22 Super Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks

22 Super Clever Bathroom Storage Hacks

Storage ideas can get tricky especially when you’re working in a space such as a bathroom most bathrooms are not all that big so you have to get creative when it comes to figuring out how to make the most out of what you have welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY 22 super brilliant bathroom storage hacks.

1. In a bathroom you’re going to need all of the storage you can get it might be difficult to find ways to store your toiletries but that’s where baskets come in installing baskets on the wall of your bathrooms is a great way to add extra storage to your small space while adding some clever personality along the way.

2. To this is a creative means of storing items such as flat irons and even lotions tie together some buckets and hang them from either the ceiling or a wall with the help of hooks give your bathroom a fun eclectic feel with this DIY project that makes storing convenient and nice to look at.

3. If you have a pedestal sink there’s no reason not to utilize that space around it by consulting with a contractor or even a home appliance store find out how you can faucet a sink around the bottom of the pedestal sink you now have an actual under sink cabinet space where you have more room now for storage.

4. Anywhere you look can be another space for extra storage you probably never thought twice about the cabinet doors underneath your sink put them to good use by applying appliance hooks to the inside of the doors where you can hang your hairdryer and other appliances leaving room in the cabinet for other items.

5. Shelving can be installed anywhere for added space the area above your sink and below your mirror cabinet is a great little area to put a floating shelf in instead of placing your toothpaste or toothbrush on the sink you can place them in a cup on this shelf it will get your sanitary items out of the way of backsplash from the sink as well as freeing up room on the sinks counter.

6. You may think having a second shower rod in your shower is a little ridiculous and may not look right but it is also a great hack when you’re trying to get creative with your storage use this second rod to hang hand towels from shampoo and even loofahs everything that you need is within arm’s reach while you’re showering and you don’t need to have anything fall into your bathtub because it slid off the side of the bathtub.

7. Why just have one towel rack when you have multiple instead of trying to figure out how you’re going to fit everything on one rack install a few racks on the back of your bathroom door you can hang more towels up and not have anything thrown around because you don’t have anywhere to put them plus if you have decorative towels you can display them nicely with this hack.

8. You’ve probably seen this on multiple sites that have these kinds of lists but floating shelves really are a life saver when you’re trying to think up of ways to create more storage space your bathroom is where you get ready in the morning and at night as well as frequent visits in between this means you probably have a lot of stuff just scattered around keep everything organized and out of the way by installing floating shelves throughout the room.

9. Shampoos and face washes are great for your personal hygiene but sometimes they can get in the way wherever you place them it always feels like they topple over and create a mess with a shoe organizer you can neatly place everything you need in the provided pockets and you can hang the organizer up so it’s out of the way of everything else.

10. Let’s think a little out of the box for a great bathroom storage hat use a wine rack that you don’t have a need for and rework it for a new function storing towels yep this clever way to store towels in your bathroom can be done with a wine rack and if you have one lying around that you aren’t using anymore you don’t need to throw it out.

11. If you look at the cabinet space underneath your sink it’s often just a big space with no levels of shelving install shelves in the corridor so that you are making the most out of that piece of furniture there is no point in just putting one row of items on the bottom when you can store much more than you thought was possible with these shelves.

12. Ask yourself why not you can fit everything that you need you have to get a little creative a small table that rests against the wall and reaches over your toilet paper dispenser can be a good idea for bathroom sprays lotions and even candles.

13. It is really easy to find a solution to the lack of cabinets in a bathroom simply by more worried about where to put one that won’t block space in your bathroom you can buy one online or any home furniture store that goes over the toilet this way it rests against the wall and has drawers shelves and cabinets to place extra toilet paper in among other things.

14. A square floating shelf isn’t just something to put on your walls for decoration you can use it for so much more by installing one around your toilet paper holder you are providing a shelf for little knickknacks as well as a place to rest your phone when you’re doing your business and privacy.

15. If you have a pullout drawer in your bathrooms cabinet sink you probably just tossed everything and close the door rather than having to dig through a mess every time you need something get a kitchen drawer organizer instead by simply placing one in the sink drawer you can place your toothbrushes toothpaste and other bathroom tools in this convenient divider.

16. Kids love bath time it’s a time of day where not only do they get clean but they get to splash their favorite toys in the water as opposed to not knowing where to store them run a string or a shower rod along the bottom of the shower wall to hang little plastic baskets from you will keep the toys neat but also within reach for your child to have fun with.

17. We’ve all done it read magazines in the bathroom where to put them though instead of wasting a whole basket in magazines free up space on your floor and hang them that’s right use a hanger that you’d normally use for clothes and hang your magazines from them they will be within reach the next time you want to read the latest celebrity gossip while in the bathroom.

18. Possibly the easiest hack on this list but sides the hangar is a skirted sink if you have a pedestal sink you can simply put a skirt around it and store boxes and such underneath you can buy a pretty skirt to reach match the bathroom while also having a convenient hiding spot for any big items that won’t fit anywhere else.

19. Binder clips come in handy and not just around the office you can use binder clips to hand certain items that take up counter space if you have shelves in your shower instead of putting your shampoo tubes on corner shelves or even in a hanging shelf around the shower head hang them instead get them out of the way but also easy to reach with this simple hack.

20. Finding places to hang your towels in your bathroom can seem unnecessarily complicated oftentimes we throw towels on the floor or pile them on a bench by placing a simple ladder shelf in your bathroom you can create a chic way to hang and even display your towels this will add a nice little touch to your bathroom while also remaining functional.

21. Any surface area can be utilized in your bathroom for more storage you just have to look for instance the side of your sink in your bathroom is just blank space waiting to be used by attaching the bin to the sin you have a means of holding more toiletries whether you attach one or more than one this is a great hack to add more ways to keep organized.

22. Rolling shelves are a great idea for the areas between your sink and your toilet or even your bathroom and your sink you can bring in a rolling shelf unit for storage purposes it’s wheels make it easy to move around and you have a means of adding more space for your possessions this is particularly good for those who have multiple people living in the house needless to say the more people the more you’re going to have.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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