24 Super Creative Laundry Room Storage Ideas

24 Super Creative Laundry Room Storage Ideas

The laundry room is a space that’s usually neglected but there are many different things that must be stored in this area from an ironing board and accompanying iron to stain removers and more in order to keep everything organized you’ll need to think outside of the box a little or consider implementing one of these tips welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 24 super incredibly laundry room storage ideas.

1. Between appliance shelving if you have a little bit of room in between your washer and dryer then why not use that space to its fullest by building a small shelving unit to fit as long as the shelves are large enough to hold a box of dryer sheets some stain removers and maybe even a bottle of bleach it will work perfectly you’d be surprised at how often you’ll use this little shelf.

2. A small shelf if space is truly at a premium then you’ll want to create a small shelf to go above your washer and dryer this shelf should be big enough to hold your essentials including your detergent and bleach keeping them within reach at all times you can even place a few decorative elements on it in order to add some flair to your laundry space.

3. A drying area with laundry baskets some items need to be hung up in order for them to dry properly rather than try to do this in your closet where your dry clothes will get wet why not create a special drying area in your laundry room this one consists of a closet rod with hangers as well as shelves with laundry baskets below it looks a little like a mudroom but for your laundry.

4. It’s always a good idea to have a utility sink installed by your laundry appliances just in case you need to scrub out a stain SOCAN item before you wash it or even wash the bleach off your hands this utility sink setup has a bottom cabinet where you can store numerous items plus it matches the shelving in the area perfectly.

5. Cabinets and a closet rod a stacked washer and dryer make it easy to create additional storage space in your laundry room once the appliances take up less room you can mount a closet rod near the ceiling and install some cabinetry complete with drawers under it the more space that you can utilize the better since your laundry room is more than likely underutilized.

6. So Moulton wall space is a great location for a mounted cleaning rack the right rack can hold everything from a broom and dustpan to an ironing board you can place a very small shelf on it for other cleaning implements like a toothbrush and sponges or even use it to hold boxes of dryer sheets those little racks are stronger than they look.

7. Although you can place some pieces of clothing on hangers in order to dry them others need to be folded in half so their threads don’t stretch out a drying rack that pulls out from a wall cabinet and contains several flat pieces of wood spaced at regular intervals will work nicely for this purpose plus if you don’t need to use it just close the rack.

8. Pet storage in the laundry room once you have all the right storage solutions in place use one of the cabinets to hold leashes extra dishes pet food and toys you can even set up a pet bed in an open spot complete with a comfortable cushion and plenty of room for your dog to lounge.

9. Hide your dirty clothes and make it easy to sort them into different loads with this pullout laundry hamper system the baskets sit on a rail that goes inside of the cabinet if you need to access them just grasp a handle and pull Plus since the baskets are easily removed when they’re full just pull one out and move it over the washer.

10. A simple empty wall can hold multiple drying racks each is anchored to the wall at one end making it simple to pull it flat and hang clothing on it to dry depending on the side of your wall you may be able to fit up to four different racks on it meaning that each family member has their own this is great if you want to separate out laundry as it dries.

11. There’s nothing quite like a laundry station that allows your kids to sort and store their own dirty laundry every evening this setup includes a large wooden shelving unit that’s deep enough to hold multiple laundry baskets one per cubby hole you won’t have to worry about hampers or anything else ever again plus your kids will see how much work goes into doing the laundry every time.

12. The space between the tops of your appliances and the ceiling often goes underutilized if you need additional storage then build some shelves and mount them to the wall the shelves can be adjusted so that each is the perfect height for what you plan on storing there you can even place baskets on them in order to give them a neat appearance.

13. Repurposed kitchen cabinets there’s no rule stating that you can’t use kitchen cabinets in your laundry room a matching set mounted to the upper corners of the room above the washer and dryer provide plenty of storage space use one for your detergent and bleach and the other for stain removers and your iron you should be able to fit quite a few different things in there as well.

14. For those who have plenty of room in their laundry area push the washer and dryer together and then install a small floor cabinet in the leftover room in between the washer and the wall a traditional cabinet with a silverware drawer is great for holding small implements and utensils while a larger cabinet can house extra cleaning solution and other things.

15. Not all of your storage needs to be enclosed you can install basic shelves along one side of the upper wall above the cabinets and use them to house baskets full of laundry essentials anything that you use often should be stored here where it’s easy to access as long as you keep everything neatly organized you’ll be able to find it all and then some.

16. A foldable folding station even those with plenty of storage will need a place to quickly fold laundry as it emerges from the dryer this is where a folding station comes into play one that pulls out from between the cabinets and sits flat so that you can use it as best these varieties are fairly sturdy and can double as shelves should you need extra storage space from time to time.

17. This arrangement consists of a shelf mounted directly above the washer and dryer keeping your detergent bleach and fabric softener Within Reach a second shelf is only about a foot above it making it easy for people who are vertically challenged to reach everything in the room of course you could always put another shelf above it if necessary.

18. Metal storage racks people on a budget or renters who don’t want to do anything to permanent can still add storage to their laundry rooms these metal storage racks are easy to mount to the walls above the appliances and they provide enough space to keep everything that you need right there in plain sight you can also add a spot for a hanging ironing board off to one side as well.

19. Under appliance storage many people don’t even think about lifting the washer and dryer off the floor and installing storage under them this built-in storage unit is strong enough to support the appliances while providing plenty of places to keep all of your laundry supplies there’s even a pullout shelf that can support a full laundry basket that doubles as a folding spot.

20. A large vertical storage unit complete with pullout shelves makes a great place to store everything that you need in the laundry room some of those pullout shelves can double as a folding rack and a drying rack and if you cover one in the right fabric it will even become a makeshift ironing board you’d be surprised at how much it will hold.

21. Storage cabinets with the sink there’s nothing quite like a laundry nook that includes a utility sink and plenty of cabinets one of the cabinets in this arrangement fits under the sink where it can hold everything from extra bottles of detergent to standard cleaning materials the tops of the washer and dryer are covered by a shelf and there are cabinets above them with more space.

22. If you have the space in your laundry room for a cleaning closet then have one installed this closet contains all of your cleaning implements from your vacuum cleaner to a mop and bucket it even has a shelf an over-the-door rack and a paper towel holder ensuring that no space is wasted why keep them in your kitchen when you can utilize this space instead.

23. Baskets in between the appliances with the goal of not wasting a single inch of space place a very thin shelving unit in between your washing machine and dryer the baskets on the shelves keep everything neatly organized and you’ll be able to stash things there without the whole world or just your guests seeing them there’s nothing quite like a cute basket filled with dryer sheets and stain sticks.

24. Closet laundry room if space is a major issue then this laundry room closet is the best solution the washer and dryer are in the closet and the area above them is dedicated to a drying rack in the form of a closet rod as well as some shelving for the essentials the best part is all of this disappears behind some pocket doors when it’s not in use.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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