24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas

Do you love plan you could plant anywhere in your home using the traditional pots you bought in a store but sometimes it looks boring using the same old pot welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY in here are 24 DIY garden container ideas.

1. Utilizing used tires has become a popular option of creating unique designs all you have to do is to paint the old tires and attractive and exciting colors insert anything that can hold the soil before planting to create an appealing view you can arrange the tires and different heights and colors.

2. If you think that you’re old and worn out shoes and boots are useless think again use your old shoes and transform them as shoe planters all you have to do is make a few holes at the bottom that will serve as drainage this will turn out as a unique garden container for small rooted plants like herbs or succulents.

3. The ideas for garden containers are limitless who would think that a damaged and rotten sink can be used as a garden container all you need is a little creativity and imagination to give life to your damaged thing.

4. If you have a vintage bike that’s not functioning don’t throw it in the junk but instead transform it into a garden container putting the potted plants in the bikes basket and then paint the vintage bike with a color that matches the theme of your garden.

5. Give your garden and enchanting appeal by recreating a water fountain planter you can add rocks and moss into an empty water fountain the type of plant suitable in this unique garden container are succulent plants.

6. If there are shallow or hollow rocks in your backyard you can use them as garden containers it is ideal to plant desert or succulent plants in hollow rocks to create a natural little rock gardens you can collect stones or rocks and form them as you desire.

7. Aluminum or stainless strainers are good garden container ideas the good thing is that there are available holes that serve as drainage you can also use pasta strainers and to enhance the appearance you can paint them with different colors it will look good in both indoor and outdoor plants.

8. Creating a wheelbarrow planter is indeed a unique idea it works like a mobile plant container that you can move it anywhere you want likewise it also offers a convenience in watering the plants and moving into another location during frigid temperatures or bad weather.

9. Would you believe that a simple cork can be used as a planter this material is porous making it ideal for plants the inner part of the cork has been shellacked and the outer part has natural beeswax.

10. Another unique garden container idea that you can consider is using a cut tree stump and transforming it into a plant pot use a hammer and chisel to carve the inner part of the log then fill it with soil and any plant of your choice.

11. A birdcage can serve as a unique idea for a plant container because of its various sizes and shapes all you need is to explore your imagination and creativity birdcage planners are best for hanging plants.

12. Well are you bored using the traditional pot for your planting hobby why not use an old toy truck and transform it into a planter this can be a fun idea all you have to do is make some holes at the bottom of the toy truck to allow proper drainage this garden container is best for succulent plants and other small plants.

13. Repurpose your old chandeliers and make it a plant container chandelier planters are ideal for hanging plants look for old chandeliers from junk shops clean it and repair it use small pots and with saucers suitable to the size of the chandelier arms attach the pots using epoxy and that’s it you can start planting your favorite hanging or air plants the good thing is that it’s fairly simple to do it and you should not spend a lot of money.

14. If there’s an ugly corner in your garden you can consider building cinderblock planters a DIY block planter is a great challenge to your creativity and it will make your garden look fantastic all you need is your creativity to fill the blank space in your garden with this versatile planter you can use various types of plants and stack them along the blank corner of the garden.

15. The good thing about using a paint can as planters is that they are already the right shape and size all you have to do is make some holes at the bottom to serve as drainage likewise you can create unusual objects in the paint can by using spray paint and make a functional planner out of a recycled paint can it will create a unique and distinctive statement to your garden.

16. If you don’t have adequate space to grow herbs you should consider using a shoe organizer you can transform it into a vertical garden that you can hang on the wall or balcony rail the garden container idea is perfect if you’re living in an apartment but make sure to use a shoe holder that is made of canvas to ensure its durability you can grow herbs in this planter.

17. Another DIY garden container that you can make is a tin can planter the good thing about this is that you should not buy the materials as you can already have them at home you can use acrylic paint to improve the appearance of the tin can this planter idea is not recommended for vegetable plants because of the potential of rusting.

18. Recycle your broken chair and transform it into a chair planter if the seat of the chair is damaged you can place a pot instead to make it a chair planter consider using a wire basket suitable to the size of the existing seat repaint it with the color that matches the plan throw your favorite succulent plants and it will surely amaze your guests.

19. Would you believe that you can use milk carton planters as a garden container yes it’s the cheapest option to create a garden container you can recycle milk cartons to grow seeds but if you will use this garden container make sure not to water the seedlings heavily instead you should only miss the soil to prevent it from breaking.

20. Another creative way to improve your garden is to use seashells you can look for big sea shells where you can plant succulents air plants can also be a good option as you can tuck them into the shell but should allow good air circulation you can add tiny gravels or pebbles into the shell as accessories it is ideal to place the shell planters either in the garden or as a centerpiece.

21. If you have toolboxes that you’re not using anymore you can transform them into a unique garden container you can recycle tool boxes either made of wood or metal into a recycled garden container improve them by repainting it and drilling a few holes at the bottom in case of a wood toolbox you can use rubber or plastic liners to prevent the wood from rotting fast.

22. Boat planners can add a peel to your garden because it is not a typical garden container you can turn an old boat into a raised bed garden the chipping paint of the old boat can complement your flower garden.

23. If you want to try this unique homemade book plant container look for vintage books at antique malls or thrift stores.

24. This garden container idea can be the best option to spice up wall space that you think is an eyesore it can also add a privacy to your garden.

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