22 Super Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

22 Super Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Small apartment life requires some creativity not only are you limited in what you can do because you’re a renter who wants their deposit back when they move out but you also have very little space to utilize welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss 22 super storage ideas for small apartments.

1. Toilet side shelving unit the space between your toilet and the side of your sink often goes unused however if you place a small and thin shelving unit between them you’ll have a good place to store important things like a plunger some extra rolls of toilet paper and even personal hygiene items that won’t fit on your sink.

2. Apartment kitchens don’t often come with plenty of counter space you can make your own with a small utility cart the kind that sits directly between an appliance and the wall this cart can hold any number of things from your coffeemaker to your microwave and it even doubles as an additional counter space for a cutting board and other cooking essentials.

3. There are numerous metal racks out there that fit over different doors including the one in your bathroom in fact if you live in a small apartment you almost need to have one of them on every door just to make good use of your space in the bathroom yours can hold toiletries cotton balls small towels a shaving mirror and any number of first-aid kit items.

4. Your pots and pans should neatly nest together this makes them easy to store inside of a cupboard or even on a pot rack if your apartment came with one installed however the main problem that you have is with the lids they don’t nest together and often take up too much space a pot lid holder attached to the inside of a cabinet door is the best solution.

5. You should have no issues finding wire holders for the inside of various cabinets including the one under your kitchen sink mounting a wire holder here and putting cutting boards in it is always a good idea cutting boards can be tricky to store and since they don’t weigh much placing them on this removable storage unit is the way to go your landlord may even have you leave it behind when you move.

6. The headboard of your bed can double as a bookcase as long as you choose a model that comes with built-in shelves on top of that the very top shelf can hold a small lamp and an alarm clock eliminating the need for a nightstand your apartment well thank you.

7. You don’t have to use towel bars to actually hold towels instead you can mount several of them horizontally on the wall and hang baskets on them with hooks each basket can hold numerous toiletries and other essential bathroom items included folded towels there is no shortage of space when you have this kind of creativity on hand.

8. There are some storage units out there that expand to hold a lot more than it seems one such item is designed to fit into the small corner of your bathroom the bottom cabinet slides open allowing you to keep extra toilet paper and even a plunger out of sight on top of this there are built-in drawers and cubby holes that can hold toiletries medications and more.

9. A desk that folds down if you want to have a desk in your living room but lack the space then consider using one of these fold down models the desk top is mounted to the wall and when it’s not in use it folds flat against it when you need to type something or want to pull out some paper and write just fold the desk top down and put a chair in front of it.

10. Are you one of those people lucky enough to live in an apartment with a high ceiling if so then you can take advantage of these above the door shelves just mount the shelf with brackets above the door to the bathroom and you’ll have some additional storage space for just about everything in fact you can place one of these short shelves in every room in order to maximize what you have.

11. While you might want to place a large desk in your apartments living room you probably don’t have space this small desk which has plenty of for various types of storage is the best solution to this problem the desk is made of lightweight wood yet is sturdy enough to support a computer and a number of other accessories including pens books notebooks and more.

12. Sometimes you just don’t have the space for a laundry basket or a full hamper that’s where this one comes into play this small wooden unit contains a laundry hamper that is easily pulled out so that you can place clothing in it, it also has a solid top that doubles as a shelf as well as an additional shelf in between for towels and other things.

13. If you have control over the main design and appliances in your apartment then consider installing this combined toilet and sink both are one unit so they take up very little space plus with the room that you’re saving you can fill the bathroom with cabinets and storage units to hold any number of items don’t worry the toilet and sink run on separate water lines.

14. Put a lazy susan in your cupboard a lazy susan is a spinning storage device that is often built right into a corner cupboard instead of allowing things to get lost in the corners of the cupboard the device spins allowing you to easily reach everything in it even if you don’t have those types of corner cupboards you can still use a lazy susan in your apartment one can easily double the capacity of your pantry.

15. The closet hanger rod is often underutilized people hang clothing on it with standard hangers and then complain when they run out of space this method which involves separate hanging storage units that go over the rod can quickly double your closets capacity and give you places to store things like shoes and purses plus they aren’t permanent and can be removed and taken with you.

16. Did you know that you aren’t limited to the shelves that come built into every one of your kitchen cabinets if you have deep and tall shelves yet lack space consider one of these useful stackable racks they are strong enough to hold multiple plates and cups and since you can place things under them as well add quite a bit of storage space to each of those cabinets.

17. Well apartments especially small ones don’t come with mud rooms this doesn’t mean that you can’t create one place a storage bench the kind with shelves underneath inside of your door and install some shelving about it a few hooks and metal storage basket units later you have a place to store all of your things that you grab on your way out the door.

18. If a pegboard is sturdy enough to support everything in a garage including power tools and other items why not place one in your kitchen hang pots and pans a rolling pin and plenty of additional utensils on them as long as it’s behind your door it will be out of the way and make good use of wall space.

19. Entertaining in an apartment can be a simple endeavor thanks to a metal bar cart it can be rolled from one place in the room to another as space allows plus it opens up some room in your kitchen cabinets as it can hold glasses bottles of alcohol mixers and more you’ll be prepared for every occasion once your bar card is fully stocked.

20. Storage baskets storage baskets seems so simple yet they have so many different uses not only can you stack them in your closet in order to keep things organized and neat but you can also put them on the floor in various rooms to stash items that would otherwise end up on the floor there really is no shortage of things that you can do with them.

21. Not only does food get stored in your refrigerator but you can also stash things on it thanks to a metal magnetic storage rack while you won’t be able to keep a whole lot of heavy things on the rack it can hold items like boxes of plastic bags aluminum foil and kitchen shears whatever you find yourself reaching to in a pinch.

22. Wire baskets that have been coated in a type of plastic are a great way to store many different things in a small space they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes making them fit in cabinets of all kinds they can also store any number of things from toilet paper in a bathroom to wash cloths in a closet at even cleaning tools in solution.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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