24 Clever Storage Ideas for Hard to Store Stuff

24 Clever Storage Ideas for Hard to Store Stuff

Your home is packed with lots of stuff from magazines to tools to camping gear to boots they can easily take up much of your home and garage area it is only ideal to find ways to store them in a clever way welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 24 organization tips for hard to store items.

1. Do you know that there is a way to keep all of the light-duty extension cords organized yes that’s right all you need to do is slide each of them into a toilet paper too to keep them neat make sure you note down the exact length of the court on the tube that way you’ll be able to find them easily.

2. Do you have lots of patio cushions camping gear or unused clothes it’s about time you take care of them and what you need is only an extra large ziploc bag a way to ensure that every space is accommodated if by pushing all the air out by hand and push the items deeper.

3. Jumper cable is one of the tools that will really come in handy especially during cold weather conditions start by storing jumper cables and coil them around an extra tire which is usually beneath the Falls floor of your vehicle’s trunk you will soon appreciate the fact that they never get tangled.

4. Do you see that unused space found in between your garages overhead joist use it to mount a heavy-duty wire shell since it is pretty much see-through you will not have a hard time knowing what’s up there this is where you can store your outdoor sports equipment and tools.

5. An extension ladder is one of the things that’s difficult to store but when you’re going to need it you want to make sure you have easy access to it keep it on the ceiling of your garage particularly on some sturdy racks thanks to these racks you will find sliding out the extension ladder anytime you want is a walk in the park.

6. Want to add another garage wall in order to hang some items on it your garage door is key to this innovation install it using some screws and thread a couple of bungee cords voila you now have a nice bungee Corral that you can use to hold on a number of extra extension cords.

7. Archive magazines is by using a drawer and a couple of hanging folders so you can finalize the entire setup just simply remove the bottom of the folders say an inch or so from there drape the magazines over the rod so you can firmly hang it to the drawer.

8. Are you fond of playing the guitar how about some banjo or ukulele instead of putting your precious instruments on floor stands hang all of them on the wall.

9. If you get little to no closet space this one right here will help you big-time hang another rod for your second clothes from the upper rod make sure though that the chain you are using it’s lightweight you screws when attaching the chain in order to cement its durability this is perfect for those who’ve got a lot of clothes to keep.

10. Got no other place to store belts how about using a wooden hanger and a couple of cup hooks not only is this trick easy to do but it’s also incredibly cheap if you’ve got a handful of thick buckle belts make sure that you will widen the cup hook a little bit you could also use this to hang small handbags.

11. Be it your kids or you a house is not complete without playing balls but storing them can be a challenge mount some ball ramps there so you can use them for storage it does not have to be costly as a wooden scrap wood is perfect enough.

12. It is no secret that drying wet hats requires a good spot that is why you’re going to need the help of the so called back of the door and cap rack this piece is designed to allow you to dry wet stuff while keeping all easily misplaced things organized use clothes pins and then string them on an aluminum wire you can do the same thing in your garage too it will be perfect for drying work gloves and other garden protective gears.

13. It’s time to keep those screws and doodads among many others by storing all of them in a small zippered craft bag in order for you to hang them on a pegboard you need first to punch holes in these bags thanks to the transparency it is easy to spot the type of hardware you need for a project or work stuff.

14. We often neglect vacuum cleaner bags but not anymore it’s about time we put these bags into good use to make sure that all vacuum gears stay in one place you need to keep all of them in the said bag on your storage closet screw a hook and hang a cloth or mesh bag this will now be your storage for all vacuum gears.

15. When it comes to clever storage solutions it is a crime not to include the very corners of the garage just try this handy corner shelf which is not a difficult thing to build you can go with either scrap wood or oriented strand board regardless you will have a quick corner shelf for different items like waxes glues and oils.

16. This tip is a way to try and store all of those nasty spring clamps you could make use of scrap woods and keep the tray on a peg the coolest part here is that you can always remove these clamps whenever you deem necessary once you’re finished stick the clamps back to the storage and you’re done.

17. Are you a fishing fan if so then you’re in for a treat there’s no need for you to buy a fancy storage rack instead you need to screw some short sections of wire shelving which must be installed on the ceiling if you’re having a hard time fitting the handles you can opt to clip out some wires using bolt cutters.

18. Use this storage to keep items such as camping gear luggage or other small to medium-sized items use the space found underneath your home stairs start by building a customized rolling cart and do it in a way it fits perfectly in the closet think of this one as something that is akin to a shelf unit but can slide through whenever you want.

19. Oh yes you will have another purpose for your pegboard to start cut a short length of PVC pipe and slide it using a pegboard hook the sides of the pipe is up to you but make sure it fits the pegboard you can use this to store files or hacksaw blades it’s all up to you.

20. This might be a little straightforward but keep in mind that some things are just worth placing together however you need to have a shelf or storage rack to hold these items there is no requirement for storing the same types of items for instance you can use this rack to keep your children’s toys or baseball bats check out the step by step DIY guide at Family Handyman.

21. Go basic with the coated garage hooks just screw them onto your basic beams or on the wall of your garage once you have you can just hang any stuff like tools or bike gear remember that the hooks must be installed properly and that the items place are not heavy enough to compromise the setup.

22. Nike storage is where you’ll be introduced to the saris cycle glide this in its most organic form is a system of hooks mounted on a bunch of glides as the name suggests they can just be slid closer to the wall hence it becomes easier to take down a bike or two.

23. Shelf brackets are more than just hanger rods bend them in a way that pleases you and install them in your garage or workshop hanger store items that you think will be helpful in the said area.

24. Do you want to make use of your overhead garage door storage space and maximize it if so then you should consider installing attic decking panels by doing so you can easily create a usable and accessible surface which is perfect for storing stuff.

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