23 Kitchen Storage Ideas

23 Kitchen Storage Ideas

Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen you make your large holiday meals in your kitchen and your children run to you for snacks in your kitchen the kitchen is one of the most used areas in your home and as you live in your apartment or house longer you obtain more items welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss 23 super cool kitchen storage ideas.

1. Floating shelves can help anyone in their storage quest in any room of the house the same goes for kitchens sort your spices pasta and more on floating shelves not only is this a way to remove items out from the cabinets but also have within arm’s reach while cooking.

2. Why take up space in your cabinets with your spices when you can simply install a spice rack on the wall just like with the floating shelves use this opportunity to make more room in your cabinets and have your spices accessible while making your favorite meal.

3. Haven’t you ever seen pots and pans hung from the ceiling and magazines of chic kitchen setups you don’t have to be rich to achieve this aesthetic by installing the means to hang your pots and pans you’re getting them out of the cupboard and displaying them in a way that makes your kitchens the place to be.

4. For rolling kitchen carts really are the best for adding extra storage in your kitchen if you are running out of room in your cabinets and would like to have more counter space a rolling kitchen card is perfect you can get them in a variety of sizes and you will be able to place your pots and pans in it as well as plates and whatever you like also use it as an extra place to prepare your food for the win.

5. Your knives actually shouldn’t go in a drawer or even a wooden block you run the risk of dulling your knives this way take that out of the equation and install a magnetic strip up so you can hang your knives from them a professional chef often uses this in restaurants and why shouldn’t you you’re making fabulous meals every day and you deserve to feel like the next great chef.

6. Let’s say you don’t have a large kitchen where are you supposed to walk moving around in a tiny kitchen does not make for an enjoyable cooking session this is why having a table around always isn’t the best idea but where are you supposed to put a table install a fold-up table so that when you are not using it you can fold it up against the wall and have the room you need.

7. Install a lazy susan to gain extra storage in your cabinets the corner area of your cabinets can be used for easy accessibility with a lazy susan it also adds the field to fancier kitchen without the huge price tag that goes along with the status.

8. Want a better trick to help store items in your kitchen by investing in a tall rolling cart you can find one that is thin enough to fit in between your fridge and wall this is great because not only is it like having a hidden gem but you can place spices canned foods and more when you are not in need of any of these items just roll it back.

9. Have you ever looked at the space in between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling of your kitchen why aren’t you utilizing it this is a perfect area for larger items that take up too much cabinet space typically you only use crock pots during the winter instead of having one out during the rest of the year or taking up other storage room place it and other similar items up above to get it out of the way.

10. Incorporating a law mantid sink caddy is a great way to add storage to your kitchen place the wall-mounted sink caddy above your sink to be able to store the cleaning supplies needed after having cooked a delicious meal.

11. You need a dish rack but they can take up some valuable counter space instead of minimizing the counter space that you have mount your dish rack you will be able to create more space and properly be able to dry your dishes after you have cleaned them.

12. Get creative with your mason jars we use mason jars for a lot food liquid and vegetables all are stored well in a mason jar and look rustic your next DIY project should include attaching the lids of your mason jar to the underneath of your cabinets to hang them from you can stylish Li store your pasta from your cabinets and make sure they’re in reach.

13. Get creative when it comes to storing your kitchen items even something like the inside cabinet door can be utilized you can fasten hooks to the inside door or even hang a small shoe organizer to place items such as dishwashing liquid and other miscellaneous items.

14. The top of your fridge seems like a no-brainer when it comes to finding places to store your kitchen items you can transfer items like cereal from their cardboard boxes into plastic containers and place on top of the fridge this will get items such as cereal out of the way but also within reach when you are looking for a bowl for breakfast or a midnight snack.

15. Your fridge is definitely a place where you can utilize it when it comes to your storage need a creative tip place magnetic strips on the side of your fridge to attach a basket that you can put whatever you want in it from your spices to cleaning supplies and even restaurant menus for when you are feeling like ordering in.

16. Let’s stay in the realm of your fridge and magnetic strips while you can add a basket you can also use this creative hack as a way to display your spices by uses glass jars with metal lids you can attach your spices to the magnetic strips on your fridge show off your spices and have them out of your cabinets and within reach for when you are making the family a winning dish.

17. Install cubbies around the entrance of your kitchen for a great new way to store more items if you have a small kitchen or don’t know where to put all of your cooking books this is a great use of your entranceway.

18. When you look at your cabinets there are big open spaces with not a lot of surface area but imagine if you could have double the surface area if you installed another shelf in your cabinets this isn’t hard to do and you will notice a different already when you have more places to put your pots and pans on without throwing everything haphazardly around.

19. This is a pretty simple way to increase your storage we all have the one cabinet that is dedicated to our plastic containers and we’re all lucky if we open the door without everything falling on top of us by now organizing your plastic where you are minimizing the room you have if you organize this section of the kitchen then you will be able to fit more and not get frustrated every time you want to take out a container.

20. Why are there panels that look like drawers but art not only are these deceiving but they’re also inconvenient considering they could be utilized well with a little bit of DIY candor you can make use of this space imagine being able to place sponges and other small cleaning supplies in this space so to free up the area around your sink it’s a neat idea that can really help out.

21. By installing shelves around the ceiling in your kitchen you are giving yourself more space either you can place cookbooks up here or you can store your larger items such as your slow cookers and crock pots the great thing about storage is that it can be found literally anywhere and everywhere.

22. We briefly went over this point earlier on the list when it comes to the inside of your cabinet doors you are staring at prime real estate for storage that you are not taking advantage of get a little creative and cut up a shoe organizer and place it on the inside of your cabinet doors you can store your dishwashing soap tongs and more.

23. Whether you drink wine often or only break out the good stuff during parties wine bottles and the glasses you drink out of take up a lot of room free up the space you would use to place these items in by installing a floating wine rack you will be able to display your wine and glasses in style while also being practical.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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