you don’t think to worry about not being able to find a certain spice simply because they are all in matching containers.

14. This is a very popular organizational idea as mentioned before spices can take up a lot of room in your cabinets if you transfer your spices into magnetic jars you can take them out of your cabinets and place them on the fridge this creates more room in your cabinets for other items and creates a better display for your spices a display that guests will be impressed with.

15. Don’t you hate it when you have to retrieve something from under your sink and you have to bend down and dig through everything this is a hassle avoid the pain by installing a pullout drawer at the bottom underneath your sink you will be able to easily pull it out and find what you need.

16. We are creating space here these tips can be great for small kitchens and large ones by hanging your utensils you are creating more space and drawers for other items this is especially good if you don’t have a lot of utensils you can simply grab one and not cause any clutter in your drawers.

17. If you’re going to put your spices in a cabinet use a lazy susan these nifty devices aren’t just for sharing food with a large group of people by installing a lazy susan in your cabinets you are making it easier to find the spice you are looking for all it needs is a quick spin and you have made your life a whole lot easier.

18. This is the same concept as before you may have not thought that a lazy susan had any place in the fridge but it does it could be the perfect organizing tool for what you need place your fruit vegetables and whatever else you need such as condiments on a lazy susan it will make everything more organized while making it easy to find something.

19. Sometimes your fridge starts out nice and neat then everything goes to hell how do you avoid having everything thrown in all over the place in your fridge to the point of not making sense of it you have to create organizations so that food doesn’t get lost in your fridge by using labeling bins you are easily able to store fruits vegetables meat and eggs in their pre designated areas so you always know where something is when searching for it.

20. As we have mentioned some several times in this article it’s better to get what you can out of the drawers and cabinets do you need your storage space but it’s taken up by all of the pots and pans that you have a neat idea is putting up a pegboard and hanging your pots and pans from it get them out of the way and easy to reach this also creates a nice look in the kitchen for guests to see.

21. This idea plays off the previous one just as you should label your bins you can also use baskets to store your food in your fridge the entire idea is to organize better if you are placing different food items all throughout your fridge you may not know where something is by putting what you need in a basket you have a more central place for certain items to be placed in.

22. When you are trying to keep everything organized in your kitchen it’s okay to be creative means using a magazine rack on the wall not to store magazines but to store your boxes of Ziploc bags sometimes these boxes along with parchment paper and aluminum foil can take a valuable room in your cabinets they also have a tendency to get in the way avoid the clutter and the stress when you use this nifty hack.

23. Pots and pans can be annoying to store and taking them out for a meal is even more of a nuisance it comes to a point where you may not even feel like making certain dishes due to where a certain pan is located avoid this headache and hassle when you have a wire rack to properly store everything.

24. Standing within the pots and pans territory it’s a good idea to find multiple ideas to help you organize these kitchen tools better one nifty way to add more storage is a riser placed in any cabinet you are given another surface to place your pots and pans on this will avoid clutter and make everything in your kitchen easier to grab.

25. Has it ever happened to you when you make a meal put the leftovers in the fridge and after a few days you completely forgot how old it is by labeling your food with the date you made it you know how long you have had until something needs to be thrown out and you also know when something is still fresh this not only organizes your fridge better but also saves you money in the long run.

26. And over the door shoe organizer isn’t just for well shoes this clear storage unit is the perfect place to store all of your most used spices you can display each one neatly so that it is out in the open and easy to reach on top of this using a shoe organizer will free up space in your cabinets so you can put more items in.

27. With a little stick on tool you can attach clothes pins on the wall you can then use them to hang dishwashing rags and other items in your kitchen this is a creative way to hang towels whereas they would normally be tossed around the kitchen messily.

And that’s all for now folks what do you think about this article please share your thoughts about this article in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our blog, thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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