23 Clever Small Space Storage Solutions

23 Clever Small Space Storage Solutions

There are plenty of advantages to living in a small house or apartment since you won’t have as much floor space to clean but small spaces can be a nightmare when it comes to storage it can be tricky to fit everything that you own into a small house and still make it something that looks chic and comfortable welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 23 clever small space storage solutions.

1. If you have lots of shoes yet few places to keep them purchase a storage Ottoman no one will ever know what you have stored there not only can an ottoman double as a coffee table and it gives you something to rest your feet on after a long day of work but they can also open up at the top and hold a number of different items including shoes.

2. Fold-out bar Kurt rather than purchase a rolling metal bar cart why not build one right into the wall the shelves inside of the unit house bottles of alcohol freeing up counter space this clever hat consists of a series of shelves as well as a wooden fold-out piece that works as a small table you can use it to mix drinks pulp mixers and even cut-up lemons and limes for your beverages.

3. Over the toilet shelving it can be tricky to find just the right shelving unit to put over the toilet this one is not only attractive but it also rolls quite a few different items thanks to its many shelves it folds out and looks a little like a ladder only larger you can stack a few towels on it some toiletries extra rolls of toilet paper and much more it really is very useful.

4. Corners shelf rack sometimes you just want a place to hang your keys and stash an umbrella when you come home from work that’s where this corner shelf wrap comes into play it’s custom-built for your home and designed to fit right into the space where the door and the wall meet there are multiple hooks as well as a small shelf all designed to hold the items that are in your hands.

5. Flip shells for over the door most of the door racks are made of wire that has been coated in paint this one is made of wood making it look a lot better than its counterparts on top of that the shelves are adjustable and some of them flip up making it easy to have them do double duty the space behind your doors needs to be utilized as much as possible.

6. Wire shelves under the sink how much can you fit under your sink you probably think that this space can’t hold much but that’s not true at all instead if you utilize door back storage devices on your cabinets as well as plenty of wire baskets and shelves those spaces can hold quite a bit.

7. Wall-mounted wooden jar holders creating your own storage unit out of mason jars large metal brackets and a piece of wood mounted on the wall is entirely possible this clever storage device can be used to hold everything from small bathroom items to spaces and other things in your kitchen in fact why not create one for both rooms you’d be surprised just how useful they will be check out the instruction on the DIY playbook.

8. Have you ever reached under your kitchen sink for a particular cleaning solution only to find it at the back buried behind everything else this organizer which is an ordinary mesh shoe bag that now fits over a door is just the right size to hold those cleaning bottles one per space hang it over the back of your pantry door in order to open up some cabinet space.

9. Small plastic cubbies in a cabinet cluttered cabinets are no match for these small plastic cubbies they are designed to hold things like nuts and bolts in a garage or basement although they can be stacked up and placed in any number of other spaces such as under your kitchen cabinet rather than leave that space full of random items why not triple its capacity and organize it at the same time.

10. Wire pot rack cabinet storage storing pots and pans can be a pain thankfully there’s another option these clever wire pot racks they are adjustable to fit many different sized pots and pans and keep them from getting damaged by preventing them from nesting inside of each other it also clears up your cabinet space by keeping them in a corner what will you do with the rest of the empty cabinet.

11. Rake utensil holder the bottom portion of a metal rake is just the right size to hold cooking utensils by their loops this keeps them neatly on an open wall not in the drawer or on top of a counter where they take up too much room plus you’ll be able to grab the utensil that you need when you need it instead of rifling through the drawer where they’re all tangled together.

12. How do you currently store your cookie sheets and flat baking pants you probably have them stashed in a cabinet laid flat where they take up too much room this metal rack is a better solution it holds them vertically inside of a cabinet making it easy to choose the one that you want to use on top of that you can store far more of them this way giving you some extra storage space.

13. A small kitchen probably has two little cabinet space for all of your coffee mugs that’s where this hanging cup rack comes into play each cup is connected to an s hook and then to a metal rod that’s mounted to the wall this storage device is sturdy and it can handle over a dozen coffee mugs.

14. Counter top storage if you truly lack room in your home then you’ll have to use your kitchen counters to store various items wire racks and shelving units can be hooked together in order to provide you with a place to keep often used plates and cups and even bowls and other accessories everything that you need will be right at your fingertips and you’ll be using space that would otherwise sit empty.

15. Plastic bin ceiling racks small homes usually have one advantage of over small apartments they have garages that can be used to store various items this wooden rack fits into the ceiling of your garage and is used to hold plastic bins that slide into place each of them can house any number of things that aren’t used very often including seasonal decorations large items of clothing and more.

16. Have you seen those wired devices that are designed to hold cans of soda in a refrigerator they hold them horizontally so that one is ruled out or dispensed when you pull it out these rolling can holders can be placed in a pantry and used to keep your canned goods under control when you use them you’ll be able to store a lot more items in there.

17. On their own laundry baskets can take up quite a bit of space thankfully you can arrange for them to fit into a closet on sliders so that you can move them around and pull out the one that you need since they are arranged vertically the closet will hold more of them than usual doubling or even tripling your storage space check out the instruction guide at make it love it.

18. A built-in storage unit even if your home didn’t come with built-ins you can still add them it’s just a matter of placing all the shelves against the walls mounting some of them above the window and then building a bench at the bottom then paneling it all into place this adds plenty of storage to your home while making it look more attractive at the same time.

19. Beside the door shoe rack shoes take up quite a bit of space and conventional shoe racks aren’t any better thankfully you can have one of these shoe racks custom-made for your home it has space at the top which holds any number of small things the shelves underneath are spaced perfectly for a single pair of shoes each keeping everything separated even better it fills in an unused spot in your home.

20. Pullout bathroom mere storage this clever cabinet looks like a standard bathroom mirror when it’s closed the second that you open it and pull out the sides it has plenty of storage space for small items like toothbrushes toothpaste sponges and soap.

21. There’s no need to keep your cookbooks in a different room of your home after all you’ll be using them in the kitchen since you’ll want to keep them out of the main cooking splash zone attach a few shallow shelves to the side of each of your cabinets each can hold three or four cookbooks of various sizes ensuring that they’ll be nearby when you need them most.

22. Don’t forget about your basement you can create a sturdy wooden rack of plastic storage bins of various sizes and stash it in an open space in the basement of your home this rack can hold around a dozen bins of seasonal items including clothing boots and decorations if you don’t use it often or need the space in your closet then you can put it in a bin.

23. Your kid’s room isn’t immune to clutter thankfully you can get it under control with some clever storage devices including a magazine rack that’s just the right size to hold picture books underneath it is a trio of hanging baskets mounted to a small curtain rod your child can place their toys and other lightweight items in them in order to get them off the floor.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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