25 Wood Crate Storage Ideas

25 Wood Crate Storage Ideas

We are all looking for new storage ideas concepts that are not only smart but also make the home look good this kind of storage container can hold your possessions and also give the home a really warm feeling that will make both you and your guests feel good inside your house welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 25 super awesome wood crate storage ideas.

1. Some of these ideas are going to be DIY ones because this is oftentimes how you get the most out of your wood crate turning your wood crates into a storage lockers will not only be perfect for storing whatever you would like in it but it looks great for any room in the house whether you’re placing this in your bathroom or bedroom give your room personality with a wooden crate storage locker.

2. In general floating shelves look great on a wall but add some fun and personality with wood crates you can place them any way you want and even create a nice pattern by using larger and smaller wood crates in descending order.

3. A great idea for wig crates is to craft them together in order to make a nice shelving unit for your linens in your bathroom you can paint them white or whatever color you’d like to fit in with the restroom that you are putting it in with this option you are showcasing a statement piece that will have guests wondering why they didn’t think of it first.

4. By putting a lie and a cushion on top of a wood crate you can create an adorable looking footrest in your living room or bedroom while you are leaning back in your couch or chair you can rest easy after a long day of working on top of this it’s a clever way to have extra storage that you can put virtually anything in why just have one use for a wood crate when you can give it multiple functions.

5. Your coffee table is typically a centerpiece for any living room whether you’re watching TV playing card games or drinking wine with friends you’re most likely doing it around the coffee table not only will a wood crate make a unique coffee table for people to compliment but it is also good for extra storage you surround this piece of furniture every day so use it to also store more items so that you’re not forced to either throw things out or leave them out in the open when you don’t want them to be.

6. I bet you never thought that you could use wood crates in this type of capacity but why not instead of leaving papers out on your desk create your own personal cabinets for a home office with wood crates with a little bit of DIY work you can create this functional cabinet with sliding drawers to keep every important document nice and organized.

7. Not only our book cases sometimes cumbersome but they can also be expensive avoid stress on your wallet and add some style to your bookcase wood crates make terrific bookcases so you can display all the great novels that you have enjoyed throughout the years this would create bookcase will be a great addition to your living room or bedroom so see if this is something that you would be interested in.

8. We love kitchen islands these great additions to our kitchens not only give us more storage but also more counter space to help cook our favorite meals on oftentimes though a kitchen island can be bulky and expensive which may not always fit into your budget a wood crate storage kitchen island is a great solution for someone wanting a kitchen island that will be kind to your wallet along with adding some rustic flair to your kitchen area check out the step-by-step guide on I creative.

9. Whether you work from home or have side projects that require a desk wood crates can help provide the need for space and storage in your workstation with wood crates you can create a unique desk with storage space to put all of the items necessary to get work done in this is a shabby-chic kind of vibe which could really help you get in your creative space for whatever project you are currently working on.

10. Oftentimes you will put your shoes on a little rug near the door for you to have as you’re leaving the house or that is where they go when you come in but as you have more shoes and more people coming in and out of the house the pile of shoes could become unmanageable and suddenly you have dirty shoes all over your floor avoid this mess by installing floating wood crates to place your shoes in for easy access and clean floors that will make you happy.

11. This may seem like a simple use of a wood crate but maybe it’s not the one you thought of prior to this article with kids running around and toys aplenty where are you to put them on install some wheels on the bottom to have a rolling toy bin or two that makes it easy for a child to cart it around which makes it easy for them to learn to put their toys in the crate you will not only have an extra storage bin but also an educational tool for your young one.

12. Your under cabinet space is underutilized rectify this by adding under cabinet wooden crates for extra storage we are always looking for more ways to store all of our possessions and sometimes it becomes cluttered and messy avoid that and look into this option because it’s a great one particularly for your kitchen where it always seems like there’s never enough room for everything.

13. It’s very chic to hang your expensive China if you’re especially going for that vintage rustic feel installing wood crates to hang your dishes is a really neat idea.

14. On top of needing a bookshelf you probably also need storage for your DVD blu-ray discs and CDs as well as vinyl records whatever media you have you’re going to need somewhere to store them use wood crates to make a media organizer to have everything nice and neat not thrown around as well as on display let your favorite movie be within arm’s length with this cool idea.

15. If you’re the type of person that likes to have a lot of pillows on your bed for display this is a great idea for you after all are you really going to go to bed with all those pillows on your bed probably not you’ll most likely fling them around on the floor dirtying the very pillows that you may rest your head on instead have some wood crates on the side of your bed to store your pillows while you sleep.

16. If you have a fireplace in your house you may be on cloud 9 after all who doesn’t want a working fireplace in their home while this might be your favorite part of the house you also are wondering where to store all of that firewood a wood crate comes in handy when wondering where you should place the firewood in between your warm nights stack up a few wood crates and there you have it.

17. With all of the game consoles cable boxes and more that you have for your television you’re going to need an entertainment system while Locke crafts a few would create boxes together for this kind of setup you will be able to place your TV either on top of it or mount it on the wall above it but either way you will have a great way to display all of your entertainment systems so that you aren’t stuck with only having one out.

18. When you have a lovely kitchen it’s a nice display piece to have your fruits and vegetables out on a counter not only that but you want to keep your fresh fruits and veggies fresh and a wit crate is a creative way to display those fruits and veggies the wood finish of the crate gives a really rustic and vintage look that just invites someone to pluck an apple from this crate in the morning.

19. When you have gorgeous stemware that you spent a lot of money on you don’t want them hiding away in a cabinet for no-one to see display them better yet do it with style you can craft a wood crate to hang some of your glasses on as well as display your favorite bottle of wine this is a very classy and chic way to have your wine out for parties or a special night with a loved one.

20. A wit crate can be fastened to be placed on the wall and hold all of your spices for you whether you put a barrier in the front of the shelving inside the wood crate you can free up cabinet space while having all of your spices right there in front of you this is a creative way to have everything you need to make food taste awesome Within Reach while also adding a great addition to your kitchen.

21. Whether you have one child or for your children love to play they love to have their toys and everything else sprawled all over the floor avoid that mess and craft a widt crate cubby Locker you can store toys books notepads and more for your child in an organized fashion that ensures that you will no longer have to step on a lego ever again.

22. For those who enjoy listening to old vinyl records wood crates provide a neat storage idea that will put them on display or safely hidden underneath the bed there’s no need to have to compromise for the sake of space now just organize all of your records in wood crates and be able to flip through them when you want when it’s time to play just grab out and put it on.

23. Whether you are looking for another addition in your living room or even a nightstand a wood crate can be either for you place your favorite book or anything else you want in one of these makeshift tables add some wheels on the bottom of them to make them easy for transport so you can easily rearrange your furniture when you are feeling like you need a change.

24. We talked before about how you can make a wood crate into a linen cabinet you can also make it into a towel rack not only can you use the wood crates as is and place your towels in them but you can also take the siding of a wood crate and attach it to the wall then by placing appliance hangers or pegs you can have a towel rack in no time never go reaching for a towel again with this in your bathroom.

25. Have you ever had to sit down to put your shoes on most likely frequently I would guess not only can a wood crate be good for storing your shoes but it can also provide bench for you to sit on when you’re wanting to pull on your sneakers before a morning run with a shoe bench you have a versatile piece of furniture that’s likely to make your mornings and evenings a lot more convenient.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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