24 Smart Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom

24 Smart Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom is definitely a struggle. Even worse, we often end up storing more in our bathrooms than such a tiny space should have to handle! Luckily, there are a few very effective ways to maximize the space in your small bathroom… so you’ll never have to consider moving house! In this article, we’re giving you a round-up of ways to maximize your bathroom storage easily.

1. Hooks. The easiest way to add storage space in a bathroom is by adding hooks. The trick is to not have all the hooks next to each other, as that will make your bathroom look even smaller by concentrating all the clutter there. Add hooks at varying heights all around the bathroom walls. This way, you can separate your hand towels and your bath towels. They will be accessible and well organized!

2. A second shower rod. In most small bathrooms, showers take up most of the space, leaving no space to put shelving. Adding a second rod in the corner of your bathroom can act as a floating shelf. They can be installed easily because they’re tension rods. You can use S-hooks to hang items like loofahs or even makeup bags and caddies full of bathroom necessities. It’s like an open wardrobe for your things!

3. A shelf over the door. Whenever you’re short on storage space in your bathroom, it’s always smart to look up. Use the walls for storage and keep the floor empty and clean. It’ll open up your bathroom while providing ample space to put your things. Adding a shelf over the door is a great way to do this. You can store your towels and linens there without having to “see” them all the time. The closer it is to the ceiling, the better; use a small stool to access the shelf, and all your bulky items will be out of your way!

4. A bar cart. If you’re in a rental, you might not be able to drill holes into the walls for hooks or shelves. But you can still get ample storage by adding a bar cart to your bathroom. You can easily use these to hold your hand towels. You can also hang S-hooks off the rails, use the cart as extra shelving, and easily roll it around wherever you need it to be!

5. Rollout shelving unit. If you don’t have enough space for a bar cart, consider using a small rollout shelving unit. These are typically used as spice racks, but you can easily add one to the side of your sink to hold all your essentials. Straighteners, clips, your everyday makeup kit and toothbrushes can all easily fit in there. Roll it out when you need to and tuck it away out of sight when you’re done!

6. Magnet organizers. If you own more than two lipsticks, you know how easily they get lost in makeup bags and drawers. Adding magnet organizers on the inside of your medicine cabinet is perfect to store lipsticks and eyeliners. These will keep them upright, and you’ll be able to find exactly the shade you’re looking for without having to rummage through the whole bathroom.

7. Storage ladder. A storage ladder is a perfect way to add vertical storage that doesn’t protrude and take up space in a small bathroom. You can install hooks on the sides to hold towels, add S-hooks on the steps or simply use the steps to hold all of your towels, all without drilling a single hole in your walls.

8. Command hangers. If you’re looking for a way to hang things on the walls without causing any damage to them, command hangers just might do the trick! These can stick right onto your walls and hold heavy items easily. The best part about them is that you can install them anywhere! This gives you the option to really customize your storage according to your needs. Plus, they come off easily without any residue, leaving the walls just as they were before.

9. Trays. Nothing is as easy as just tossing things on the sink counter before washing your face. No one ever remembers to clean up that clutter, though, and it can end up slowly taking over your entire bathroom. Keeping a tray on the sink to hold all of your things in one place makes it more of an organized mess. All of your toiletries will have a place to go, and you can easily take the tray out of the bathroom, de-clutter it and bring it back, ready for use all over again.

10. Rotating makeup organizers. Makeup storage takes a lot of space. Using a rotating organizer is an easy way to store your makeup in the most efficient way possible. You can use the tiers and the sides to separate the makeup into categories according to how you use them. You can even add your daily skincare and makeup removal products, all neatly tucked away in one place.

11. Lazy Susan for cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are some of the bulkiest items in any bathroom. Everyone has that one cabinet under the sink dedicated to storing them all, but when it comes to using them, there are bottles everywhere and the ones you want are always way in the back, where no one can reach them. A more efficient use of the cabinet would be to add a lazy Susan. Place all of your cleaning supplies on it, and you can easily rotate it to find what you’re looking for. It’ll free up a lot of space in the cabinet for other things too!

12. Outlet shelves. There’s nothing that makes a space feel super cramped quite like a bunch of wires hanging all over the place. Something as simple as a small outlet shelf can easily hold things like electric toothbrushes and trimmers, keeping them right next to their chargers and eliminating the usual mess of wires.

13. Towel baskets. If your bathroom doesn’t have the usual sink cabinets or any shelving units, getting a jute basket might just solve most of your storage problems. You can use these to hold your laundry and towels easily and still make it look nice. If you want to store other things, like blow dryers, you can even get one with a lid and it’ll hide all the clutter away while providing ample storage.

14. Hang hair tools on cabinet doors. Hair tools are some of the bulkiest things you’ll ever need to store in a bathroom. If you put them in drawers, each drawer will only hold one tool, wasting space. Getting an over-the-door organizer can provide an instant fix for this. All you have to do is hang it on the inside of your cabinet doors and it’s ready for use, leaving the cabinet free to store other things.

15. Toilet paper storage. The top of a toilet is rarely ever used for anything. Meanwhile, extra toilet paper rolls can take up a lot of space in a bathroom. Using a small basket to hold your extra toilet paper is an excellent way of utilizing space while keeping extra TP on hand at all times.

16. Multiple shelves. If you’ve already got a shelf in the bathroom, you can instantly double storage space by stacking another one right above or below it. Since the wall space was already taken by the first shelf, the second will only add space without taking anything away from the wall.

17. Stick-on baskets for cabinet doors. When it comes to cabinet doors, the possibilities are endless. Another way of utilizing this space to increase storage is to add stick-on baskets on the cabinet doors. These come in various sizes, so you can customize how you set them up according to what you want to store in them!

18. Baskets galore. If you’re looking for lots of storage space without having to do something different for each area, just get lots of matching baskets in various sizes. The fact that they match will give your bathroom a theme, making it look well-thought-out while providing lots of places to store your things out of sight.

19. Turntables. Whenever you find yourself constantly rummaging through deep drawers and cabinets to look for things, it’s smart to replace the mess with some turntables. Storing stuff on these forces the mess to be compact, so you can easily find what you’re looking for by spinning it around. If you have too many things, just get multiple turntables and organize them according to use. You’ll be able to fit things that would otherwise take up numerous shelves.

20. Inverted brackets. As nice as floating shelves are, you always have to be mindful of not putting things on the edges of them. Make one wrong move, and you have stuff falling off all over the place. Using the same shelves with inverted brackets can help solve this problem. This way you can stuff the shelf full of toiletries and nothing will fall off the sides!

21. Magnetic strips. Magnetic strips are the saviors of little metal things like bobby pins and tweezers that fall into the abyss never to be seen again. These things are so small that even if you have a tray for them, you’re likely going to leave them lying on the counter and they’ll get lost. Having a magnetic strip to hold them for you will make putting them away really easy while freeing up space on your countertops.

22. Secret shelves. Medicine cabinets are great to store things in. You can easily replicate the same idea on a larger scale by having secret shelves installed behind something like a full-length mirror! It’ll give you lots of storage, and you can easily install small hooks and stick-on baskets on these too, maximizing the space even more. Check out the step by step guide on shanty–chic.

23. Drawers under the sink. Many bathrooms feature only simple sinks with no storage counters or cabinets. In instances like this, you have nowhere to put your things! This can be dealt with by bringing in some small drawers to put under the sink.

24. Extra caddies. Shower caddies are meant to hold shower supplies like shampoos and loofahs. Getting a few more of them for extra bottles and refills is a perfect way to store things vertically while taking up as little space as possible and keeping everything secure.

That’s a wrap for ways to maximize your bathroom storage easily. Which one of these did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to give this article a thumbs up, and subscribe to our blog for more article like this. See you in the next one!


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