24 Super Cool Bedroom Storage Ideas That You Probably Never Considered

24 Super Cool Bedroom Storage Ideas That You Probably Never Considered

Bedrooms are where the real clutter tends to hide since so few people go into them these spaces are where everyone places the random items when you add in all of the things that’s supposed to be stored there including clothes and shoes it’s no wonder that people are ashamed of their bedrooms welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss 24 super cool bedroom storage ideas that you’ve probably never considered.

1. If you have an overabundance of toiletries it should come as no surprise that you have them stashed in your bedroom as well as your bathroom large picture frames the kind used for shadow boxes work well to hold these items in place hanging them on your wall in this manner makes them easy to access and keeps them off your dresser.

2. While built-ins can be expensive you can make your own in a way using inexpensive shelving units arrange the shelves so that they’re on either side of your bed as well as along the foot of it around the top above your headboard anchor another shallow shelving unit into those side shelves as well as four wall support now you have storage that looks like it’s custom-made for your home.

3. A vanity can hold any number of personal products from makeup to perfume you can make your own out of a set of floating shelves a makeup mirror and a cute foot comfortable chair arrange some baskets in the middle on the bottom shelf in order to hide items that you currently aren’t using you can even place some baskets underneath the unit on the floor.

4. If your closet isn’t big enough to hold all of your shoes then buy a metal shoe rack and paint it to match the walls the paint is the trick as it elevates the look and keeps everything sophisticated a large rack with adjustable shelves can be used to hold everything from boots to heels depending on how everything is arranged.

5. Like to read but have no space for your books this corner reading shelf is anchored into the wall next to your bed this is a great idea for those who have tiny bedrooms with no space for a nightstand.

6. The closet vanity the closet vanities designed with doors that swing shut so you can hide your messy makeup when you have company coming over the interior of it takes up plenty of space from top to bottom allowing for a lot of shelves and no shortage of storage space the stool even fits in a specific slot under the mirror allowing you to literally hide every trace.

7. Closet rod hooks typical hangers don’t allow for a lot of variety they are designed for shirts dresses and that’s about it if you want to maximize your closet space then think outside of the box a little and purchase a set of s hooks wrap one end around the closet rod and use the other end for everything from jeans to sweatshirts hung from the tags.

8. Make your own wardrobe in a corner limited closet space is a very real problem you will more than likely have more items that will fit which is why you need to make your own wardrobe attach a closet rod with a shelf on top to the upper wall and then line the lower section with small drawer units you’ll be able to easily double your closet space in a very attractive way.

9. Set up some under bed storage this space under your bed can hold any number of things especially when you elevate it high above the floor it’s reminiscent of what students do in dorms with loft beds but on an adult level since it’s a bit more sophisticated thanks to the stack drawers and bins that are set up.

10. Why are closet bins your closet can hold a lot more than you think especially if you use these stacked wire bins depending on the folding method that you use they’ll each hold plenty of smaller items like tank tops set them close together in order to squeeze in as many drawers as possible.

11. A segmented closet if you’re closet isn’t large enough use some creative solutions in order to take advantage of every bit of space a segmented closet consists of multiple hanging bars as well as top shelving and a drawer unit normally the bottom of the closet would be left open and empty but this method allows you to store more in that space.

12. The other half of a daybed can be turned into a storage rack all that you need to do is remove the mattress on the section that rolls underneath and place a solid piece of wood on the slats the end result is a rolling storage section that can hold extra sheets clothing shoes or whatever you need it to plus it’s well hidden under the bed.

13. In some cases storage solutions are as simple as tucking a piece of fabric with multiple pockets between your mattress and box spring the pockets on the fabric are just the right size to hold your remote control cell phone tablet and more you’ll never have to worry about losing them again since they’re right at your fingertips you won’t even have to get out of bed.

14. Do you use the corners of your bedroom for anything besides collecting dust a series of custom shelves designed to fit precisely in the corner of your bedroom is a good way to use this space the shelves can be spaced to meet your needs depending on what you want to store on them for example shoes books trinkets and many other things can fit on them.

15. Many people like to read a bit before they go to bed at night making this book nook a very useful way to utilize the space just custom-cut some shelves to fit and mount them in place if you want you can even place a small chair under them in order to add a comfortable place to sit while you read.

16. A wooden laundry hamper set up hiding your dirty laundry is a chore usually it ends up on the floor of the closet or in an unsightly laundry basket this laundry setup is quite different the front section of the wooden unit pulls down to reveal a series of laundry baskets one for each type of clothing plus the top can be used to hold a TV.

17. A rolling vanity cart metal carts with wheels and plenty of shelving are all the rage because they’re incredibly useful you can place one in the corner of your bedroom and use it to hold everything from makeup and perfume to clothing that just won’t fit in your dresser plus it can be moved from place to place in the room depending on where you need it next.

18. Shoe racks are normally unsightly it can be tough to find one that’s sturdy enough to handle all of your shoes and since they are fairly utilitarian you just want to hide them away in your closet instead repurpose a bookcase into a shoe shelving unit you can show off all of your shoes keep them out in the open and you won’t have to worry about that shoe rack falling apart.

19. Place a rack on the back of the door metal racks are easy to install in the back of your bedroom door or even your closet door depending on what type of closet you have once the rack is anchored in place you can fill it with just about anything although it makes a nice gift wrap Center you should store your wrapping paper gift bags tags ribbons and everything else in one place.

20. Traditional hat racks just don’t have enough storage space you need one that can hold all of your hats and then some this metal hat rack is made of very short pieces of pipe that have been mounted on the bedroom wall circular hooks go around each of the pipes folding baseball caps in place not only will it be easier to choose a hat but they’ll look nice on the wall.

21. Floating shelves come in any number of shapes and colors including hexagons and diamonds each unit has several different shelves in it depending on the size and shape not only do they add a little to the overall decor in your bedroom but they are also a great place to store small items like bottles of perfume and other knickknacks.

22. Wicker storage baskets are a better option than plastic storage containers because they are easier to pull out at use for example you’ll know what’s in the basket as it has no top to protect the contents there’s less of a mystery involved plastic storage bins on the other hand have lids making it tough to see what’s inside plus wicker baskets come in many different shapes and sizes ensuring that you have the ones you need.

23. If you have a large wooden wardrobe in your bedroom then you can hang a multi pocket storage system on the inside of it these pocketed systems are designed to handle everything through small sewing implements two pairs of socks depending on the overall size of the pockets.

24. The best headboard serve multiple purposes this one for example is also a bookcase the books are held on the side of the headboard in the section that’s visible from the corner of the room others have shelving built right into the front above the part of the bed that holds your pillows no matter what your maximizing your space.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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