24 Inexpensive Things You Definitely Need For Your Bathroom

24 Inexpensive Things You Definitely Need For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom also needs some few upgrades every now and then however there is no need for you to repaint or remodel it simply add some few things all of which are enough to breathe fresh air into your bathroom welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in today article we will discuss 24 inexpensive things you definitely need for your bathroom.

1. Suction cup holder believe it or not the suction on cup holder can do something big for your bathroom it could work as a holder for your beer or wine when you are taking a nice dip in the bathtub it is the kind of functionality you need.

2. Why burden yourself with curtain hooks that barely work it is a tiring situation to experience especially when you are trying to give yourself a nice shower experience it is time to replace them with rust-proof curtain rod hooks they are the type that easily and smoothly glides.

3. A clear acrylic makeup organizer some people really love to do makeup in the bathroom if this is you then you need something that would help you make things go easy this organizer is what you need it is clear to allow you to see which stuff you need plus it is quite fancy to have in the bathroom.

4. Curtain cliffs tired of seeing water leaking over the floor when showering why not use these curtain clips to end your misery make sure you use at least four curtain clips as they will be used to clip each end of the liner in place do this and you will not be facing this issue anymore.

5. Shower curtain liner with mesh pockets of course this one is pretty much needed in every bathroom however people tend to neglect this fact if you want to make things more exciting place some mesh pockets that way you can place stuff like shampoo soap and other bathroom stuff.

6. Gardenia or scented soap there is no need to worry about owning a gardenia orange scented soap you can always make use of others that offer the same narrative this soap could help remind you that you are doing okay even in a bad day.

7. Draining soap dish ah it really makes the situation messy when the soap is wet it is time to put a stop by using a draining soap dish with this you will no longer have to worry about a messy soap when it is shower time there is no need to buy those fancy brands unless you got defective adhesive strips there really is no question about how strong the grip is on those things make sure you wipe down the surface as well as you possibly can with a cleaning solution dry it off completely rubbing alcohol really does the trick let’s stick it on quickly apply a generous amount of pressure and you’re good to go.

8. Mini dehumidifiers have you been wondering why the bathroom sometimes smells odd it’s a natural occurrence that is why I love buying stuff that gives my bathroom a nice aroma if you want to make it more interesting you can always go with mini dehumidifiers they are perfect for bathrooms without fan as well as closets and other small enclosed areas.

9. Just like any other room or area there is absolutely nothing wrong about using a free wall space this is where you can make use of a wall toothbrush holder that way you can give your bathroom a new look and at the same time makes the task of brushing your tooth a bit easier I use this in my apartment bathroom I don’t have much counter space so this is great and works very well the case opens when you pull the toothbrush out which is good so after I’m done brushing I put it back in the case and close the lid.

10. Fun bathroom mat this is one of the simplest bathroom ideas you can try it would not require you to install anything I really like the funny bathroom at such as a smiling cat or adorable small cactus mat pick a design that you think will give a brighter ambience go simple though.

11. Memory foam bath mat do you want to feel more comfortable when you are in the bathroom if so then you should try adding a memory foam bath mat I purchased this for my apartment it is very comfortable and keeps my feet warm and cozy when stepping on it after coming out of the hot tub and shower absorbs nicely and looks so elegant it does come fold it in half so give it a day or two for the crease line to disappear.

12. A dual-purpose outlet shelf it is basically an outlet shelf but it also offers functionality you just need to install it on an existing outlet the wall plate on the other hand will work as a shelf to keep things like toothbrush or those rechargeable bathroom doodads I have much less clutter on my sink thanks to this if there’s anyone not sure it will fit due to an object all you need is one in 1/4 inch of space between the edge of your existing outlet plate and the piece of furniture.

13. It is really difficult to keep the bathroom clean especially when hair tends to fall every time you and your family take a shower this is where a hair catcher can help you big-time it catches any fallen hair but it will not clog the drain it is handy to install and gives you a nice functionality.

14. Do you want to make sure the warm water does not easily go in the drain why not try using a plastic cover which will be used for the drain that way you can fill the sink with warm water it is good especially for emergencies like treating a wound or something this simple little thing turns my sad little apartment tub into a proper soaking tub for long relaxing baths I didn’t have the same issues noted by several reviewers about installation just dip it in water and press the suction cups to the wall of your tub mine stays up without any issues I do suggest removing this between baths especially if yours gets any water in it while you’re filling your tub it will hold water and grow mold if allowed to sit around damp.

15. Hanging organizers who says hanging organizers are just meant in the bedroom you can also hang them in the bathroom they are perfect for keeping bathroom magazines tissue papers or extra soap go for the ones that are waterproof so they do not easily get wet.

16. I really like wants a toothpaste squeezer that do the heavy lifting for you instead of spending some time trying to squeeze the toothpaste tube this thing does it for you it’s really intuitive and thus makes it a valuable item to have in the bathroom.

17. Zero waste caps do you want to make sure that every ounce of shampoo or conditioner is used try using these zero waste caps and install them on every shampoo or conditioner bottle you will not have to worry anymore about throwing away bottles with products still on them.

18. Reusable scraping spatula this idea is perfect for all makeup enthusiasts you can use it to scrape the last strip of your makeup and also use it for reaching the very end of a lotion jar too it’s all about using the last ounce of those products you paid them so it only makes sense to use all of them.

19. Chicken-and-egg contact lens case if you are fond of using contact lenses then this funny lens case will give you big smile it comes with a funny chicken-and-egg design so it will remind you to smile before starting your day it’s a cool storage for your lenses to.

20. Razor sharpener why buy replacement blades when you can still use the old ones this razor sharpener can give those old blades their former glory no need to spend some bucks on buying new ones right.

21. Fluffy cloud nightlight your bathroom also needs some cool nightlight especially when you are thinking about something while in there and I think this awesome nightlight is a cool one to have once you light it it disguises itself as a fluffy cloud.

22. Over the door organizer when you no longer have available space you can always make use of your bathrooms door upper space this is where you want to install an over-the-door organizer so you can use it to store items like comb blow-dryer and shampoos among many others.

23. If you do not want the over the door organizer you can try using this caddy with removable adhesive you do not need to drill holes just to install thanks to the removable adhesive.

24. A cat designed toilet brush if you are tired of the look of a toilet brush time to bump up the design aspect of it try using this cat design toilet brush instead it looks cute though you might find it hard to use it for cleaning because of its cuteness the body is lighter than I had expected and falls over very easily if you’re not careful but I bought it for the novelty and for how cute it is it does that part very well.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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