22 Apartment Makeover Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Apartment

22 Apartment Makeover Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Apartment

It’s good to freshen things up once in a while and to inject new life into your surroundings. This is especially true if you live in an apartment and realize that you’ve been staring at the same four walls for way too long! With that in mind, here are 22 makeover ideas that will help to reinvigorate your apartment.

1. A growing trend (particularly in the year 2020) is to introduce natural, calming colors into the home. As humans, this helps us to relax and reconnect with the outside world at a time when many of us are stuck inside and becoming lost in technology. Surrounding yourself with ocean and sky blue colors, as well as natural woods and greenery, provides a sense of freedom and balance that is very welcome in the current climate.

2. Sticking with the theme of nature, flower garlands are no longer reserved for hotels or movie sets. They can provide a comforting, natural atmosphere to any apartment when draped over a mantle or table, or when positioned on a bare wall. Dried or faux flowers can be installed all year round or easily switched out depending on the seasons. Plus they are relatively cheap, making them an easy way to provide a fresh new look.

3. Marble rarely fails to add a touch of elegance and class to its surroundings, although it can be quite expensive. If you’re not able to splurge for a full marble coffee table or other marble surface, smaller items such as coasters and vases are an affordable way of incorporating this quality material into your living space.

4. A quick and easy way to add vibrant colors and patterns to your apartment is to hang tapestries on your walls. They are increasingly popular, and a wide range of styles and prices make them suitable for almost any home. One major benefit is that they are easier to put up and take down than wallpaper, which is good to know if you rent your apartment and want your deposit back when you move out!

5. Multi-use furniture is a hugely popular trend, not only because it’s convenient for small apartments but also because many of the designs are new and fashionable. A lot of people use transforming furniture as a statement piece rather than for practical reasons, with the added bonus that it may come in handy once in a while if they have guests over or need some extra storage.

6. If your apartment is quite minimalist and mainly white, beige or grey in color, you can make a statement by painting your doors black. The contrast works very well and gives rooms an eye-catching new focal point. If you’re unsure whether it would suit your particular apartment’s decor, try hanging a piece of black fabric over the door for a couple of days and see if you like it. If you do, it’s time to get out the paintbrush and black paint!

7. Another trouble-free way to liven up a neutral apartment is to lay down some boldly-colored rugs or carpets. You can define different living areas using different colors or patterns and vary the size of rug depending on the surrounding furniture. As you probably already know, a good rug can really help tie the room together!

8. If you’re a fan of metal furniture and metallic accessories, try mixing things up with a selection of different metals rather than matching things to a common theme of purely brass or purely steel. Current trends favor a combination of different colors and finishes, with everything from metallic stools to tables to picture frames all helping to create a unique and pleasant look.

9. Neon lights are back in fashion and are perfect for creating a retro vibe in your apartment. You can choose to go heavy on the lighting and replicate a Tokyo-style nightclub atmosphere… or you can be more subtle and incorporate less obvious neon into different areas of your home.

10. According to expert interior designers like Caroline Rafferty, floral wallpaper is making a return, with many people choosing to upholster their walls with “fresh interpretations of floral patterns.” Maybe this is because it provides a warm, homey feel that’s reminiscent of a grandmother’s house or a dollhouse. Why not check out some of the more recent floral designs and see if they feel right for you?

11. Monochromatic designs are still popular, but with one recent significant difference. Pale colors are out, along with grey on grey, and bold colors such as cobalt blue and kelly green are in. The more vibrant colors add heaps more personality but retain the elegance of the monochromatic style.

12. Add some warmth and a statement piece to your apartment by installing an environmentally-friendly fireplace. They are easy to fit and no ventilation is required. This decorative piece can be added to any room and integrated with existing furniture or fireplace surrounds such as a hearth.

13. More and more people are creating their living spaces by embracing both old and new designs. They are happy to mix and match furniture from different time periods and to include items from their heritage, as well as utilizing modern accessories. The minimalist, perfectionist approach is dying out, with at least one expert suggesting that people feel more comfortable surrounded by older, less expensive items because they are not too precious or expensive to actually use.

14. Going to the toilet is usually a dull, forgettable affair…so why not liven it up? Try getting more creative when it comes to designing your bathroom and join the trend of people who are trying to make their time in the bathroom more fun! You can experiment using different colors, materials and artwork. If you try this, you’re bound to get some interesting comments and compliments from guests who use your facilities in future!

15. Performance fabrics are fabrics used in the furniture industry that are easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. They are a lifesaver if your apartment is home to messy kids or if your sofa is prone to accidental spills. With performance fabrics, simple stains should come out with just a little water and blotting. More to the point, though, in addition to being practical they offer the room a luxurious and fashionable aesthetic.

16. Classicism, the art style popularized in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, has always been popular, but it has rarely been used as a theme inside typical homes…. until now. Busts of famous Greek philosophers, paintings of classic civilizations and books about Roman warfare all make for interesting decoration. There’s nothing stopping you from turning your apartment into a cozy museum or even your very own colosseum, as long as you own the place or get permission from the landlord!

17. We’ve already mentioned how dried or faux flower garlands can help to bring the essence of nature indoors, but you should also consider getting some real house plants, ones that require light and a bit of attention. In addition to improving the air quality in your home, they help to give personality and add interesting detail to your surroundings.

18. Rattan and wicker furniture is perfect for apartments. Chairs in this style are lightweight and therefore portable, plus they often take up less space than conventional armchairs. They’re perfect for additional seating when guests come over, and they fit in with both modern and traditional aesthetics.

19. Headboards are quickly going out of fashion. If you prefer to have something to lean against when you’re sitting in bed rather than additional storage space, though, you’re better off upholstering the wall behind your bed. You can cover the entire wall or just go halfway up. Either way, it looks much nicer than a standard headboard and is just as useful for leaning against, if not more so.

20. First seen in Venice, Italy, when workers took leftover marble pieces and used them as flooring, terrazzo flooring has commonly been used in places such as airports. However, if you want to be on trend and impress your visitors, you can now lay down terrazzo-inspired flooring in your apartment! There are endless combinations of shapes and colors to choose from!

21. If you haven’t heard of neotenic furniture before (chances are you haven’t), do a quick image search after watching this video. It basically refers to furniture with a child-inspired design that involves chunky, organically shaped pieces. They add a sense of fun and playfulness to any room and would look amazing placed in a modern apartment.

22. And finally, ’80s style furniture is experiencing a resurgence at the moment, and one defining feature of it is rounded edges. So, if you want to switch up the look of your apartment, simply swap out any sharp-edged furniture for rounded-edge chairs and tables to create a smoother, groovier vibe.

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