24 Storage Ideas for Your New Nursery

24 Storage Ideas for Your New Nursery

Expecting a baby is an exciting and nervous time in the life of a mother and father you want to provide your new child with everything you can soft blankets fresh diapers clean bottles soothing sounds for a person that’s so small you’ll become surprised with just how much they need not only your time and love but the space in your home as well welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss 24 storage ideas for your new nursery.

1. Forget the expense of a change table and instead opt for buying a used dresser from your local online marketplace or yard sale not only can it be a fantastic way to get a solid wood piece it also allows you to store a ton of essentials like diapers wipes washcloths clothing and spare toys it can also grow with your child be repainted and spend years in your home as a useful furniture piece.

2. When it comes to storage you can’t forget about an important space your walls there are plenty of cute options out there to create a unique look that isn’t your usual floating shelf so many people miss valuable storage opportunities because they only use their walls for hanging photos or artwork put those walls to work instead try hanging wicker baskets bags and other storage tools to create a space that’s beautiful and functional.

3. Under crib storage one of the best ways to make more of the space you have is to think outside the crib you can use sleek under bed storage containers to pack away excess clothing washcloths and other essentials that don’t fit inside your normal drawers and baskets it’s a great way to pack away the spring and summer baby wear without having to haul it into the attic or basement.

4. If you are a parent that is using cloth diapers great your ridding the world of some of the excess waste of baby diapers and saving yourself a pretty penny over the course of the next four to five years if you haven’t figured out a great way to store those cloth diapers you can do so by neatly rolling them and placing them into a basket or container as a decorative piece of your baby’s nursery.

5. If you and your partner are undecided about using another bedroom as a nursery you can always branch out into other parts of your home a finished attic that’s being used for storage can be turned into a nursery some homes have large storage closets that can easily fit baby essentials inside each home is unique and yours could have a room that may be perfect for your baby.

6. When it comes to storage you may be wondering where to store your baby at night this can be a real challenge for people who live in urban areas and have smaller than average homes if you have a guest bedroom with a spacious closet don’t be daunted by using that closet as crib space a closet that’s well light and painted a light color can provide quite enough space and feel larger with light paint choices.

7. Feeling squeeze can cause frustration and stress to combat bad you want to repaint the room a light color that opens things up feel free to add decorative wallpapers on an accent wall choose paints like dusty lime green sky blue lilac soft white blush pink or soothing gray also be careful of your furniture choices you don’t want them to make the room seem smaller or clogged up.

8. If you want to make more room for other furniture in your baby’s nursery you should opt for a smaller crib you have a small baby so a large crib might not be the most space-saving choice to make instead purchase a small crib and use that extra cash on a basket shelves and other storage elements that can allow you to tuck things away and have an open room to play with the baby.

9. One of the best ways to make the most out of your newborns crib is to have one that provides more than enough storage for all your diapers wipes bottles and pacifiers they help to keep everything in one place without having to stray too far from your baby to retrieve something it may be a little bigger than a usual crib but it can cut down on having to purchase any other storage furniture.

10. If you’re into cute decorations this idea will be right up your alley grab yourself some cute metal buckets at a local craft supply store and hang them from regular hooks on your walls they are fantastic means of collecting smaller stuffed animals and other knickknacks that don’t have any other place to call home.

11. Whether you need to store tiny shoes rolled diapers towels clothing or toys a hanging storage canopy can do the trick they’re normally used for things like collecting all of your shoes in one place but who said that you have to use them for just one purpose they can easily be hung on the back of a door or on the wall and can be a decorative and useful element in any nursery.

12. If your nursery has a double door closet you should consider removing those doors for more space the closet doors can make your room seem smaller and taking them down can create a more open feel to the entire room it can be a great place to tuck a dress shelving and easier to reach items without having to shutter them away.

13. If your newborn has plenty of cute shirts dresses or pants you may want to keep them hanging up to show off or keep away wrinkles a great way to do this is by installing a hanging rod beneath the chest level floating shelf you can neatly hang and display clothing that adds to the overall look of your nursery.

14. Use canvas storage bins to maximize your storage canvas storage bins can be your best friend when you need places to tuck away odds and ends they can easily fit in a closet or on their own shelving unit and create a uniform look while allowing for heaps of storage you can choose them in single colors and mix and match to create a cute scheme that works with your nursery theme.

15. A very popular trend in recent years involves using rustic ladders for spare blankets towels and bed sheets it looks great in nearly any room of the house and can be great for those nights when your baby needs a little extra warmth.

16. You are probably going to read plenty of books to your baby especially as they grow older creating a book wall can be a perfect way to display your babies books and allow them to pick on out at night before bed.

17. Finding spaces for all your items you’ll need to store will be a challenge make it easier by purchasing a few closet organizers they’re great for keeping clothing towels blankets and other loose items organized and easily reached.

18. You may think of a hutch as an item of furniture that’s only found in the kitchen or dining room however it can be a great way to store your child’s toys books and spare clothing you can also buy a hutch used or at a yard sale to save a few bucks and paint it the color you wish.

19. You might be interested in the towel ladder idea but there’s also shelving ladders that can work well for storage they usually lean at an angle and have wider shelves for storing stuffed animals baby shoes books and toys.

20. The perfect marriage of organization and storage happens when you can easily find the things you need if you have the space and the drawers you should label them by the day each day of the week can include your baby’s outfit and other essential needs it’s a way to be prepared for the day without worrying and can be decided on and prepared on a Sunday afternoon.

21. Finding a way to have quick access to the things unique can be a real lifesaver when you are dealing with a fussy baby one quick grab method includes using a pegboard to hang the things you need within close reach you can easily hang baskets and storage containers from your pegboard.

22. There are plenty of furniture options on the market that allow you to store and seek yourself at the same time low benches small foot stools and other crafty means of storage can make your room feel bigger when it’s not stuffed with bins and baskets.

23. Hanging all gardening baskets in your baby’s room is a great way to collect any spare toys you can also spray paint them to match the color scheme of your nursery.

24. These in-wall drawers are perfect restoring plenty of baby items and end up flush with the wall when closed.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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