27 Super Smart Ways To Organize Your Whole House

27 Super Smart Ways To Organize Your Whole House

Your home is a safe haven it’s where you spend your evenings mornings and weekends it’s where you relax eat and create memories with family unfortunately if your home is disorganized you may be making bad memories welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 27 super smart ways to organize your whole house.

1. No one really uses vintage card catalogues anymore but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose that purpose is a lot more fun than you think don’t know where to put your wine look studious and professional with a card catalog that actually holds your wine for when you are in need of a little drink after a long day.

2. Keep everything neat and organized we’ve heard of a junk drawer but what about a junk cabinet if there’s a cabinet in your kitchen that’s not being utilized use it as a junk cabinet it’s the perfect place for items that don’t quite fit anywhere else but that you don’t want on top of your kitchen counters.

3. Don’t have all of your papers lying around this causes mess and you’ll end up miss placing valuable papers that is why you should designate a box to toss mail in when you get it so you can revisit it later but it’s not tossed on the table or shoved in your purse anything that you need but you don’t know where to put it there’s a box for it.

4. Depending on how large your house is you want to make the most out of every area that you can that includes the Nook underneath your staircase rather than keeping it bare and useless utilize it as a nap nook you can include a bed or a couch along with shelves to create a small space that is perfect for simply relaxing in.

5. When you go to the supermarket you go to the milk section and you reach to the back because you know they put the milk cartons that will expire soon up front that kind of mentality and strategy is something that you should implement in your own home you should organize your pantry every week whatever is closer to expiring put up front those with a little longer shelf life should be pushed to the back this way you don’t waste food by letting it go bad.

6. In general we tend to toss our dishes just anywhere in the cabinet we try to make sure that there is rhyme and reason when we initially put dishes in but they usually go to the wayside eventually by installing shelves you have an opportunity to organize the dishes.

7. In your kitchen as another tidbit you should color coordinator dishes going back to the refrigerator we have another way for you to organize your fridge by buying stackable storage containers you can make sure you can put more in your fridge but not have it look messy by keeping everything in storage containers you can store more and keep certain food items contained to certain stacks it’s best to get clear containers so you can see everything at a glance.

8. You don’t want to have a disorganized kitchen drawer you don’t want to open up the drawer and not find what you need you also don’t want certain tools getting bent or dull from being thrown in altogether this is why you will want a kitchen divider for your kitchen drawers everything is nice and organized so it’s easy for you to reach in and find whatever you need.

9. Just like having dividers in your kitchen drawers the same item applies for your dresser you don’t want to bundle your socks underwear and bras in one drawer by putting a divider in the drawers you can separate everything from each other don’t keep your laundry wrinkled when you keep everything organized you also make it where everything is easier to grab which is why it pays to install divider in your dresser drawers.

10. This may seem like an out-of-the-box kind of idea but it actually is more practical than you think by having a locker in your garage or even a playroom for your children you can store different items in this unit everything is compact and you can label each cubby so you know what is in before you even open one of the doors.

11. Throughout the week you observe things that you need in the kitchen when it comes time to go grocery shopping you then forget instead of forgetting put a black board inside of the cabinet door so that you can write what you need throughout the week this is a great way to organize your thoughts and to better organize your cabinets with what you need.

12. Your linen closet can sometimes be a mess you toss towels in and then before you know it everything’s a mess install shelves in a linen closet to keep everything organized fold your towels and other items and designate a shelf for each item this way when you go to reach for what you need it’s all right there in front of you.

13. If you’re under the sink space has one flat surface for you to put items on install stackable storage bins so you can include more things under your sink you will be able to store everything that you need by putting these storage bins in your sinks under cabinet.

14. Let’s say you have a few kids in the house items in your bathroom can get confused if there isn’t any order to it by color coordinating everything you will make everything easier this means one child gets a purple toothbrush one has a green etc you can apply this to hand towels and other items so everyone knows what’s theirs in the bathroom.

15. For those who wear makeup we know that makeup can get messy if we don’t try our best to organize everything you don’t want to keep your makeup around the kitchen sink nor do you want to put everything in a bag this makes everything disorganized and can be damaging to your makeup we spend a lot of money make up so you want to get it all organized.

16. For your crafts put everything in a box you never know when you need a ribbon most of the time we only use items like ribbon for Christmas or birthday gifts where do you place these items when you don’t need them designate a box for such items like ribbons so they are stored neatly for whenever you need them.

17. Believe it or not everyone has a bookshelf most people though have books so where do you put these books on top of a table on a coffee table you should have a bookshelf so you can neatly store your books you can also keep DVDs and Voss’s it’s a good organization technique as well as something to showcase in your home.

18. A teen has it ever happened where you wake up you go to get ready but you can’t find anything to wear you also see that you’re running out of time and need to get out of the house avoid confusion and disorganization by hanging outfits together plan out what you are going to wear for the week this way in the mornings all you have to do is pluck a hanger out and have an entire outfit ready.

19. Purses shouldn’t be on the floor not only is that a way to dirty your purse but it’s also in the way by a hanger that is made for hanging purses you can make sure that all of the money you’ve spent on your purses don’t go to waste by hanging them up.

20. Don’t throw your shoes at the bottom of your closet this is a way for your shoes to get lost and damaged shoe cubbies are a good way to organize each pair of shoes so that they are out of display and are kept in better condition.

21. Having magazines and newspapers thrown around doesn’t look great you may want them though because there’s a story you’re interested in or a cooking recipe you want to use instead of keeping the magazine or newspaper cut out what you actually want to keep there’s no need to keep an entire magazine if you just want one or two pages out of it store these clippings in a scrapbook.

22. Your garage is primary function is to store your car many people though use it for storage which means that you have to keep your car outside where it can fall victim to the weather hang some of your items so you can actually park your car if you have bicycles install hooks to hang them from the ceiling to make room.

23. Kids and pets like to toy around with cords this can be extremely dangerous to avoid anyone getting hurt store these cords by putting them in a wooden organizer it will not only help to keep the little ones safe but will also minimize the mess that is a bunch of cables everywhere.

24. This is out-of-the-box thinking but when you have kids you have to be creative how do you teach kids to be organized play a game with each other put hula hoops on the ground and tell your children that they need to put all of their toys in the hula hoop this will teach them to put everything in one place neatly.

25. As you can see it’s been suggested numerous times in this article that you should have a box for certain items children have supplies that are needed for assignments from school keep all of your children’s pens erasers and scissors in a box so that they’re there for the homework your kids need to do.

26. Anyone who has kids can tell you that you need to get used to your children’s toys tossed all over the place this doesn’t need to be the case when your child isn’t playing their toys can be stored in a linen ottoman you can have a container for toys and a nice looking piece of furniture.

27. Lastly let’s talk about receipts while many places are opting for digital receipts some places still give out paper receipts some that you should save for tax reasons where do you store all of these receipts use shoeboxes app so you don’t lose anything once uploaded you can categorize receipts as easily find them on the searchable server.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this article please share your thoughts in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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