23 Storage Hacks for Small Space Living

23 Storage Hacks for Small Space Living

When you live in a small apartment or house there are going to be some challenges one of them is storage and learning how to utilize this small space is key welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and these are 23 storage hacks for small space living.

1. Floating shelves often make their way on to lists like these it’s because they are a great idea that will help make room for certain items you can buy multiple colors and styles of floating shelves to place on your walls this will be a stylish way of storing your possessions while making room of your floor for bigger furniture.

2. When it comes to utilizing space in your bedroom there is no reason not to use the space underneath your bed in either clear containers or even a rolling drawer you can place items that you normally wouldn’t have room for see you have a large winter coat and it’s this summer now you can place that coat under the bed and leave room in your closet for more.

3. This takes number two just a little further there are some really gorgeous bed options that include drawers underneath the bed instead of simply placing items of clothing under your bed use the drawers already in the frame to pack stuff away if you have the means to buy one it’s a good investment for making the most out of your small space.

4. Keeping within the bedroom and the bed specifically add a trunk at the end of the bed for storage not only will it look elegant you can also buy one with cushions to sit on top while taking your shoes off you can place spare comforters in your trunk or pillows when you are not displaying them when it’s time to make your bed everything you need is right there.

5. This is just as much a storage idea as it is an organizational idea when you put dividers in your closet you are making everything neater when everything is neater it is easier to store your clothing and other items away it also makes it easier to find something rather than mindlessly throwing everything in and not knowing where it ended up.

6. A great little trick for being able to store more clothes in your closet is doubling your hangers you don’t have an endless amount of room on the clothing rod in your closet so make up for that by doubling up your hangers this way you are doubling up what you can hang up and not have to stuff anything into drawers that doesn’t belong there.

7. This is a great storage and organizational idea you have a lot of shoes but you don’t want them to be thrown all over the place you also don’t want them to take up any room at the bottom of your closet haven’t you ever reserved yourself to thinking I’m never finding the match to this shoe you don’t need that stress when it comes to using a cubby to store your shoes in they’ll be organized and readily accessible when it’s time to leave the house.

8. If you’re an avid cook or even if you aren’t you’re going to have pots and pans that are going to take up valuable space in your cabinets by hanging up your pots and pans you get all of those bulky items out and allow for more room for other items in your kitchen also hanging your pots and pans look great they will be a real eye piece for your guests.

9. When it comes to your kitchen you already don’t have a lot of room if you’re living in a small space then you have less by installing a fold-up table that presses against the wall when you aren’t using it you are freeing up valuable walking space it’s easy to pull down.

10. When you need it and it’s easy to put away when you don’t Chan in a small bedroom you don’t want to sacrifice a workstation if your job sometimes follows you home instead of taking up a lot of room in your bedroom install a fold-up desk sure you can use your laptop but this causes neck pains and isn’t safe to always have on your laptop use this idea for a smart use of storage.

11. If you have children they are going to want to play with their toys during their bath time but what do you do with juniors favorite rubber duckie when it’s not that time place a basket in the bathroom for all of your child’s favorite playtime toys so that when it is time for the bath their toys are within reach as well as being neatly put away.

12. For many animals are someone’s child if you have a cat or dog remember that they like to play – you probably know this so you also know that their toys can be tossed everywhere add some semblance of organization place a treasure chest in your living room to put in their toys when they’re not being used.

13. This should be one of the essential tools to add more storage to your mission of adding more storage to your home instead of having your shoes piled up on the floor hang a shoe organizer on the inside door to stuff your shoes in keep them off the floors and organize your shoes neatly so you never lose one again.

14. For your kitchen you need all the room you can get so why would you crowd your cabinets up with all of your spices instead place a floating spice rack on your wall this way you can store your spices away from your cabinets and have them within reach for when you are asking for your next best meal.

15. A personal favorite of mine the kitchen island comes in all different shapes and sizes not only can you get one in any color you want you can choose to have one with wheels or without wheels use a kitchen island not only to store pots pans and dishes then you can use the top of a kitchen island for extra counter space to cook on.

16. For your bathroom you aren’t given a lot of natural storage you have a sink toilet and bathtub and you are really supposed to figure out the rest by buying a cabinet to rest against the wall over the toilet you can store your toilet paper and towels too this can also store your tissues and feminine sanitary napkins if need be.

17. If you run out of room in your closet don’t fret you don’t need to get rid of any other clothes you just need to buy yourself a detached clothes rack hang the items of clothing you wear the most for easy access also for the true fashionista you can make your bedroom look like a warehouse this is an easy way to add more places to hang your clothing from.

18. If you are truly running out of room for your clothes you may as well look to store clothes away that you don’t wear all of the time if you have a garage you can pack your clothes away in a bin on top shelves in the garage or store them away in a public storage unit for safekeeping.

19. In preparation for laundry day don’t keep your laundry bag in the corner on the floor get that bag up off the floor and hang your laundry bag up on the door this way you are freeing up space on your floor and keeping it out of the way until you are ready to do the laundry.

20. Where do you store your belts or scarves you don’t want to stuff them in a drawer where they can become messy and tangled instead hang your belts and scarves to have them neatly put up and can be easy to grab you can either hang them on a hanger or install hooks to hang them from.

21. As with scarves and belts where do you store your mail we don’t all sift through mail the second we get it we often toss them down on the table and forget about them for days this is messy and can pile up by getting a drawer and hanging up on the wall you can place your mail in it to neatly store it until you get to it.

22. Just like having a trunk at the end of your bed you can have a bench in your hallway where you can store items such as throw pillows in and you can then use the bench to sit on to put your shoes on and take them off this can look like a stylish piece of furniture while also serving a purpose.

23. Just like spices mugs take up a lot of room in your cabinets in order to free up space in your cabinets you can hang your mugs this will be a great display for all of your favorite mugs while also being practical about your storing use your cabinets for more when you store your mugs and don’t worry about where you are going to fit all of your colorful cups.

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