23 Super Awesome Wall Storage Ideas

23 Super Awesome Wall Storage Ideas

Looking at your room or house you may think that you don’t have any more space available for your possessions well you may not have room for a new table or desk your wall is actually a perfect place for storage welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 23 awesome wall storage ideas.

1. Children love bath time they especially love playing with their toys in the bathtub you know what you don’t love though their toys scattered around without any sort of order seemingly in place with colorful baskets on the walls of the shower you can neatly put away your child’s toys for their next playtime while adding fun colors to the space.

2. This may seem like a too simple for words kind of idea but when you are looking to put your knickknacks somewhere that isn’t the bathroom sink a simple wall-mounted rail is perfect not only can you hand a hand towel from it but you can think outside the box and put in cups to place your toothbrushes and more in it this way your sink is clear.

3. Laundry takes up a lot of space if you’re in a home with a big family things can become cluttered and after a while you may find clothes thrown around the room racks for your laundry baskets are perfect to stack in any corner of your laundry room not only does this keep everything nice and organized but you save space by not having the baskets on the floor.

4. If you work from home you’re going to need a desk who says though that you need a bulky desk that will take up unnecessary room as well as scuff up your floors or dent your carpet with suspended desks you have the surface area to work off of while not having to install a large desk a suspended desk will also give your room a more open feel.

5. You commonly see grid wall used in appliance stores or even outside shops at fairs but if you are looking to add more room to your garage for your tools a grid wall storage system is perfect you can easily hang what you need for your next project while freeing up desk and floor space for whatever big thing you are work on.

6. A wired wall cubby is a cute and perfect idea for anything not only can you say store your shoes in them so not to have them on the floor but you can get one with hooks underneath so you can hang items such as umbrellas or even keys this is great for your bedroom or the hallway near the door so anything you need before you leave it right there.

7. When you are storing something you may think that means to hide but suspended shelves are perfect for having personal items on display your books photos and even flowers show your personality and you can put them all on suspended shelves either in your bedroom living room or anywhere in the home not only are you letting others know who you are the moment they walk into your home but you’ll feel happy seeing the things you love in front of you.

8. Any parent will tell you that having kids means never having a neat house that isn’t particularly true though while your kid will have their toys tossed around throughout your home there’s no need to keep them there while they’re not being used with the use of shelves and storage containers you can keep your children’s toys organized and out of sight when the child is not playing with them.

9. Magnets are not just for the fridge you can use them to help feel up counter space and store up multitude of items, let’s take spices for an example spices can take up a lot of space in your cupboards and even a spice rack can be a bulky addition to your countertop free up space by buying a magnetic plate and sticking the metal caps of your spices to it either spices will come in a glass jar with a metal cap or you may have to buy separate jars for your spices but it will be worth it for the extra space.

10. Even shelves can become bulky and take up room on your wall not only can it not look nice to have your entire wall covered in shelves but you may run out of room to even install new shelves that is why it’s great to utilize the corners of your walls and install shelves there not only does this give you more storage space but there’s something that looks sleek about suspended corner shelves.

11. If you like to host parties or are simply a wine collector you will want to display your collection why bottles of the finest wines if you can’t have them somewhere that everyone can see that’s why a nice wall mount is perfect all you need is a simple piece of wood with holes big enough for the necks of the bottles to fit in and there you have it a way to have easy access to your wine while also showing your collection off.

12. Installing shelving along the perimeter of your bedroom walls gives you more room to store items without being too in the way as you live in your home more you gain more possessions and it may be hard to have everything without feeling like a hoarder you can still have your fun items and display them without feeling like you are cluttering the room that you sleep in.

13. We are guilty of throwing our pots and pans carelessly into a cabinet in our kitchen it’s frustrating having to dig a pan out when you need it you’ll either need to take everything out in order to find that pan or everything will end up falling out anyway by hanging your pots and pans you can easily access whatever you need for the meal you’re making along with having a nice kitchen display for people to see.

14. Your window boxes don’t need to just be for your windows a nice window box can be installed into the wall of your bathroom so to store bathroom items such as soap hand towels and even toilet paper you can add a nice homey feeling to your bathroom space by including window baskets as a storage idea.

15. You probably don’t think of a cord of board when you’re wanting to add something nice to your walls that will help the area look put together but not only can you decorate your cork board with a nice frame but it can help give your room that shabby chic kind of look you can use a cork board to hang up jewelry so to not clunk up your drawers or even memos notes and photos.

16. Plants brighten up any room and provide oxygen flow but sometimes finding room for all your plants hard and you risk having a room looking cluttered that’s why it would be a fun idea for Bubble geraniums on your wall where you can have plants and even water them it’s not only a great idea to have more plants in your home but also super cool to look at.

17. A nightstand is a typical addition to any bed you need it by your bedside in order to place lamps for reading your phone and a bedtime snack but sometimes that stands are bulky and stand out too much you could even find yourself bumping into them in the middle of the night a floating nightstand is a great idea for a more modern take on the traditional nightstand you can still use it for whatever you need but it will look a lot nicer and take an extra piece of furniture off your floor.

18. For the person who works from home your bedroom or whatever room you’re working out of is your home office which means you want to set it up like an office you don’t want files cluttered all over the place so using a wall file organizer is perfect for having all your documents neat and organized you can go to any department store or look online at websites like Amazon or Etsy for decorated ones so that you don’t feel like you’re back in any stuffy office.

19. For the person who is working in their garage all day you have a lot of tools but tools can get clunky and be all over the place where you don’t even know where they are tool boxes are good for on-the-go jobs but you don’t want to keep everything you have in a tool box that will require you to dig through other tools before finding the one you need heavy duty magnetic strips are great to display your tools in front of you so you can keep everything organized and Within Reach.

20. Show of hands who is tripped over their vacuum everyone has because they’re in the way their clunky and too many stubbed toes have occurred as a result get rid of that hassle and go with a wall mount shopback have your vacuum on the wall so you are freeing up the floor and it’s within reach for any quick mess that you need to pick up.

21. Fishing rod racks are not just for fishing in fact you can find one that fits your garage door and install it on the garage walls for all of your tools where do you normally put a rake or other such tools just throw it in the corner stop that clutter and harmful hazard and put it on a fishing rod rack instead.

22. If you have a lot of jewelry you know the struggle of trying to keep everything neat and organized even if you buy a jewelry box you end up tossing everything in it and you end up with a bunch of tangled up earrings and necklaces with a hanging jewelry pouch with individual pockets you will never have to worry about tangles again.

23. For the person who has too many baseball caps to count don’t listen to those who say you have to get rid of any you don’t need to worry about angering anyone with your caps going askew you can neatly organize and display them with a cap rack simple and easy to install have all your caps hanging happily so you can grab and go.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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