24 Super Lazy Way To Keep Your Home Clean

24 Super Lazy Way To Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning is the one sure that everyone absolutely hates it simply isn’t fun at all the longer that it takes to clean the rooms of your home the more you put it off until things are simply untenable thankfully there are some cleaning solutions for the lazy welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 24 lazy ways to keep your home clean.

1. If you really don’t feel like getting out your mop and bucket use a Swiffer these cleaning devices use pre-moistened pads making them really easy to set up on top of this you can use them to clean anything from the walls of your shower to your doors in a pinch.

2. Do you hate to dust you aren’t alone this little dusting hack will help you get the job done in half of the time just take a simple pair of kitchen tongs the kind used for meat or salads and attach a rolled up microfiber cloth to each end with a rubber band now you can clean the top or bottom of a surface at once.

3. If you really don’t feel like cleaning yet have a grimy looking sink choose an easy method of cleaning them some water and a soft rag you can even use a paper towel or two if you want well this won’t leave you with a sink that’s truly clean it will look better than it has in the past.

4. An unmade bed looks rumpled and messy and it can give the room a dirty feeling even if everything else is clean once your bed is straightened up and this only takes a few minutes the space will seem clean again.

5. Scrubbing baked-on juice and other things off baking pans is torture you bring out the heavy guns and still end up with a sore elbow after trying to take off all that crud aluminium foil is one good solution for this problem just line your baking pans with it and pull it off when you’re done the pan is still clean.

6. Doormats are extremely useful cleaning tools that are practically always overlooked you can put one in front of each door it can be helpful to have one outside and one inside and they’ll catch mud and other debris your floors will stay a bit cleaner saving you from having to wash them more often.

7. This task serves two purposes it cleans your sponge killing bacteria and it helps you clean your microwave all of the gunk in your microwave gets baked in making it tougher to clean microwaving a wet sponge for around two minutes loosens all of the crud all that you need to do is get in there with a rag.

8. Rather than get out the cleaning solution every single time that you plan to clean the toilet just put a little of the solution in the plastic brush holder this saves you a step and time when you’re ready to clean the toilet you just need to get out the brush since the solution has already soaked in.

9. If you want to find an effortless way to keep your toilet clean add some vinegar to the tank all that it takes is one cup of the liquid inside of a jar with a small hole in the lid and your toilet will essentially clean itself every time you flush you won’t have to clean your toilet for months.

10. You’ve probably heard of the Roomba those little robot vacuums that zip all over your home cleaning everything in sight as they go these are the perfect tools for lazy people because you don’t have to lift a finger instead you’ll just sit there and relax with your feet up while your little robotic helper does all of the work.

11. Want to hear a quick hack for a dirty faucet just pour a little vinegar enough to cover your faucet into a plastic bag put the bag over the faucet and tie it into place leave it there for a few hours before removing your faucet will be nice and shiny again and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

12. Flower will absorb just about every liquid and it definitely takes away some of the sticky from gummy messes on the floor the next time you spill something sprinkle a little flour on it let it soak up the mess and then wipe up the floor this beats scrubbing away for hours.

13. Picking up dirty clothes off the floor can be a huge pain however if you put your dirty clothes into your hamper or laundry basket right away then you’re saving yourself the time and headache of corralling those items just flop them in while you’re changing it’s better than picking them up off the floor.

14. Removing all of that lint and debris from your air vents is made much easier when you use a vacuum with a hose attachment start by removing the vent cover you’ll need a screwdriver and make sure not to lose the screws and then get your vacuum ready turn it on and pick up all of the debris while the vent cover soaks in a combination of water and vinegar.

15. Squeegees aren’t just for getting excess water off your car after you wash it a dry wing can be used to get pet hair out of high pile carpet start by running the squeegee over the carpet using a small amount of pressure then increase the pressure with a second pass make sure to gather the pet hair into one central area to make it easy to pick up.

16. Face it cleaning your cat’s litter box can be a chore there’s nothing more unpleasant than this chore it’s definitely something that most people put off until the last possible minute thankfully there’s a solution south cleaning litter boxes sure you have to empty the bin but that’s only a fraction of the work it will save you plenty of time.

17. It sounds weird but this hack really works and it keeps you from having to bend over and fight your soaps come with a sponge drizzle dish soap over your bathtub and shower walls and then spread it around with a standard push broom the kind with stiff bristles works nicely then turn on the water and let it rinse away the soap.

18. Did you know that you can clean a pan with dirty caked on grime without having to scrub it for hours instead place a clean dryer sheet also known as fabric softener into the bottom of the pan and add some hot water let it soak for around half an hour this will loosen all of the grime just use hot water to scrub the remnants away.

19. How often do you clean your pillows well they need to be cleaned on a regular basis and thankfully you can put them in the washing machine use a solution made of laundry detergent bleach and a little bit of borax and then set the water to hot wash them on a regular cycle and then put them in the dryer that’s a lot less work than you thought right.

20. Catch all the hair you and people you live with shed in the shower using a silicon drain cover now you can stop spending so much money on chemical de cloggers and never have to call the plumber for help.

21. Wear sweeper slippers to pick up hair dust and fuzzies as you cook do your makeup pace while talking on the phone or just generally hang out on your wood or tile floors no they’re definitely not even close to as effective as a broom or even a focus dust mopping would be but their microfiber bottoms will still pick up some dust and grime.

22. There are many different kinds of antibacterial wipes on the market some are made for the kitchen others for the bathroom no matter which type you choose keep some nearby you can run them over the sink counter stove and more in order to quickly clean things up they will work like a charm and don’t need to be followed with a dry cloth.

23. Stained food containers are hard to avoid certain leftover food no matter how quickly you use them up end up staining the plastic you don’t need to scrub them until they’re clean instead rub a little bit of lemon juice on them and then place the containers in a sunny window the stains will magically vanish.

24. Cleaning the shelves of your refrigerator is one chore that everyone puts off until they can’t anymore by that time the shelves are full of disturbing caked on stuff thankfully you can place plastic wrap over the shelves and then place your items on them when it gets gross in there just remove the plastic wrap.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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