25 Hacks for Storing Things in Your Fridge

25 Hacks for Storing Things in Your Fridge

Aren’t you so tired of opening your fridge only to be greeted with the chaotic sight of your groceries, leftovers, and condiments scattered everywhere? No, don’t hit us with that “Adulting is hard” or the usual “I’ve been so busy” excuse. Admit it you just don’t know where to begin on how to handle such a mess. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY. Here are Hacks for Storing Things in Your Fridge.

1. First, remove everything in your fridge. It’s better if you start with an empty and fresh space to see how much your fridge can hold. Then grab the multipurpose cleaner that’s sitting in your cabinet. If you don’t have one, buy one and get ready to start scrubbing. And maybe throw away that long-expired carton of milk carton while you’re at it.

2. Avoid the cluttering of empty bottles and leftover food in your fridge by dividing the interior into different sections. This method could help you identify which specific items need to be in the chiller or maybe kept on a lower shelf for a more humid temperature. Remember to always check your fridge’s temperature to avoid food spoiling quickly when placed in the wrong section.

3. Give new life to your refrigerator with washable fridge liners. Now, you’re probably thinking, you’ve separated the food in a neat and orderly fashion, but the fridge just looks so… boring and plain. Well, it’s time to bring in some handy washable fridge liners. A set of these fridge liners costs around Aed 40. They prevent food leakage from staining the fridge dividers

4. Buy clip-on pullout bin. Get yourself one of those handy clip-on pullout bins for your refrigerator so you’ll have a better storage container for your fresh produce. These bins usually measure around to inches, so make sure to get a tape measure and check your fridge’s proportions to see how large a container you can fit inside before buying.

5. Install a Ziploc bag organizer. This kind of organizer functions similar to the clip-on tray. However, it allows you to hang Ziploc bags full of food in your fridge. The organizer can support up to pounds’ worth of food, so start bagging!

6. Don’t want your variety of sauces to mingle with other food items? Or maybe your lazy self is just tired your ketchup bottle constantly falling over whenever you reach for the soy sauce? Get yourself one of those Lazy Susan turntable containers for unique spinning storage for your variety of sauces and condiments. You’ll never have to whine about another spillage again.

7. Are you tired of using the ordinary fridge container for your fruits and veggies, only to have them all become sad, withering, and brown after a few days of storage? Keep your fruits fresh and vegetables crisp longer with the use of produce containers. These cost around Aed 50 and will ensure that you never have to eat lifeless, almost-spoiled fruits.

8. Imagine this scenario you remember you have some leftover tomato paste in the fridge and you’re planning to whip up a pasta dish. But just as you give the finished dish a taste, you suddenly realize that the tomato paste expired a few weeks ago. To avoid this situation, leave a sticky note that says “Eat Me First” on certain food items or on the front of your fridge door to remind you of the extra munchies in the fridge before they spoil.

9. A plastic drink rack to organize your water tumblers and wine bottles can maximize the space inside your refrigerator. Having these bottles sitting inside the fridge just cramps up space that’s better suited for other items. It is essential to prioritize the good old HO with a decent rack that can store them neatly.

10. Consider investing in some stackable bottle holders for your wine bottles and soft drinks. You won’t have to worry about running out of fridge space anymore. Plus, you now have the perfect convenient storage space for your beverages whenever you want to grab an ice-cold drink.

11. Maximize the storage space inside your refrigerator with an under-shelf wire basket. This innovative tool can store jars or canned goods underneath one of the fridge shelves. You don’t have to store every single thing on the shelves of your fridge. Just hang these wire baskets and you’ll be saving tons of space.

12. Okay, so maybe you can’t afford the Lazy Susan we suggested before. Well, how about a Do-It-Yourself sauce bottle container using empty egg trays? Next time you finish off the eggs in your fridge, grab the empty egg carton and recycle it. Place your sauce bottles and condiments upside down in the carton, and they’ll stay put—and as an added bonus, there’ll be no need to slap the butt of your ketchup bottle to force the last bits of ketchup out.

13. Plan on saving the rest of a half-eaten lemon for juice the next day? Preserve it with a silicone food hugger. This cute and handy tool helps preserve your fruit’s freshness till the next day without any brown moldy spots showing up.

14. Have you forgotten where you placed the veggies? Or maybe the extra ingredients for the steak you’re planning to cook? Label your food containers with glossy waterproof stickers or a masking tape label so you’ll know exactly where you placed those particular ingredients.

15. Set up a separate, easy-to-grab bin in the fridge for all the healthy snacks for you and your kids. You won’t need a label for it because the container already acts as a nifty reminder of what’s inside.

16. Raw meats are one of the most prioritized food products in the refrigerator. After all, no one wants their raw chicken or beef to spoil. Keep your cuts of meat inside a clear Tupperware container so you won’t have to struggle to find the right one for dinner.

17. Here’s an excellent eco-friendly investment that both saves space in your fridge and decreases your waste output. These glass pitchers are a great way to keep your home-brewed drinks or juices cool, and they’re also dishwasher safe because they can withstand up to degrees Fahrenheit. So when one is empty, just wash it, fill it up, and place it back in the fridge.

18. Prevent raw bacon from spoiling by keeping the meat in a bacon keeper container or Tupperware so you don’t have to leave an open package in the fridge. Having a bacon keeper is another eco-friendly investment that helps to reduce waste by relying on reusable containers instead of using single-use plastic packaging. The freshness of any other meat product will be preserved inside a container rather than in its plastic packaging.

19. Your mom would probably be so proud of you for investing in one of these neat storage containers. These clear containers can prevent leakage and natural spoilage of your food and also provide you with easy access the next time you take ingredients out of the fridge.

20. Another example of dead space inside the refrigerator is the extra vertical space underneath the top layers of the fridge shelves. A magnetic bottle holder will allow you to utilize this extra space so you don’t have to buy another bulky container for your cold drinks. Just stick them up by the bottle cap and let the magnet do its job in freeing up space in the refrigerator.

21. These mesh bags are so handy that you won’t ever need to tell the cashier to bag your groceries in a plastic bag again. Instead, bring one of these mesh bags with you. They’ll prevent the moisture of your fruits from causing them to rot, and they’ll also decrease the plastic waste output of your household.

22. Have you ever encountered problems with your herbs wilting or getting brown and moldy immediately after buying them Store your leafy herbs inside this container to preserve their fresh, green state.

23. A bowl of baking soda is what your mom would probably place inside your fridge to keep the bad odors away. However, news flash you’re not your mom. Invest in these air-purifying bags instead of the traditional baking soda in a bowl to save some fridge space while keeping the air clean and fresh.

24. These ice trays should already be provided for free when you buy a new fridge. Didn’t get any? Well, it’s time to get yourself one right away. These stackable ice cube trays free up space to stock more frozen treats such as ice cream in your freezer.

25. If your refrigerator came with these stackable bins, well, you’re in luck because that means you don’t have to worry about buying any of the products we mentioned. Arrange these bins before your next trip to the grocery store so you’ll know which sections of the containers are empty and what you need to buy. Making the most out of your fridge space not only allows you to store more, it also cleans up clutter and makes the whole arrangement of your food make more sense. At the end of the day, it is only logical to have an organized fridge to make sure you’re storing both the necessities and, of course, your occasional cravings. There’s no shame in adding a little of your guilty pleasures to your fridge – just make sure everything fits! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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