22 Super Creative Yet Functional Office Storage Ideas

22 Super Creative Yet Functional Office Storage Ideas

Be honest what does your office currently look like do you have walls covered in sticky notes and files all over your desk whether you work in a cubicle have your own office or simply have a small space in your home that functions as an office you’ll be able to make use of these creative storage suggestions welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 22 creative yet functional office storage ideas.

1. A wall grid like the one seen in kitchens and basement storage areas works well in an office as long as the grid is sturdy enough you can attach pen and pencil holders file holders and more to it freeing up space on your desktop on top of that it makes a great place to hang reminders and other notes keeping them right in front of your nose

2. There is no need to purchase a special printer holder when you can create one out of a small cart carts like these are easy to repurpose particularly since they started their lives as microwave oven carts since it’s on wheels you can move it around the room plus its shelves provide plenty of additional storage you’ll have plenty of room for all your supplies.

3. If you don’t have a lot of room in your office especially on your desk then this is a hack that you can definitely use all that you need is a thin towel bar some wall anchors and a number of metal clips use the clips to hold your pen cups and everything that you need will be at your fingertips.

4. Some offices have plenty of space that just isn’t used properly a wall full of shelves sounds intimidating but it’s actually quite useful just think of how many items you’ll be able to properly store it works even better when you put baskets on some of them as this enables to keep small items together without creating a lot of clutter.

5. Extra seating can be very useful in an office particularly if you plan on holding meetings there this organizer bench helps with that and it does double duty thanks to the storage devices on the inside the top flips open providing you with places to stash file folders boxes of supplies and everything else that you need no one will know what you have in there when the top is down.

6. Some people have jobs that require them to use some creative supplies now and then if your job centers on things like stickers scrapbook paper and then some this wall of storage solutions might just be what you need it consists of specialty organizing racks to hold all of your craft items in a manner that makes them easy to access.

7. Shoe storage bags are designed to fit over a closet hanger rod but there’s no rule against placing on the side of a cabinet in your office they’re just the right size and shape thanks to those pockets in order to hold things like scissors paper clips pens markers extra rolls of tape and more plus since you’ll have one per item everything will be organized.

8. If you have a ton of filed paperwork that you need to access all of the time there’s no need to place it in a drawer instead keep it within arm’s reach out of those cabinets by hanging plastic file folders on the wall above your desk on top of that this is a great idea for small offices that don’t have the room for a traditional file cabinet.

9. People tend to struggle with offices that truly lack space if you don’t have the floor space for a printer cart but have a series of built-in wall cabinets then place the printer on one you may have to drill a few holes for the cables and cords but everything will be hidden plus you can keep your printer supplies right there as well.

10. Plastic bins those that come with attached lids are fairly inexpensive you’ll be able to find them in many different shapes and sizes in during that there’s one for just about every type of supply in your office on top of this they stack making it easy to place many of them in one small space you can use some dedicated shelves for them if you truly want to be organized.

11. Desk top organizers tend to be made out of plastic plus those pre-built ones only come in certain sizes so they may not meet your needs this is where a custom organizer comes into play you can build one or have it built to your exact specifications meaning that it will hold everything that you want it to and only take up so much room on your desk.

12. Peg boards are incredibly versatile since you can move the pegs and whatever they’re holding around in many different ways in your office you can hang lightweight cups on a few pegs giving you a good space for your paper clips scissors letter opener and pens rather than having these things take up room on your desk top there’ll be an unused wall.

13. Sometimes mail gets lost particularly if you have a habit of sending it down and then moving on to other things these wires sorting racks help with that they are small enough to be fairly inconspicuous especially if you place them near the entrance to your office you can have one for outgoing mail and another for incoming mail or set them up however you wish.

14. How many offices lack books the answer to that is not many books and offices tend to go together which is why you’ll need a special place for your reference manuals and other things hanging a few thick wooden floating shelves above your desk will do the trick keeping all of your books within reach and neatly organized Plus since you’re building them yourself you can make them any shape and size.

15. Offices with textile samples and other lightweight yet somewhat large items will benefit from these pull-out racks the rack itself is small and thin but it can stash these items out of the way each small drawer pulls out at an angle giving you plenty of space to access what you have stored within they work like a charm for items that you don’t need to use as often.

16. Large spaces call for custom desks thankfully this is less expensive than it sounds all that you need are a few file cabinets and a thick piece of finished wood place the wood plank over the cabinets and pull the chair underneath now your office is both organized and functional check out the complete instruction on over the big moon.

17. File cabinets don’t need to be ugly since they are very useful both for holding files and other items it makes sense to fill a wall with them just make sure to choose a number of them that are the same size in color they’ll make your office look nice and organized and those cabinets will be functional at the same time.

18. If you share your home office with another person why not save space with a two-person desk these models are open on both sides yet only take up the same amount of room as a standard desk plus you’ll have double the storage space as well as plenty of additional places to put things when you combine them with a wall full of cabinets.

19. Although a chalkboard with hooks at the bottom is usually seen in a mudroom or entryway they work well in offices as well you can use the chalkboard for reminders a calendar of events or any other number of things the hooks can hold cups for pens and pencils paper clips and other office supplies this makes great use of an empty wall.

20. Carts with wheels can be easily moved from one place to another in your office making them very useful you can purchase a cart that has drawers on the bottom shelves and other storage means and then place it in an unused section of your office when you need something on just roll it onto a patch of floor that’s closer to your desk.

21. Often the corners of your office are neglected everything is placed flat against the walls leaving the corners holding trash cans and other things however you can use a special corner desk in these spots complete with a custom shelving unit designed to be placed above them this allows you to efficiently use literally every corner of the room no pun intended check out the DIY instruction guide on shanty two chic.

22. Magazines can hold endless sources of inspiration the downside is that they take up plenty of space these special magazine holding binders will help you compact your magazines while at the same time making them easy to get to the next time that you need a certain issue it will be right at your fingertips.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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