25 Living Room Storage Ideas That Will Inspire You

25 Living Room Storage Ideas That Will Inspire You

Whether your living room is large or small you probably will spend a lot of time in this area of your home it is the very reason that you want to utilize storage however you can and this is the list to help you welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and take a look at the 25 living room storage ideas that will inspire you.

1. Place din from of the couch and by a coffee table with shelves for places to store the remote controls coasters and more a coffee table is one of the staples in any living room and you can get a stylish coffee table.

2. Match your living room space to Y have a simple TV with no other purpose but to hold up your television when you can use it for storage as well buy a TV stand that can fit your TV and that you can store items in you can store your video game consoles along with remote controllers and anything else you need buy a stand in any style and color for your living room.

3. Ottomans make great pieces of furniture and will really bring your living room to life not only that but they will also store items that you need throw in some pillows or magazines in your ottoman so that it is not in the way guests won’t know that the stylish piece of furniture is actually a storage bin for yourself.

4. When TV sets were bulky a common practice was to stick it in the middle of an entertainment center and call it a day with flat-screen TVs becoming popular people have done away with this practice Y though an entertainment center is perfect for storage not only will you be able to store your blu-ray machines a DVD collection but you can place pictures and glassware inside the Cubbies.

5. A bookcase is a great way to add storage to your living room it can be of course used for the obvious books it can also be used for DVD discs CDs and even pictures to display you can buy one of any color and any size in your living room this will help solve any storage problems that you have been struggling with and look great in your space.

6. End tables are not just for your bedroom set you can also take advantage of an end table in your living room place it next to your couch for more surface area you will have somewhere to set your coffee cup or place a small plant on top of it is something so simple that you will wonder why you never thought of it before.

7. Floating shelves really help in any sort of storage situation by going online or a home goods store you can buy a floating shelf of any color and design then simply hang it from the wall and place whatever you want on top of the surface whether you’re wanting to showcase some family photos or a decorative plant this is a great idea for your living room.

8. Enjoy a stylish bench that stores whatever you need it to with this option you can decorate your living room space with a bench that lifts and has space for you to put whatever you want in it get it in the style and color you want to match your living room with finding different ways to store items is not difficult when you have an eye for style.

9. Ladder shelves are a unique way to store and display certain items hang up blankets on ladder shelves for when you are looking to snuggle up on the couch it is a small way to add more storage space but it will look great you can also store books and plants on the tiers.

10. Just like an entertainment center you can build a wall unit to store a multitude of items if you are looking to have plants pictures and anything else on display a customized wall unit is a good decision give yourself extra places to store items with this option.

11. With a cushioned bench that is installed underneath the window you not only have a nice place to sit but a place for storage as well lift up the bench to store items in such as throw pillows books and more you will have a lovely addition to your living room that allows you to look out the window on a nice sunny day.

12. Well this may seem like an easy option using stylish baskets for storage is a perfect idea grab a wicker basket from your favorite home goods store and place it in the corner or next to the couch you could store whatever you want there children’s toys magazines or even blankets add a little touch of home with these stylish baskets.

13. When you look at your bed you see there is room underneath for storage the same goes for your couch you typically will have space in between the bottom of the couch and the floor by storing items and plastic bins you can slide them underneath and out of the way.

14. For those who live in a small apartment or a small house you will probably have guests wanting to sleep over from time to time most pull-out catches look and feel just like a regular couch they have the ability to transform into a bed you don’t need to sacrifice comfort ability for function here.

15. A bar cart is not just for your alcoholic beverages though it certainly can be you can also use this as a storage vessel for other items when you get one with wheels you have the ability to move it around your living room freely not only is it a smart idea for storage but adds a bit of sophistication to your living room area.

16. Even though digital has essentially replaced physical CD discs people still have a DVD and blu-ray collection rather than get rid of anything display your collection with a mounted DVD rack this floating DVD shelving unit will be able to store all of your favorite movies and TV shows while making them a part of your living room decoration.

17. This is the same concept essentially as the point that was made before you have books that you want to show off you don’t know where to put them mount book shelves on the wall to display all of your reading material you will be able to show off your taste in books while also having your favorite stories within arm’s reach.

18. Let’s see you want to buy some speakers to play music on or listen to your favorite movies in a manner similar to that if you were at the movies speakers that can take up room on the floor they also shouldn’t be there anyway mount your speakers and enjoy better sound while making sure you are not taking up room on your floor.

19. While a TV stand is a good idea sometimes it’s a better idea for storage to not have your TV on the floor at all instead mount your TV on the wall you can enjoy watching whatever you’d like while also being able to have more room you don’t have to worry about buy a TV stand when you simply attach your TV on the wall.

20. If you are looking for a way to store even more items in your living room go with a hutch a hutch can provide a lot of space for different items you can buy one in whatever color you like so it can match the decor in your living room have this in order to place some items that otherwise we pile up and cause your living room to look messy.

21. A console table is a really nifty way to add more storage to your living room one of the reasons is that it looks effortless and it’s simple by placing this console table against the back of your couch you are simply adding another extra surface to place items on it will look like it belongs where it and will make a difference in your living room.

22. If you are constructing your house you may want to construct it with built-in shelves for your living room this is the same concept of actually buying a shelving unit but there’s one advantage it doesn’t stick out instead these shelves go inwards and allows for storage without disrupting walking space in your living room if you have the means to do this it’s certainly a good idea.

23. If you have children you know they love to play the thing is though that while you want your children to have the freedom to have fun you have to admit that their toys end up everywhere this is why a toy box is perfect for their belongings you can help instill in your child the Khans of structure by having them neatly store their toys away when they are finished with playtime.

24. It’s lovely being able to have a house and have plants in order to be able to include some greenery in your living room without taking up too much space hang your plants from the ceiling by doing this you are still filling your living room with plants but you’re making sure that they don’t take up room you can hang as many as you want for a truly natural feel.

25. For many people a cat or dog is a child and dogs and cats like to play in fact they never really get out of that phase where they like to play store your pets toys when they are not using them in a box in your living room to minimize the mess they would make.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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