22 Super Smart Apartment Storage Ideas

22 Super Smart Apartment Storage Ideas

Whether you are living in a studio or a two-bedroom apartment you will want to make the most out of your living situation even if you have always lived in apartments you have tamed more possessions throughout the years and you are going to need places to store your items welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 23 super smart apartment storage ideas to help you out.

1. When it comes to an easy way to store items that free up your floor space go with floating shelves floating shelves come in all sizes shapes and colors meaning you can get a floating shelf to match the decor of the room and to support anything you virtually wanted to buy these online or any furniture store for your apartment.

2. Following the same idea of a floating shelf surround the perimeter of your room with one longer shelving unit will help you free up space you can include boxes of shoes hats or art supplies up there this will ensure that what you need to store isn’t thrown around your house sloppily but still within reach for you when you need these items.

3. If you have a bed that has space underneath it then you have space for storage either in clear bins or a roll out drawer you can place more items such as clothes and shoes under the bed do you have children store their toys when they are not using them underneath the bed for a neater layout of your room.

4. This is an idea for your kitchen when you are looking at the space in your kitchen you may not have the room for everything that you own one way to make room in your cabinets is by hanging up your mugs with hooks on a board dangle your mugs to not only make room but nicely display your cup collection.

5. This is a simple storage solution we can’t all have a walk-in closet that could double as a bedroom if we wanted to what do you do with all your shoes you don’t want to get rid of them but you also don’t want them to pile up install some rods in your closet to hang your shoes from and get them off the floor.

6. Another solution for storage in your bedroom instead of a bed that have space underneath it why not a bed that has drawers already in it this way you have more room for clothes and you don’t have to stuff everything in one dresser these kinds of beds are sturdy and stylish while also being effective.

7. Your apartment will come with a closet but it will not be enough for the clothes that you own instead of squeezing everything into your closets or throwing items away by a standing dresser you can buy one that looks elegant and it serves the purpose of storing your clothes that you wear the most.

8. When you are a chef you want tools to be within reach this is why a pegboard for the kitchen isn’t just a neat way to display your tools but it serves a function you can make more room in your cabinets by having your tools displayed you will be able to take them out with ease with this idea.

9. Spice racks are great for storing your spices you not only make room in your cabinet but you have your spices hanging so they are within reach you want to make sure you think of all the ways you can utilize every inch of your apartment and installing a spice rack is exactly what you need.

10. Want a shelf that doubles as a coat hanger it’s simple if you already have a sturdy shelf installed on the wall simply attach some hooks underneath and you have another place to store your coats this can be useful for jackets that you use frequently during certain seasons that way the coats you don’t wear often can be stuffed into the closet.

11. Make the most out of an area you want to have room to walk around but often times a table gets in the way of having free space this is why a full down table is great you can have the luxury of a table to eat and work off of when you need it and the ability to store it away when you don’t a fold down table is good for your bedroom living and kitchen.

12. If you need more space buying a floor storage cabinet can give you extra room for those items that you can’t seem to put anywhere else for your Sox baseball caps and more a standing storage cabinet is perfect this goes anywhere your bedroom bathroom and living room.

13. We love our pets but just like with children they often require a lot of room not just them but their stuff instead of having their bowls sitting out where they’re not using them have one in a hidden drawer so that when your dog is not eating you can tuck it away it’s as easy as pulling out a drawer.

14. Let’s see you live in a studio apartment where your bedroom kitchen and living are one open space instead of trying to fit a couch and a bed into your studio buy a couch that pulls out into a bed at night while you may think that something like this is a lot of work it will be worth it in the end when you aren’t overcrowding your studio apartment.

15. When it comes to having guests over you want them to feel comfortable you want room for them but what about when everyone is standing around and not sitting you don’t want table and chairs to get in the way buy a set of table and chairs that fit into each other to minimize the space they take up when no one is sitting down not only is it practical but it is a statement piece that will have guests complimenting your style.

16. When you have a baby you’re going to need a changing table then you are going to have to store all of the items necessary for caring for a baby a unit that floats on the way that opens down with the surface to change a baby can also have shelves to store their products in it change your baby’s diaper comfortable while having their products Within Reach.

17. Mason jars have a lot of different uses one if you didn’t know is to act as a storage unit for your bathroom products by installing a few mason jars to the wall you can store items such as q-tips makeup sponges and more this way you make room for your cabinets or sink area for other items while having everything displayed nicely.

18. A really nifty idea for storage that also looks rustic is wooden crates you can stack wooden crates up on top of each other and place them against a wall anywhere in the apartment especially in your bathroom where you will give your bathroom personality for both you and your guests to enjoy paint the wooden crates different colors for a fun DIY project.

19. Whether it is for your kitchen or your bathroom roll out cabinets are a great idea for storage with the ease of being able to roll a drawer out you can be able to store extra items to best utilize your space when you are not using certain items simply roll the cabinet back so you have it out of the way.

20. Another idea for your shoes because let’s admit it you never have just one pair if you don’t have anywhere to store your shoes they can end up on the floor of your closet looking messy and causing you frustration when you try to find a match with this shoe subby you are neatly able to store your shoes and have them conveniently where you need them when you’re heading out.

21. Maybe you are the kind of person who enjoys having a lot of pillows on your bed when you are not sleeping on it for display purposes where do you put all those pillows when it is time for bed if you should just toss them all on the floor this makes everything look messy and unsanitary this is why it is a good idea to get a trunk for the end of your bed to store your pillows in you can also store extra sheets and a thicker comforter when it is not the colder months.

22. A neat way to store food items in your pantry is by getting rid of boxes boxes are often be bulky and can cause food items like cereal to become stale quicker by placing your cereal and pasta in plastic containers you are ensuring that everything last longer while also being able to add more space in your pantry you can even color coordinate certain ideas so you know what is fresher than others.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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