23 Items Marie Kondo Uses to Help People Organize

23 Items Marie Kondo Uses to Help People Organize

If you are looking to tidy up your home look no further the Netflix tiding up with Marie Kondo condo is a Japanese organizing consultant and we can all use a little advice when it comes to cleaning things up welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and we will be going over the 23 items that Marie Kondo uses to help people organize.

1. One organize your bathroom with these clear storage bins violin with a handle so that you can easily lift it up if it is needing to be transported you can store towels or lotions in it and use it anywhere in the house that you want it.

2. By putting drawer dividers in your drawers you can help tidy up where you keep your clothing there is no need to sloppily throw your underwear in the drawers when you can put it in a drawer divider to your underwear socks and more Kondo suggest a foldable drawer divider which come in multiple sizes.

3. Make sure these storage bins are stackable why you ask well because then you are not only using the bins for storage but also to minimize the space these bins take up you can put what you want in them and stack them up as high as you want the clear nature of these bins makes it possible to see what you have in each bin.

4. Our pets are just like our children not only because we love them the same but because they love to play as well pets love toys and if you don’t have anywhere to put them they could end up scattered around your home condo suggests a collapsible toy bin for all of your pets playthings.

5. You have a lot of bathroom items typically that don’t have a place to be stored in this or you toss whatever you have in a few drawers which really can cause a mess in order to tidy up condo suggests woven baskets for your bathroom items think of any towels or hand soap or lotion that need to be meetly stored.

6. Do you have a basket of loose photos that are causing clutter in your home it not only looks messy but can be tossed around anywhere condos suggest getting a sturdy photo album to keep everything nice and organized take a look at your photos too to see what you have duplicates of to throw the extra ones out.

7. Yes even this is a suggestion of condos for tidying up your room not only do we get the full picture of something with our eyes but with our nose as well if a room is messy it could cause a smell which makes everything worse with a nice air spray you can freshen up whatever room that you are in.

8. This is a great idea for your kids toys keep them nice and tidy and out of the way with this idea you can easily slip these into a cubby that you have in any room of the house the fabric will be ideal for what you need and you can keep your children’s toys off the floor.

9. Considering it’s getting close to that time of year this Marie Kondo suggestion is perfect what happens when you don’t need your Christmas bulbs anymore no matter what holiday you celebrate it only comes once a year and you don’t want any decorations sitting around all year by having a divided holiday ornament storage bin you can neatly have everything stored away when you’re not using it.

10. This is the same idea as the foldable drawer set we talked about earlier but with war sections for organization get this six piece set with sections that fit into each other for tidying up your drawers you can even place these drawers underneath your bed to gain more storage and get these items out of the way.

11. This is for your garage if you have access to a garage then it’s good to utilize that space for storage use clear storage containers so that you can put clothes house decorations and more in them store them away and be able to see whatever you need to see from them when it’s time to grab certain items.

12. Just because you are tidying up does not mean you have to do it without style this decorate storage bin can be put anywhere you want it to be put you can keep it out in the open for people to see or store it in your closet to give a tinier feel to your closet.

13. Use your file holding organizing boxes whatever papers that you need whether you have takeout menus lying around or important documents that are too valuable to be on the kitchen table use a file holding organizing box to store all these papers in in.

14. Addition to the file holding organizing boxes you can use clear file folders to help tidy up loose papers for maximum organizational optimization use these clear folders to color code different pieces of paper you can store these file folders in the file holding organizing boxes for whenever you need them.

15. If you have a kitchen you have utensils where do you put these utensils in your drawers the problem is you don’t want to just toss them in messily Kondo suggest these mix-and-match drawer organizers for your kitchen drawers any forks spoons knives and peelers that you have can go in these.

16. For those higher than usual cabinets use a stackable shelf divider this is good for any shelf in the house whether it is in the kitchen underneath the bathroom sink or in your cabinet for your shoes you can use it Kondo suggests these so that you can make the most out of any cabinet in your house.

17. This is a great little item that Kondo suggests we’re tidying up your kitchen store in your cabinets and place items like spices flavor packets and more you can tidy up your kitchen cabinets so everything isn’t a mess get them clear so you can see everything that is in the plastic bin.

18. For the men and women who like their ties you know that these aren’t the easiest to store you don’t want to simply throw your tie around don’t throw it on a chair or anywhere else when you can use a 360 degree tie organizing hanger.

19. We unfortunately throw items in our closet without any rhyme or reason don’t do this anymore instead use sturdy plastic containers for anything you need shoes clothing and beauty products can all be stored this way in order to tidy up your closet keep everything organized and Weavin reach for anytime you need these items.

20. Use these cotton handle storage bins in order to store towels and baby clothes they are not only easy to store items in but since they have a handle it is easy for you to transport this bin wherever you need to you can buy one in any color to match the room in your house that you place it in and can buy one for little cost to you.

21. As you can tell Marie Kondo likes her drawer organizers with little plastic ones you can place them in your drawer in order to store such bathroom products as feminine sanitary napkins toothbrushes toothpaste and more keep your bathroom organized with small plastic drawer organizers that are clear and easy to see what else is in them.

22. That’s right garbage bags are essential when you are tidying up your house especially heavy-duty garbage bags when you are making an effort to tidy up your place you are going to run into a lot of items that you no longer should hold on to this is why it is essential for heavy-duty garbage bags you will be more inclined to throw useless items out when you have these bags within reach.

23. Of course this list would not be complete without condos best-selling guide you will be able to see all of these tips in her best-selling guide and more make sure that you make an effort to tidy up your home as they say a clear room helps to clear your mind.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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