23 Smart Bedroom Makeover Ideas

23 Smart Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of being stuck in the same surroundings and think your bedroom could do with a much needed makeover well you’re in luck there are many ways you can add a touch of personality style or functionality to your bedroom welcome to Hello Cleaner’s diy here are smart ideas that aim to do just that.

1. Rarely do people ever think about adding patterns or colors to their bedroom ceiling but we say why not aside from having something more enjoyable to look at when you’re lying in bed it can create the illusion of having a higher ceiling since it draws your attention upward this effect works particularly well if you have sloped or oddly shaped ceilings.

2. A design choice that is very on trend in recent years is lining indoor walls with shiplap the wooden look instantly transforms a room and gives it a cozy beach house or country retreat feeling it also works well with art fixtures and other wall displays making it much more interesting than a normal plain wall.

3. If you do prefer a plain and cleaner look you should go all the way and make everything white the fresh bright atmosphere created by an all-white color palette will give your room that heavenly touch and make it seem more spacious mix in some off-white and cream for variety and warmth to make sure it doesn’t feel too sterile.

4. If you have more of a colorful personality then go the other way and surround yourself with every color of the rainbow everything from flowers paintings and brightly colored bed sheets can all create a feast for the eyes plus you can keep adding to it and never get bored.

5. Don’t be afraid to add a pattern to your bedroom walls either thick stripes are a classic that will replicate a beach house feel brought about by wood planking muted colors work particularly well in this style and can help to create a gentle relaxing atmosphere.

6. A dark color scheme can also work and even appear quite inviting when it’s done nicely wood floors and sand colored sheets are complemented by dark walls and the few areas of brightness really stand out against the darker background.

7. Mirrors reflect light and can brighten up a room while making it appear larger in size try hanging some small framed mirrors on your walls or use one larger mirror as a statement piece alternatively place a full-length mirror in or around your closet for more practical applications.

8. Obviously the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom is likely to be your bed having said that it’s totally possible to free up the huge amount of floor space it takes up during the day by installing a murphy bed simply fold it away once you wake up and you can then use your bedroom for workouts as a games room or any number of other possibilities furthermore once your bed is out of sight you won’t be tempted to spend all day in it.

9. The same goes for other furniture in your bedroom too such as chairs when you’re not using them they’re just taking up space that could be used for something else there’s a wide range of stylish and comfortable folding chairs available to buy these days do yourself a favor and pick some up.

10. Not a fan of folding beds or chairs you can still utilize the space underneath them as many beds now come with built-in drawers underneath if yours doesn’t you can always use wheeled boxes movable drawers storage bags or shoe organizers.

11. Good lighting is essential for livening up a room as well as for practical uses such as reading in bed however floor lamps and desk lamps can’t take up a lot of space and let’s face it they’re pretty outdated scots or pendant lights such as the ones now commonly seen in hotels can be attached to the wall above or beside your bed and sit neatly out of the way they still provide sufficient lighting but also add a touch of style.

12. If you’re looking to free up even more floor space do away with the traditional nightstand and install a floating one instead it’ll free up a useful area where you can keep your slippers luggage or any other items that would otherwise be pushed out of the way if it’s built high enough you could even put a chair underneath and use it as a makeshift desk or dresser table.

13. For people who like to have breakfast in bed or use their laptop in comfort you should seriously consider getting a sea table it can create an instant work or entertainment station and be tucked away under your bed when it’s not in use it’s an excellent compromise if you don’t want a proper desk and this simple addition will transform your bedroom into the most comfortable office or theater ever.

14. Putting up a few shelves in your bedroom is always beneficial if you want to keep books and other items close to your bed put some up on the wall your bed rests against they will essentially act as a less invasive nightstand.

15. Day beds are used for sitting lying down and of course sleeping usually in common rooms they take up less area than a standard bed and are a great option for guest bedrooms if you value your floor space a day bed could be a viable option for your own bedroom as well.

16. When you think about it doors that swing open take up a lot of unnecessary space sliding doors make much more sense practically whether it’s the door to your bedroom or to your wardrobe take a leaf out of japan’s book and use sliding doors and storage spaces where possible.

17. Sticking with themes common in asia consider doing away with your bed frame and sleeping lower to the ground not only will your room seem way bigger you may even benefit from it health-wise some studies suggest that sleeping closer to the ground encourages wellness rest and inner peace.

18. If you’ve started to run out of room horizontally think about making use of vertical space you can stack storage units on top of each other and install shelves up high to display ornaments art and other decorations.

19. A simple way to make your bedroom feel cozier and more lived-in is to use layers of linen multiple blankets throws and sheets made from soft materials will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and looks super stylish in a neutral color scheme.

20. Turn your bedroom into a walk-in closet or personal clothes store by hanging clothes racks out in the open being able to see your entire wardrobe will make getting ready much easier and negate the need for big and heavy storage units.

21. In a similar fashion if you’re running out of space to store all of your accessories why not display them around your room you can use your jewelry as an art installation meaning that each piece can be appreciated and accessed easily at all times don’t hide your watches shades or shoes in a drawer where they’ll be forgotten keep them out in the open.

22. If you’re reorganizing your bedroom this is your chance to tidy up all of those messy cables lying around and make sure they stay untangled once and for all the secret use binder clips to separate and hold individual cables you can even label them so that you don’t get confused as to which wire is which.

23. And finally for a great night’s sleep shut out the rest of the world by hanging a sheer curtain around your bed the light curtain material will let sunlight and fresh air in to wake you up in the morning but it puts a physical barrier between you and everything else allowing you to focus on nothing but rest and recuperation.

Which of these ideas are you most likely to make use of let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this article remember to leave a like and subscribe to the blog so you can stay up to date with our latest tips and tricks thank you so much for reading we’ll see you again next time.


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