24 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

24 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Small home living is a trend plenty of people are downsizing from there unnecessarily large homes to smaller ones in order to save money and stop living vulgar ly while this idea is great it could also mean having to sacrifice certain that you actually need such as your kitchen welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 24 super brilliant storage ideas for small kitchens.

1. You probably see floating shelves on a lot of lists on how to utilize your space wisely but it’s seriously a good idea with a small kitchen you won’t have a lot of cabinet space that is why installing floating shelves alongside your kitchen wall to place pots and pans on is a good idea for any small kitchen owner.

2. Just like you won’t have all the room in the world for your pots and pans your spices take up a lot of valuable space but as a chef yourself you can’t just get rid of all those delicious spices instead install a floating spice rack and have all your spices displayed in front of you for a quick easy reach that does not clutter up space in your cabinets you can make more room anywhere including the cabinets.

3. You are supposed to store things in while you have the space and the shelves provided to you a ruling shelf in your cabinet adds for more room that you are going to need not only that it’s convenient to get in and out of.

4. Just like floating shelves help you get pots and pans out of the way hanging them from a rack that hangs from the ceiling is a great way to make more room in your cabinets not only this but it also is a nice display that will have people talking about it when they come to visit you.

5. Why take up room on your counter with a knife block when you can simply have your knives on your wall by buying a simple magnetic strip you will be able to attach all of your expensive knives out for an easy way to reach them while cooking and just like the point before it looks really cool for guests who see how dedicated you are to your craft.

6. I personally love this next storage idea even if you have a small kitchen you can still invest in a kitchen cart with wheels not only is this perfect for mobility but it also provides more working surface space have another countertop to chop vegetables off of while being able to store additional items that wouldn’t fit anywhere.

7. Depending on how small your kitchen is you may not have room for a table at least not the kind of room where you want to be walking around a table while trying to prepare a meal you might think this idea is a little out there but you can have your table folded up against the wall when you need it to eat off of it’s easy to pull down this is why investing in a fold-up table is perfect.

8. A lazy susan isn’t just something you find in a restaurant to help everyone share meals with each other but something to install in your cabinets for better storage by making good use of the corner of your cabinets you all for more room and easier accessibility with the lazy susan it also simply looks more elegant.

9. When you have a small kitchen you have to think out of the box depending on certain measurements you can always invest in a tall standing rolling cart that will literally fit in between the fridge and the wall store spices Ziploc bags and more there you can store more in your tiny kitchen with this creative thinking.

10. Most often you have space in between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling that’s valuable space in a tiny kitchen with the use of baskets you can store some items that you only bring out a few times a year to use items like a slow cooker a cookie maker and more rather than having them take up space under your sink put them up top in order to make more room.

11. Another great idea that you may not have thought of is a mounted sink caddy by putting it above your kitchen sink you can store all of your cleaning supplies needed after a large delicious meal have your soap sponges and more right at the tip of your hands while leaving room on the actual sink for more.

12. A dish rack is a pretty essential item when it comes to cleaning your dishes but it takes up room if you have a small kitchen you already don’t have a lot of counter space you’re then going to take up more room with a dish rack there is no need when you can mount your dish rack and create more room while being able to properly store your drying dishes.

13. Let’s say you use mason jars a lot whether you store food in them liquid or you are picking vegetables you can sometimes run out of room for all of them there’s a solution while this may seem innovative you can attack your jars to your shelves either install a metal strip so the lids connect or fasten some other way to do so in order to creatively store your jars.

14. When you have a small kitchen you have to really look at the possibilities when it comes to storing anything could be a way to store more so keep looking one place is the inside of your cabinets you can install suspension rods to hang items such as your spatulas and tongs.

15. Just like there was unused space between the top of your cabinets in the ceiling the same can be said of your fridge it’s time to put that space to good use you can either simply place items on top of it or you can build yourself a little shelf put your cookbooks up there and more to add more storage to your tiny kitchen.

16. Speaking of your fridge let’s make more use of it on the side of your fridge there is valuable real estate there why not place magnetic spice rack on it so you can press little shelves on it so to store more it is a simple yet effective way to make the most out of the space you are given it doesn’t cost a lot and costs minimal effort.

17. Another way to really utilize your fridge is to attach your spices to it use the front panel of your fridge to add magnetic spice containers so that you are making the most out of your fridge you’ll have all your spices right in front of you and not taking up any room in your cabinets which you could be using for other things.

18. Even the entrance to your kitchen can be put to good use as far as storage goes if you have a little hallway or walkway into your kitchen line the entrance with cubbies to fit more in not only will this look nice and you can put decorations in it but you can also put cookbooks and more in these cubbies.

19. Just like you can put a rolling cart in your cabinets you can also install another shelf or shelves in your cabinets this makes one shelf into two and so on and so forth it is a simple way to storage more of your pots and pans while making it neater than simply piling everything up you don’t want a large pan falling on your foot when you open the door.

20. Organize your plastic where you may be asking how is this going to help me with storage but when you are simply flinging plastic ware into the forgotten cabinet everything becomes messy you can’t find the lid that goes on to the container and you have to take everything out to just even attempt to look by organizing your plastic where you will be able to fit more and neatly have what you need at your disposal.

21. Has it ever confused you as to why there are panels that look like they should be drawers but they aren’t you think to yourself that should be a drawer or something of worth well you can use a little bit of hardware know-how in order to make some use of that space for sponges and other cleaning products.

22. As we mentioned before floating shelves are a lifesaver you can also install shelves that go around your ceilings so that you have even more room for storage it is out of the wall but also provides an organized solution for your storage dilemma you can install these easily and with a little stepping stool you can grab what you need.

23. Yes shoe organizers are not just for shoes when wanting to make the most out of your small kitchen you can get a small shoe organizer and put it on the inside of your sinks door with this you will be able to toss in sponges rubber gloves and more put your dishwasher detergent in these little pockets and make more room under your sink for bigger items.

24. Whether you are an everyday connoisseur or just an occasional drinker you probably have some nice wine glasses to enjoy whatever red or white you like instead of letting these glasses take up space in your cabinets store them on a floating rack where you have them out of the way but also looking very neat for guests to admire.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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