27 Diy Projects For Small Spaces Ideas To Maximize Your Place

27 Diy Projects For Small Spaces Ideas To Maximize Your Place

Even if you have small space as your home it should not stop you from making it as beautiful and relaxing as you want it to be do not forget there are a wide number of possibilities you can work on including innovative furniture that are perfect for small spaces welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 27 unique ideas to maximize your small space.

1. Magnetic knife rack use a magnetic knife rack to store all your knives and prevent you or anyone from getting unwanted scrapes or cuts a magnetic rack can definitely be a huge space saver for small kitchens they are easy to install and can easily be bought online to shelf above door one good way.

2. Add storage in your small bathroom is to have a shelf just above your door remember placing a support board on your wall that will act as the piece the Shelf can rest on the idea is pretty straightforward and it is among the most practical space-saving designs a durable and adjustable shelf is a unique way of keeping the house tidy and clutter free.

3. Over the sink shelf in a small house why not maximize all spaces including the little one above your sink a shelf over the sink can give you more space to store things you do not even have to buy the shelf from the store scrap wood boards can do the trick it’s a nice way to recycle and at the same time save space in your home.

4. Folding desk maximize space in your home by looking for folding furniture a folding desk can be a very useful addition in a small house it is crucial you measure first the area where you plan to place the folding desk though.

5. Under the bed shoe organizer you can save space under your bed by placing a storage compartment there it is one of the most practical storage solutions out there for small bedrooms add casters on the organizers bottom so you can get it out easily under the bed if you like you can also get a more stylish storage such as a rattan box with a modern flair.

6. Pegboard shelves pegboard shelves are very useful to small spaces because they give you the freedom to customize any available storage space you may have if you are going to do it by yourself remember placing some wood glue on the pieces before you finish putting up the shelf with a nail gun.

7. Towel rack for small bathroom storage ideas do not have to be hard to do a very basic but sleek towel rack always comes handy doing one on your own should be fairly easy using either a grinder or hacksaw for the rods.

8. Mason jar storage shelf why not recycle your old mason jars you may have to build a storage shelf jars are simple inexpensive and unique ways to hold anything that may otherwise unnecessarily clutter from pens nuts and bolts to kitchen spices.

9. Storage bench store the clutter in your house and place them out of your sight using a nifty and do-it-yourself storage bench remember placing a piece of wood just below the shelves halfway line that way you can help support the upper shelf of your bench.

10. Chalkboard calendar planner get a chalkboard planner if you want to organize your stuff or anything in your kitchen a chalkboard calendar planner can help you monitor food you have in your fridge or what items you should buy in the grocery in that way your little kitchen would not be crowded since you do not store a lot of unnecessary item.

11. Cup organizers you can also organize your make up to save up space cup organizers are one of the ways to do so they are also easy to do make sure you mark the cups edges before drilling holes into the organizers wooden block by doing this you will prevent the cups from falling.

12. Foldable drying rack a foldable drying rack will not occupy any floor space and it can be quickly tucked away anytime you want place brackets on the corners to make for a sturdier drying rack.

13. Rolling pantry even if you do not have a spare room you can still have space for all your pantry needs how by making a rolling pantry that you can place just beside the fridge it’s easy to set up so that means the project is not going to cost you an arm and a leg when painting use paintable wood filler first to fill all the holes from the wood and nails.

14. Art piece jewelry box an art piece jewelry box saves not only space but also works as an art masterpiece just make sure you place the nails or screws securely because this is where you will hang jewelry.

15. Toy wall for the toys and books of your kids you may want to make a toy wall you can set up shelves on the wall so you can sort books stuffed animals dolls and building blocks.

16. Mirrors on walls you can create the illusion of having a larger room by putting up mirrors on your walls putting up mirrors on your walls it’s one of the best creative and most practical ideas for small homes it is actually very basic but at the same time it makes a big difference to how your rooms look.

17. Starry ceiling give you and your family a new unique view before going to sleep by creating a do-it-yourself starry ceiling it is a great and fantastic idea for small spaces use a stencil as a guide to paint a number of stars on your ceiling and your children will love it.

18. Kitchen organizer leftover wooden pallets can serve as a perfect organizer for your kitchen attach hooks or knobs at the bottom making sure you have space for your kitchen towels and aprons.

19. A room divider is another good way of making more space in a small studio apartment.

20. Rast storage bed a rest storage bed can give small houses extra storage space keep everything attached with the help of wood screws.

21. Hoop hamper hoop hamper can save spaces where you need them place the clothing in between two pieces of your embroidery hoop and then fasten it tightly using some.

22. Sofa table a sofa table is a good space-saving furniture for apartments that have limited space first measure the back of the sofa to ensure it matches the size of your sofa table do not forget to measure the height and length of the sofa to make sure you have the right measurements.

23. Clothing rack create a fuss free and easy to make clothing rack that matches a minimalist design concept.

24. Storage Ottoman a storage Ottoman is also a nice way of tidying up small spaces in your house in a very creative manner you can customize the Ottoman to make sure it matches the look of your home or small apartment have your staple gun and staples ready for this do-it-yourself project.

25. Corner shelf maximize the corners of your home by providing shelves for extra storage a corner shelf does not have to be made of wood you can use a simple magazine holder.

26. Storage desk a storage desk can give you a number of storage options without the need to sacrifice floor space you can finish off this do-it-yourself project by coating it with some tung oil to make it longer lasting.

27. Suspended shelf, a suspended shelf can also be a good storage saver if you are going to make it yourself make sure you use a ruler when you are measuring out the holes that you need to drill into the board.

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