23 Ideas To Use Tension Rod Aside From Hanging Clothes

23 Ideas To Use Tension Rod Aside From Hanging Clothes

Tension rods are used for holding curtains however they are so versatile that they can be used for much more than just that these simple and inexpensive rods come in various lengths are easy to install and don’t damage your walls cabinets or closets welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 23 ideas to use tension rods aside from hanging clothes.

1. Cluttered workspace that gets you stressed out you can use tension rods to organize your workspace you can hang clips on a tension rod you install across the top of your study cabinet and use them for photos and other small mementos you can also use the rods as dividers if you look closely you’ll see two of them have been used to divide the files.

2. Bookshelves help a lot in organizing your home however there are a lot of times when the bookcases themselves look a little cluttered this is a nifty little way to hide the clutter of a bookcase use small tension rods to hang shades across your bookshelves to create a cleaner and more appealing look.

3. A lot of us use space under our beds to store extra stuff especially when we live in small homes however the clutter can look unsightly use a tension rod to create dust ruffles for your bed the clutter will be out of sight and your bedroom will look so much better.

4. Plants can so change the way a home looks but installing hooks and other paraphernalia to hang plants can be so daunting instead install a tension rod in your window and you can use that to hang lovely little plants and create your own indoor herb garden.

5. We usually have tons of wires jumbled up around our tables which make the area look ugly you can use tension rods to install curtain panels to hide away those messy wires.

6. Awnings can really add character to your kitchen window but they can be very expensive here is an easy and really cheap way to create that French Country look inside your kitchen using a tension rod.

7. Scarves are lovely to wear but they can really clutter up your closet instead create a separate area for you to hang your scarves attractively and free up some closet space you can do this same thing for caps.

8. If you love your arts and crafts but have trouble storing your precious rules of art paper you can simply install a tension rod under your art table you can roll out the paper when you need it and it is safely hidden away when you don’t.

9. Organizing your kitchen can be expensive if you want to go the modular way there are cheaper and more creative options you can use small tension rods to store those pesky Tupperware lids neatly and also segregate your plastic ware and bottles for a more organized kitchen.

10. You can create a staging area in your kid’s room for their performances the space between two standard IKEA bookshelves has been used to create a little stage with a small spotlight rug as well as a toy microphone your little one will be set to deliver amazing performances for family and friends.

11. You can use tension rods to organize your crafts ribbons and gift wraps to tension rods placed high and low to hold the paper rolls as well as tissues and gift bags while this doesn’t show it you can even use the tension rods to hold the ribbons.

12. If you have a cat at home you will need a litter box in your home use a tension rod to install a curtain across your Kitty’s litter box the kitten gets some privacy and you also get to hide that unsightly litter box a brilliant and pretty hack.

13. We usually store our accessories and jewelry boxes the problem with that is that necklaces get tangled and are difficult to unravel which means that sometimes we could damage them in our impatience use tension rods to organize your necklaces and bracelets.

14. If you have a home with big dogs then you might want to try this little hack use tension rods to create a pet gate for your big baby it will not work for small dogs or smart cats but for big dogs it’s perfect.

15. You can install a tension rod at the back of your kitchen cabinet to create more space elevate your cans and spices by putting them on a well placed rod your spices are more accessible and your cupboard is more organized win-win.

16. Instead of having a paper towel holder sitting on your countertop and taking a precious space install a tension rod under your kitchen sink or under a cabinet and free up that space the great thing about this hack is that you can use the rod as a kitchen towel rack too.

17. This hack is a really nifty one but may require a little drilling use two small hooks in your cabinets to hold up a tension rod you now have a perfect way to store those irritating lids for your pots and pans that you can never find when you need them.

18. You love your high heels but they take up so much floor space and it is so difficult to store them well you usually end up piling them one on top of the other on the floor of your closet well simply use tension rods to create a heel closet for yourself it’s a cheaper option to buying a shoe closet it also doesn’t damage your walls and it looks really pretty.

19. Bunk beds are fun spaces for your kids you can make it even more fun by creating a little private space for your little ones with this bunk bed fort all you need to create this fort is a few tension rods and curtain panels installed under the bunk bed lovely.

20. A great way to use a tension rod as a portable clothesline you have clothes that need special attention such as clothes that need to be hand washed and drip dried but you don’t have a clothesline on which to hang them just install a tension rod in your laundry room and now you have a portable clothesline that you can take off whenever it is not in use.

21. Creating storage solutions for small spaces can be a challenge not anymore insert some pretty decorated plates into a tension rod and use it for vertical storage or even as a display case for your home.

22. A canopy bed is so romantic and it does so much to make a bedroom look perfect however it is also very expensive to buy one there is a simpler way to create the bed of your dreams you can use tension rods to create your own DIY canopy bed without all that extra expense.

23. Decorating for the Christmas is a must however some decorations such as buntings or drapes needs to be nailed on for them to stay up but that nailing in can ruin your walls instead use tension rods to keep them up you have lovely holiday decor without damaging your walls.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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