26 Ideas to Upgrade Your Small Home

26 Ideas to Upgrade Your Small Home

There is no reason to postpone that home upgrade you’ve been wanting to do for years welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and these are 26 ideas.

1. Seriously upgrade your home space with peel-and-stick paper that can be easily removed you can create a charming accent wall in your apartment get compliments all the time super easy to put up but you definitely need patience I measured the wall then added two inches when I cut it and it worked perfectly my only complaint is that I had a hard time telling how to line up the pattern but as long as it stays on I’ll be very happy with it.

2. Using a simple conversion kit you can convert your recessed lighting into pendant lighting for under Aed 100 this little kit works perfectly to convert a can to a real pendant one tip I saw in previous reviews where some folks thought the converter did not fit in the slanted can type installation that funnel piece actually comes out of the ceiling remove that can surround completely before you install the converter kit installation was a breeze and the supplied medallion piece was easy to spray-paint oil rubbed bronze it looks very high-end installed.

3. With easy to install medallions you can also upgrade your recessed ceiling absolutely gorgeous I love how these transforms my outdated lights I wish installation instructions were included but drilled holes and attached with screws.

4. If you’re living a small kitchen life you can get an apartment dwellers new BFF with this rolling cart for storage and food prep overall a really nice cart the top drawer isn’t very sturdy but we reinforced it with nails the granite top is heavy and beautiful I use this as an expresso cart and it works well for that purpose I definitely recommend this product to anyone living in a small space or just someone looking for a cute bar or coffee cart.

5. Step up the organization of your worn once or twice but not quite ready for the laundry clothes with this minimalist ladder I’m always wary about products requiring self-assembly but this item took less than 10 minutes to assemble well-made sleek ladder and a unique decor element.

6. While you’re not at home prevent your pups from destructive behavior and help ease their separation anxiety with a baby gate very easy to set up door opens smoothly and stays open until you close it back up tall enough to keep my psycho shih tzu poodle downstairs and he has been known to kamikaze over any object we put in front of him built strong and stays put.

7. Everyone will assume you bought this chic and comfortable futon from a fancy boutique for the price I didn’t expect much but I’m very impressed with this futon perfect for a tiny apartment and if you need seating for your living area all I had to do was attach the legs and it was ready to go it seems sturdy and is actually more comfortable than what I expected this is perfect if you’re living a small space and want a high-end modern look on a small budget.

8. Give your wall a decor with a quirky scratch off map for documenting your world travels hang it in your bedroom wall and every time you go somewhere new you will look forward to scratching off a representation of that location.

9. With a liquid stainless steel range and dishwasher kit you could get the appliances you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the price yes this doesn’t look exactly like stainless steel but it’s pretty darn close here’s a couple tips first prep your appliance and work area you can use a light green sandpaper in between coats if you think it looks clumpy in an area or two next do mini thin coat and be careful about your brushstrokes be patient don’t let the first couple code scare you into clapping it on again be patient wait until everything is fully dry to remove your tape don’t expect a miracle if you take your time it will look nice but it won’t look exactly like real stainless steel.

10. Help transform your giant ice box with a little bit more you can get a liquid stainless steel fridge kit the paint is perfect I wanted to have my fridge matched several new appliances I put in I wasn’t going to replace the fridge as its only fault was that it was white so I got this paint and everything went exactly like the reviews say the fridge now looks fantastic and while it doesn’t perfectly match my real stainless steel appliances it looks like stainless and if you don’t tell anybody they won’t know.

11. With a grout pen that’s mold resistant you can restore stained grout on your tiled floors and walls bought to clean up the pitted cracked shower grout in an apartment for the price this did the trick and made the shower look sharp and clean the paint dispenses easily and it’s pretty simple to apply evenly no idea how it’ll hold up over time but it made it through its first cleaning test.

12. Use a mold heat and moisture resistant peel and stick faux gel tile backsplash to redecorate your kitchen wall real glass tile is expensive so after a few months of researching we ended up purchasing this you really need to measure well or you’ll end up ordering way more than you need they are really sticky but you can pull them off and REE stick them if you positioned it wrong and they stick just as good this is the best thing if you’re trying to revamp your space on a budget.

13. Upgrade your home decor without completely emptying your wallet with a pair of glamorous tripod and globe floor lamps they look expensive in the product photos on the target and that high-end appearance at and budget translates to real life.

14. When you’re far from home you can still rest easy knowing that your place is safe and sound with a nest smoke detector I was a bit disappointed when I realized that this does not work with the Alexa nevertheless it does its job it’s loud enough to alert us regardless of what floor we’re on everyone has downloaded the mobile app and we all get the alerts on the phone one feature I love is that if we silence the alarm and don’t clear the smoke at some point the nest will not allow us to silence the alarm it will say alarm can’t be silenced there is too much smoke if you have young children just learning to cook you need one of these in the kitchen.

15. Bring nature inside with a one-of-a-kind and responsibly sourced butterfly objects to art I love how gorgeous every jar and terrarium was each with such original detail that every piece felt like its own miniature world.

16. Pick a sturdy Ottoman that moonlights as a linen closet then you won’t have to choose between enough seating for guests and enough space to store all your crap this is one of my best buys so here’s a few pros and cons the storage is great it fits all of my babies million toys and keeps me organized it also looks amazing it doesn’t look expensive but doesn’t look cheap either good size for seating to average adults or three kids although I wouldn’t risk seating them for a long time there was a strong chemical smell but it went away after you aired it out for a day the partition that separates it into two compartments isn’t large enough to fit perfectly through the groups so it moves very easily inside but it really is not a problem.

17. By securing an adjustable clothing rack onto your floor and ceiling you could convert any nook cranny or shabby closet into an organized oasis without having to drill a single whole this clothing rack is sturdy and very adjustable the poles are metal with only a few plastic pieces and the end pieces have rubber grommets that hug the ceiling and floor even fully extended the poles can withstand some serious weight put on them I shorten the distance and loaded it completely full of clothes and it does great.

18. Have your tissue close at hand with a cute tissue box cover love the design very inventive as a Kleenex box cover this looks like something they would sell at MoMA for big bucks but this price was so reasonable it looks great and serves the function of covering all the various funky colored boxes of upright tissue and adds a bit of whimsy to the process.

19. Make more room in your closet using a set of brilliant tiered hangers for tops and bottoms these wonderful contraptions save space in two ways one the hangers themselves are pretty thin and don’t take up too much hanging space like the chunky plastic alternatives due to they hang for items vertically a piece so that’s three less hangers taking up horizontal space.

20. Create a classic cozy vibe with minimal efforts without interior design skills using a set of streamlines.

21. Leave every surface squeaky clean with a natural vinegar spray without leaving a lingering vinegar scent if you have a kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances then this product will work on all of it it does a very nice job on our gas range to where that thing’s always a mess and difficult to clean there is a bit of a vinegar odor especially at first but it fades pretty quickly and leaves behind the lime mint smell.

22. Hide your unmentionables with a minimalist bamboo hamper that might actually make your room look cute or too.

23. Upgrade your kitchen without having to do any renovations by swapping your old cabinet and drawer handles this really classed up my newly remodeled kitchen don’t let the low price make you think these are poor quality they’re great and feel like they should cost a lot more than they do especially when I compared them to what was available at my local large hardware chain.

24. You could make your bathroom look new again by filling them up with caulk sealant to reseal all those unsightly cracks in your tub and tile it took about a tube and a half of this to clean up my shower stall it dries quickly so be sure not to wait more than a minute or two tops to wet your finger and smooth it out I also used a paper towel to wipe the excess caulk off my finger between wipes and the process worked really well.

25. Hide the ugly light bulbs with dome light fixtures I’ve seen other bulb shades but they are all lamp shaped type so you could still see the bulb when standing below this one covers the bulb and looks like glass it doesn’t diminish the light at all and doesn’t create patterns of light on the walls I highly recommend it for anyone with an exposed ceiling bulb anywhere.

26. Instead of replacing your baseboards bulk up them using paint and extra trim first measure the space using between the new trim and the old trim nail gun it up with a few nails using your scrap piece of wood guide cover up the nail hole using spackle add some primer around it then two coats of semi-gloss white and you’ve got yourself chunkier baseboards.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this article please share your thoughts in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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