22 Things That Will Make You Not Want To Leave Your Bedroom

22 Things That Will Make You Not Want To Leave Your Bedroom

Leaving the comfort and coziness of your bedroom can be difficult at the best of times. The items on this list are so convenient and relaxing that owning them will make getting yourself out the door almost impossible! Welcome to Hello Cleaners’s DIY. Here are things that’ll make you never want to leave your bedroom again! 

1. A soft sleep mask. Eye masks have been around for ages, and some people swear by them. However, the idea of strapping something around your head while you sleep isn’t necessarily appealing. If this is true for you, try giving a soft sleep mask a go. Nowadays there are ones that are as soft as marshmallows and actually feel quite nice to wear. Plus, they block out all light, letting you focus on nothing but your journey into dreamland!

2. A hybrid mattress – A great mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep and feeling well-rested. Having the wrong one can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling tired and grumpy while the right one will support your body in all the right areas and allow you to recharge your batteries and feel amazing every day! A hybrid mattress that combines supportive coils with pressure-relieving foam provides both comfort and support, making nighttime a dream and lazy days in bed absolute heaven!

3. A weighted blanket – Sleeping under a perfectly-weighted blanket feels like you’re getting a gentle hug at night, and it can be especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety. They come in varying weights and sizes, so you can get one that’s heavy enough to comfort you yet light enough to keep you snug without pinning you to the mattress or making you feel claustrophobic. With one of these, you might not ever want to leave your bed again, let alone your room!

4. Breathable sheets – If you live in a particularly warm climate or your bedroom tends to get quite stuffy at night, it’s well worth getting some soft, airy, breathable sheets. There’s nothing worse than losing hours of sleep tossing and turning at night while sweating and trying to get comfortable. Breathable sheets help to eliminate this problem. If the weather changes and you start getting too cold at night, you can double up on sheets or add a separate, thicker blanket on top.

5. A lumbar pillow – When it comes to comfort, posture is important. Investing in a lumbar pillow, which you can place under your legs or lower back while you sleep or rest, can work wonders in correcting bad posture and preventing long-term aches and pains. The pillow will make sitting or lying down for extended periods of time more inviting and relaxing, especially knowing that you’re less likely to injure yourself when it’s finally time to get up again!

6. Fiber gel pillows – You’ve probably heard of memory foam mattresses and down-filled pillows, but did you know that fiber gel pillows combine the support and softness of both? Seriously, give fiber gel pillows a try; you’ll never want to settle for anything else again!

7. Satin pillowcases – Satin is smooth in texture, making it a wonderful choice for pillow cases that feel amazing to sleep on. The material also has a visually pleasing, glossy finish, which will boost the aesthetics of your room.

8. Scented pillow spray – A heavenly-scented pillow spray will help you to drift off into a peaceful and satisfying sleep. Calming essences such as lavender and chamomile, which are said to have calming effects, are often used in these sprays. Apply them to your pillow before sleeping when you’re stressed or just want to have a fulfilling nap.

9. Scented candles – For times when you need to chill and feel refreshed, make sure you have some scented candles at the ready. There are so many different scents to choose from these days, so you can experiment and find ones that you really love. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool when it comes to our mood and how we feel. Influence it in a positive way by lighting some fragrant candles!

10. An oil diffuser – Essential oils can also create a pleasant and welcoming aroma, plus some even claim to have health-boosting properties. A decent diffuser will ensure that these delightful scents are distributed evenly around your room, creating your very own aromatherapy retreat. Just like candles, there are many different oils to choose from, so you can really personalize your room’s scent to suit your preferences exactly.

11. A humidifier – Dry, stale air can be bad for your health, causing irritation and skin problems. A quick fix is to place a humidifier in your room. You can get really fancy ones that light up in different colours to add both humidity and ambience to your space.

12. Light-blocking curtains – Completely blocking out daylight from your bedroom and indulging in some sensory deprivation by installing light-blocking curtains can create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. They’re fantastic for days when you need some ‘alone time’ to hibernate and get away from the world. They also allow for a better night’s sleep because they keep you in complete darkness and help your room to retain heat when it’s cold outside.

13. String light curtains – If you prefer bright lights and sparkle, you can put up some string light curtains on the walls or ceiling of your room. When it gets dark, the lights look like stars shining in the night sky. They’ll also make your room feel kind of festive, like it’s Christmas all year round!

14. Velvet pillow covers – Pillows and cushions should always be encased in a material that is soft and smooth to the touch – otherwise what’s the point?! With velvet you can’t go wrong! Just looking at a velvet pillow is enough to make you want to hold it or lay your head down on it and feel as though you’re resting on a cloud.

15. A faux-sheepskin rug – Speaking of clouds, a faux-sheepskin rug provides an inviting look and feel to any room. Walking on one while barefoot is a divine feeling that provides plenty of stress relief, putting you at ease and making you feel at home. It doesn’t have to go on the floor, either. Throw one over a chair and it immediately transforms dull, hard seating into a soft and cozy area where you’ll want to spend many hours.

16. A faux-fur blanket – Similarly, a faux-fur blanket adds style and comfort to any bedspread and will make you feel like the king or queen of your domain. There’s something very regal about fur upholstery, even if it’s just faux fur (which is better for animal lovers anyway). It’ll make your other blankets seem boring in comparison. Once you get accustomed to having a faux-fur blanket, you’ll find it very difficult to go back to having a normal one ever again!

17. A (waterproof) Kindle – If you’re an avid reader with a small room, it can be a bit cumbersome and space-consuming to fill your room with books. The smart choice is to buy a Kindle or another type of e-reader – preferably a waterproof one, just in case you happen to spill your drink on it.

18. A tablet holder/stand – One of the more frustrating things about using a tablet in bed is having to hold or position it in a way so that you can still use it but don’t have to keep moving around all the time to prevent your arm from getting tired. There are a number of stands and holders on the market that will keep your tablet firmly in place, without the risk of it falling on your face when you get tired, leaving your hands free to break open the chips and dip or do anything else you want.

19. A lap desk – In modern bedrooms, space is becoming increasingly limited, and many people no longer have a desk and chair in their room. Besides, using one would mean getting out of bed anyway, and sometimes that’s just too much effort! Why not stay in your PJ’s and still be productive by using a wooden lap desk?! It’s also great for having breakfast in bed or binge-watching your favorite shows on a laptop – after you’ve finished your work, of course!

20. A mug warmer – If you do plan on having breakfast in bed, make sure your morning cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate stays warm by placing a mug warmer on your bedside table. There’s no need to rush and gulp down your beverage before it gets cold when you can slowly sip your drink and savour every last drop.

21. A bedside carafe set – Another item that will save you multiple trips to the kitchen when you’re thirsty is a bedside carafe set. Often seen in fancy bars or hotels, it can add a touch of class to your room or a guest room while also being very practical. They’re available in many different designs. You can even customize your set to suit your room’s décor. Add convenience, stay hydrated and save yourself hassle by investing in one or more sets.

22. A storage caddy – And finally, if you’re always losing things or having to get up to look for the TV remote or the book you’re reading when all you want to do is relax, get a storage caddy. It simply hooks onto the frame of your bed or chair and keeps everything you need within arm’s reach while also being tucked neatly out of the way. They’re cheap to buy, depending on the material you opt for – or, if you’re good at crafts you can probably make one yourself!

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