27 Super Nifty Items You Should Have in Your Bathroom

27 Super Nifty Items You Should Have in Your Bathroom

The bathroom may not be the most glamorous part of your home, but it is arguably the most essential and the one guaranteed to be used the most by yourself and guests. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are Super Nifty Items You Should Have in Your Bathroom.

1. This gold organizer can give your bathroom a touch of elegance minus the gaping hole in your wallet. Not only is it a practical way to organize your vanity kit, but it also looks chic, is sturdy and well-made and, most of all, super inexpensive!

2. It’s just a frustrating situation to be in when you urgently need medication but cannot locate a specific one in that messy cabinet medicine of yours. Fortunately, this medicine cabinet organizer can help you sort through all the products you have stashed in there. This versatile storage bin streamlines, holds, and organizes all your essentials in one easy-to-access container. Your items will stay upright, tucked away and will keep your countertop clutter-free! This space-saving unit’s slender design makes it perfect for medicine cabinets.

3. Never leave your hot styling tools unattended ever again. With this nifty heat-resistant silicone holder, you no longer toned to worry about accidentally melting something, causing a fire or worse, getting burned. Now, you can heat your tool up, style away, and leave it to cool in this protective sleeve.

4. Trash is already unsightly, but the bucket you place it in need not be! With this aesthetically pleasing trash can, which is fashioned with a decorative farmhouse design, you can give your bathroom a touch of style that people would appreciate.

5. A tiny bathroom can quickly get cluttered if you don’t have the right tools to organize your items. Fortunately, there is this fabric shower curtain that has mesh pockets, which can help you maximize the storage space inside your bathroom. You can place toys, holds soaps, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and more! Bring additional storage space to your bathroom with this multi-functional heavy-duty fabric shower curtain with pockets. No more clutter as this item features nine mesh pockets that makes organizing all the items you need in your shower a breeze.

6. Late night trips to the toilet can become quite the adventure as you fumble your way in the dark. And if you’re looking for an ingenious but affordable fix to make your toilet much more fun and accommodative for your family, this toilet bowl LED light is the item for you. Give your toilet a unique look during nighttime and make it way easier for your family members to locate the toilet without turning on bright lights.

7. If you’re mindful of leaving an awful smell for the next person who uses the toilet, then this hibiscus-scented toilet spray would come in handy. You just shake well and then spritz – sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface. After that, you can go do your thing.

8. A common issue that people face when they’re sitting on the throne is where they’ll place their phones. For those who want a little extra storage in the bathroom, this toilet tissue holder with a shelf can do the trick. This convenient, dual-purpose fixture gives you a place for your bathroom tissue while it offers a small shelf. Ideal for small books, cell phones, hand towels and more. This shelf offers a shallow recess so items won’t fall out.

9. Toilet bowl brushes can be an eyesore in your bathroom but this toilet bowl brush and holder can change all that as it brings both style and flair to your toilet. Made of sturdy plastic and designed to give your toilet some flair, this item can keep the toilet bowl brush away from sight while also making it convenient and within reach if you need it. It’s so pretty that people might ask you why the heck you’re keeping a vase next to the toilet bowl.

10. Make your time in the bathroom a lot more fun with this waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker provides perfect sound in less-than-perfect environments. This device is ideal for listening to your music around the house or inside the shower. The speaker pairs instantly with Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers, letting you send your favorite songs wirelessly to the speaker. Change tracks and adjust volume from your Bluetooth device, or use the buttons on the speaker.

11. Give your bathroom a dash of elegance with this chic soap and lotion dispenser, which features a charming floral design and retro dots that will stand out on your bathroom sink. This old-fashioned hand soap and lotion set is made of stoneware and includes two dispensers and a tray.

12. Always keep track of all your beauty products and tools with this clear makeup organizer. This item is the ideal way to keep makeup and accessories tucked away in an organized manner. With this, there will be no more frantic searches for that lipstick or brush. Made of durable plastic, this organizer is versatile enough to use for cosmetics, office supplies, or art supplies.

13. Let’s face it facial tissue boxes do not make for attractive pieces inside your bathroom. To remedy that, you can place them in this house-shaped tissue box made of easy-to-clean molded plastic. This house-shaped cover dispenses each tissue through its “chimney”, making it look like an imaginative puff of smoke.

14. Stay safe and pamper your feet simultaneously with this non-slip shower mat. This unique bath rug appears to be a loofah sponge, with its porous design that seamlessly lets water through while also giving the soles of your feet a quick and satisfying rub. This mat can even be placed directly over a drain. It is also fast drying, mildew- and stain-resistant so it stays clean.

15. Dry off your feet with this plush memory foam bathmats. Perfect for kids and those kids-at-heart, this mat is filled with memory foam for a luxurious and cozy feeling each time you step out of the shower. The bathmats have an ultra-soft and dense polyester face which absorbs water and dries quicker than ever. It also has slip resistant backing that helps keep the mat in place for safety.

16. Give your shower curtains new life with these shower curtain hooks shaped and hand painted to look like the faces of a raccoon and a fox. You may be just in the shower, but you’ll get an outdoor feel with these clever and cute shower curtain hooks.

17. If you want things to stay organized and yet remain within reach, then this over the counter basket will come in handy. The tray holds smaller items like sponges, brushes, cleaners and so much more. It also features chrome plating and the steel wire of the over-the-cabinet basket is strong and fits over standard cabinet doors. With non-absorbent foam pads on the backs of the hangers, it is made to keep cabinets protected. Also, it is easy to install and does not require tools.

18. Keep your bathroom drawers from getting messy with this clear organizer tray that provides convenient storage for your bathroom vanity and closets. This three-section tray is ideal for holding hair products, makeup, lotions, cotton balls, and many more!

19. Never waste another drop with this nifty tube squeezer. Whether it’s toothpaste, lotion, cosmetic, adhesives or any medicinal tube, make sure you are getting the most out of them with this smart gadget.

20. Take your countertop storage to the next level with these freestanding tiered bathroom shelves that will allow you to maximize corner storage space. Rust-resistant, these are ideal to use either inside or even outside your shower area. This can store shampoo, soaps, tissues, towels and more!

21. Keep your soap from getting all mushy with this waterfall soap dish. This useful little item can keep that organic soap you recently got nice and dry so you can use it for much longer.

22. This glass bath accessories set will give your bathroom a hint of elegance. Composed of a tumbler, canister and a lotion dispenser, this collection reimagines Art Deco shapes and brings them into the present day for fresh, contemporary décor for your bathroom.

23. Keep your bathroom counter from getting cluttered with this toothbrush and toothpaste holder that can hold two large toothbrushes and a full tube of toothpaste. This holder, which is made of clear plastic, features a textured raindrops design for added depth and dimension. It is durable, which means you can rely on it for years to come.

24. Make your “number two” time easy and comfortable with this Squatty Potty stool. Experience the benefits of a healthy posture with this nifty item, that gives you an easy way to enjoy the effects of a faster and healthier “number two” experience. This Squatty Potty stool can help you have the proper position and posture for an easier process. Place it next to the bowl and use it as a step while you’re sitting down. This helps to have a more natural squatting position that can help your bowel movement become more regular safely using no medication.

25. Keep your clothes off the floor with this hanging hamper. Made with washable polyester material, this hamper can be placed and hung on the back of a door or a closet rod. Say goodbye to bending to pick up a heavy load!

26. Keep all your shower essentials within reach with this shower caddy. Keeping the utmost convenience in mind, this shower caddy takes up marginal space in the shower while still accommodating large shower or bath soap bottles. The two extra wide plastic shelves accommodate all your shampoo, conditioner and body wash while the four hooks are ideal for loofahs and other hanging items. Flex’s shelves accommodate bars of soap and the silicone straps can be used to keep razors.

27. Keep the clutter on your counter in check with this stick-on silicone pocket. This item sticks instantly and adheres strongly to glossy surfaces yet peels off easy so you can remove and reposition whichever way you want it. No suction cups, adhesives or wall mounts needed!

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