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22 Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

We all hate cleaning so in this article I want to talk about the famous or infamous cleaning hack because some of them suck and they actually waste your time and your money they don’t work but some of them are amazing so in this article i’m going to share with you 22 cleaning hacks that actually work.

1. Baking soda plus a sponge equals to a DIY magic eraser: Now when I started my cleaning I figured this out pretty quickly it saved me a lot of money I just took a sprinkle of baking soda and put it in my left palm had a damp sponge in my right palm and I just dipped the corner into the baking soda tapped it off and then I would go to a wall or a baseboard where there was a scuff a fingerprint a mark or even a little grease spot and I always checked in an inconspicuous area first just to make sure that I wasn’t ruining anyone’s paint didn’t need to deal with that but once I knew that it was fine I would give a gentle scrub and a circular motion to the stained area and then I would take a clean damp cloth and wipe the baking soda off to get rid of any of that residue voila done and very inexpensive. 

2. Many years ago you might have seen a popular recipe going around pinterest called the dawn miracle cleaner it was essentially two parts hydrogen peroxide one part dawn dish soap now it can be any dish soap quite frankly although dawn does work really well so do other dish soaps the most important thing here is that you treat the stain the way you would treat any stain so first you remove all the sting material first by scraping and blotting you always want to treat a dry stain then you can apply this stain remover product using a cleaning toothbrush gently brush it in you don’t want to overuse product because you’re going to have to do more cleaning up afterward anyway and then just have a clean cloth with water so that you can quickly blot and rinse that stain area this is one of those areas that you would want to test in an inconspicuous area first before you take it and remove a stain say on a piece of clothing on a sofa or on a carpet.

3. If you have stinky shoes don’t be embarrassed it’s part of the human condition there’s a great way to get rid of that shoe stank take a couple of cotton balls and your favorite essential oil or if you want to get real fancy you can mix a couple of your favorites together and just dash about to drops of your essential oils or a combo on each cotton ball then place them in the shoes leave them overnight and when you take the cotton balls out in the morning your shoes will smell like essential oils and not like cheese.

4. If you’re looking for a pliable ice pack those blue bricks just aren’t gonna cut it for you instead you can make your own by getting yourself a zipper lock freezer bag and using a two to one ratio of water to rubbing alcohol so for example if you have a one gallon zipper lock bag you can add two cups of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol when you seal the bag you want to make sure you get as much air out of it as possible you’re gonna stick that in the freezer and because rubbing alcohol won’t fully freeze meaning that the water will be frozen the rubbing alcohol will help keep everything bendable and moldable so that way if you have jaw surgery or a bruise you can easily wrap that bag around wherever the ice is needed.

5. If you have horizontal or vertical blinds rubbing alcohol can help you clean them very quickly now over time they get dusty and a little bit dirty so here’s the quick fix just put plain rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle or a little spritzer and get yourself an old sports sock flip it inside out stick your hand in so you make a little sock puppet then you’re going to flip your blinds over to one side so they lay flat and give them a good spray with rubbing alcohol now I like to work section by section when I do this so I might spray the first three and then continue to move my way down i’m talking about horizontal blinds here then take that sock wrap it around the slat and gently pull it to the side the rubbing alcohol helps loosen up dirt and dust and it makes light work of cleaning.

6. If you’ve ever been in the shower looked up and noticed that the water is not coming out straight down or straight out but it’s kind of shooting in different directions that’s a really good indication that your shower head has hard water buildup this is nothing to feel bad about it’s perfectly normal and natural but it is annoying and it means that your shower head is not going to work as efficiently as you would like it to very easy fix for this is to fill a plastic bag with plain white vinegar make sure there are no holes in it that would be a real bummer and then affix it to the shower head with an elastic band leave it overnight the vinegar will help to break down all of those little pieces of hard water build up that have been stuck in the shower head over time then the next morning just remove the vinegar dump it down the drain run the shower head and you’ll see immediately you’ll notice a difference now if you’re still having some issues you can take either a little cleaning toothbrush or a cloth and just gently give a scrub and that will help to lift off any of the residual hard water buildup this also will work really well on a faucet head if needed.

7. If you notice your towels are getting crunchy smelly or just nasty overall there’s an easy way to refresh them we’ll be running two cycles the first cycle will be hot water with one cup of white vinegar when that’s done you’ll do a second load which will be hot water with one cup of baking soda this will knock out any buildup in the towels and bring them back to life.

8. Pool noodles now have uses all year round not just for swimming in the pool, but the reason pool noodles can be used all year round is because they are absolutely great for keeping your boots in shape and while you might not think this is important consider this if you’ve ever put on a pair of boots and they’ve started to bunch and wrinkle at the ankles well that’s because they’re not being kept in shape when you’re not wearing them and if you’re investing good money in a pair of boots I like to do that because i’d rather buy really good boots have them last me for many years instead of a cheaper pair of boots and have them not last me you want to keep the actual leg part of the boot standing up for as long as possible because that will mean the leather is in better shape and it won’t get bunchy and wrinkly so take your pool noodle cut it to size make a pair and then when you’re not wearing your boots stuff the pool noodle inside and it will keep your boots upright and long-lasting.

9. To clean your greasy overhead exhaust filter just boil up a kettle full of water and add your scoop of oxiclean to a bucket you’re going to put a gallon of hot water in here and this this should be a party trick honestly take out your filter from the overhead exhaust compartment and just dunk it into the bucket filled with the solution I left this for just about a minute before I flipped it over and look at this it just came out so clean it was amazing it only takes a minute or so and once you’re done you can rinse it and just lay it flat to dry it’s way better than the alternative replacing it.

10. If your stainless steel mug looks and smells a little bit funky baking soda can solve that problem for you fill the mug up halfway with hot water then you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to that solution fill the rest of the mug up with hot water and just let it soak you can let it soak overnight and the next morning you can take a sponge a bottle cleaning brush or even a microfiber cloth get it wet and start to give it a good scrub the baking soda in there that abrasion will help to lift out any of those stains by the time you rinse it you won’t see stains you won’t smell smells.

11. Resident pot washers take note this trick actually worked incredibly well it certainly exceeded my expectations so I hope you give it a try grab a piece of tin foil either one that you’ve just used to cook with there’s a great way to upcycle or a brand new one crumple it up into a ball add a little bit of dish soap and water to your pot or pan and start scrubbing you’ll see all of that stuff starts to lift off you might love this so much you never want to buy another metal scrubby again.

12. Just as a general rule whenever I bring home a new pair of earrings I always clean the post and the backing with rubbing alcohol so I add a little bit to a cotton pad and I just quickly clean that so that I feel good and safe about using them on my body but rubbing alcohol can do a lot more for jewelry now just to be clear not for all types of jewelry this is specifically for gold and silver jewelry and specifically for jewelry with stones that can tolerate this kind of cleaning so stones are fine but costume jewelry and pearl jewelry not okay so the cool thing is if you have like rings on your finger and you’re constantly putting on hand cream you know that they get a little bit dull and lackluster think about doing this put your jewelry into about a half cup of rubbing alcohol if you want to be a little extra special you can add a teaspoon of dish soap stir this combo together let everything sit for a few minutes fish it out plug your sink and use a cleaning toothbrush to gently scrub then rinse and dry and honestly they will sparkle.

13. Vinegar also helps out when you’re doing your laundry and you can use it as a laundry booster so quite simply a laundry booster helps your detergent work better so you don’t have to buy anything fancy you can just use white vinegar and you can put it into the little pre-rinse compartment if you have one or you can put it into your machine as it’s filling up with water and you just let that soak now what I do is I put my detergent into my machine and then I just pour a bunch of vinegar in all the different compartments the bleach compartment the fabric softener compartment pre-wash whatever i’ve got vinegar goes in there because it helps lighten or brighten fabrics depending on the color that your fabrics are it helps soften your fabrics and it also helps deodorize them so if anything’s a little bit stinky vinegar is going to help out then you can just take your clothes either hang them to dry or put them in the dryer and you will notice a difference now don’t worry your clothes are not going to come out smelling like vinegar.

14. One of the things that so many of you love the Hello Cleaner blog for is effective diy recipes and this has to be one of my favorites it’s an all-purpose scrub that I love using in the bathroom you can also use it in the kitchen or anywhere where there’s a particular amount of buildup greasiness griminess soap scum this works like a charm this essentially replaces what you would call a cream or a powdered cleanser so here we go you’re going to take a container and you’re going to make up the amount of product that you need on demand so you’re not making a bulk amount of it ahead of time you’re only mixing up how much you need so what you’ll do is you’re going to mix equal parts dish soap and baking soda into a bowl you can add a little bit of water to it a few drops here and there and keep stirring it until you get it to a pudding like consistency and for added fun and value you can throw in about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil now when it comes to cleaning the bathroom I always like to pack in an extra mold and mildew resistant antibacterial punch which means i’m putting in 10 drops of tea tree essential oil but if you would prefer to use another one lavender is a great option as is peppermint or eucalyptus have fun with it be creative the point is it’s an incredibly effective scrub it’s easy to make and it’s very inexpensive and once you have this made up you’ll take your dampened sponge you’ll apply it to whatever surface you need cleaned using the s pattern you want your sponge to be really wet then you’re just going to let that sit for a few minutes as we know pre-treating does all the work for you and when you’re ready you’ll go back flip your sponge over the scrubby side scrub it on down with the s pattern give it a nice rinse polish it dry you’ve cleaned like a pro for pennies.

15. This is a tip I actually figured this one out a long time ago when I was trying to figure out how to clean the gamer controls they get so crusty and we folded up a tiny post-it note and we used the pointiest corner to kind of scrape out all of the gunk in and around the areas where those game controllers have seams and like your hands sweat gets in there it’s a great way to clean all of your electronics remotes keyboards where your hands are constantly touching and dirt can get in there if they’re tight grooves and hard to reach that folded corner is really going to make a difference.

16. This is a pretty easy one and it kind of peps you up while you’re vacuuming as you know vacuuming is my least favorite cleaning task and that is simply taking some essential oils and dashing it onto the filter of your vacuum cleaner now if you use a bag model vacuum cleaner you can actually put a few drops of essential oil onto or into the bag just dash it in and as the vacuum is working you’ll notice it lets off a mild scent which is kind of pleasant.

17. If you need to clean your blender there’s a very simple way to do this you want to start by giving it a cursory rinse just to get rid of any remnants then you can squirt in about a half tablespoon of dish soap fill it about halfway with water close it up pop it on the base and set it to blend for – seconds this motion alone will scrub the inside of the jug doing all the work for you then give it a good thorough rinse and allow it to dry.

18. Glass cutting boards are pretty impervious to odors but plastic and wood you’ve been there you know they get smelly and if you notice that your cutting board is smelly it’s telling you that there is some bacteria on that surface that needs to be dealt with so a really easy way to deal with it is to use straight hydrogen peroxide spray it on the surface let it sit for five to ten minutes then give your cutting board a good cleaning with soap and water rinse it well and allow it to dry the hydrogen peroxide used straight will definitely take care of that odor causing bacteria and some people what they will do so that they can just quickly access their bottle of hydrogen peroxide is they will remove the screw cap altogether and put on a spray bottle nozzle and leave that with their cleaning arsenal so that way you still get the benefit of the hydrogen peroxide in a brown bottle but you have it in a much easier to use application.

19. If you use dryer sheets and you want to find a second life for them before you pitch them why not use them to clean your baseboards after they come out of the dryer you might notice that they’re not as stiff they’re a little more crinkly and they don’t have any of that coating on them well that’s a good thing when it comes to cleaning baseboards your dryer sheets are still going to have some electromagnetic charge to them which means they can attract dust which is always a good thing when you’re dusting all you need to do is wipe your baseboards as you normally would with the used dryer sheet and then when it’s done you can crumple it up with those dust bunnies pitch it in the garbage and know that at least he did a little bit of upcycling.

20. Recently I did some hiking which happened to change my shoes from white to red so when I machine wash the shoes obviously they will go into the dryer as well while they’re machine washing they’ve got to bang around and do their thing but when they’re in the dryer they don’t need to knock around as much because you know it’s noisy and it sounds crazy when you’re drying your shoes so there’s a couple of easy ways that you can prevent all of that banging around from happening when your shoes go in the dryer the first thing you can do is actually take your shoes by the laces hang the laces over the door and then close the door so that of the laces are it and then that will have the same effect.

21. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your dryer is if your clothes have been sitting wet in your washing machine overnight or even for a few hours and then you put them in your dryer your clothes will come out with significantly more wrinkles than they would had you just taken your clothes directly from the washing machine as soon as it was finished and put it right into your dryer this is just because as your wet clothes sit the weight of the clothing and the moisture in the water just bares down and starts to imprint wrinkles and no matter how great your dryer is like I said earlier it’s not going to be able to get all of those wrinkles out so tip number one is just pay attention to your washing machine when it is done move that load over now let’s say you do have some wrinkles and you want to get rid of them my easy go-to thing is I just have a garment steamer in my bathroom it’s a super small and compact one and I will just take the garment hang it up on the back of my bathroom door I have a little hook that I got and I will quickly steam that garment and i’m good to go but let’s say you have a few garments that you want to freshen up and de-wrinkle you can actually put them into the dryer with a damp garment so let’s say you have another shirt it’s wet or you wet it you can throw all of that into the dryer turn it on for about 10 minutes and the moisture from that one damp garment will disperse throughout the other garments and help to loosen up the rest of the wrinkles just make sure that as soon as that dryer goes off you pull the garments out and you hang them up.

22. Cars are like little microcosms of our homes and if you do any amount of driving you’re obviously aware of what your car smells like now if you think about it we’re eating in the car we’re drinking in the car just like our home we’re shedding dead skin cells but our shoes are often bringing a lot of dirt into our cars that dirt settles and it just leads to odors so over time your car can get kind of stinky and there’s a great way to counteract that you can simply take some essential oil and drop it onto the carpets or the rubber mats of your vehicle now this is great because it not only helps to make your car smell a little bit better and of course you can lower the windows but if you use something that’s invigorating like peppermint it’ll actually help keep you more alert while you’re driving so on that note don’t use something like lavender which really chills you out.

So now you have 22 new tools in your cleaning arsenal that you can access at any time, thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you next time.


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