21 Space Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments

21 Space Saving Ideas For Your Studio Apartments

Renting a studio apartment is always a go-to option especially if you’re living alone however the little space it provides can sometimes be a nuisance if you want to save space and create additional one consider these space-saving ideas now welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 21 space-saving ideas for your studio apartment.

1. Do you want to have a couch but you are worried it will take up too much space why not try a sofa bunk bed it works two ways as it could be your sofa and bed both at the same time.

2. When it comes to allocating an area for washing clothes a studio apartment can be quite challenging make sure you use a blind rate which is basically a combination of laundry rack and window blinds besides you will not have to use electricity on this one which is pretty helpful.

3. This is where you want to consider using or low reynold’s amazing shelf not only will you have four chairs and two dining tables but you will also acquire a readily available shelf anytime you want that you can just pull out easily.

4. In a studio apartment there is a reason why you need to invest in a convertible sofa you can transform it into a dining table and chairs in a japanese-style type of setting.

5. If you haven’t heard about Murphy beds then you’re missing a lot believe it or not they have been around for a couple of years this furniture can act as a table sofa and even a shelf it’s the kind of space-saving furniture that is worth buying.

6. Have you been looking for a great dual purpose idea in your apartment then this one is right for you it’s the type that gives you a huge picture frame on your wall but if you’re in need of an extra table it can easily be transformed into one.

7. Why spend cash buying two things when you can buy one that already gives the same functionality just by flipping this ironing board you immediately get a mirror you definitely need this great space-saving idea.

8. Cutting and rinsing vegetables or fruits right away are doable these days well this is partly thanks to the over the st. cutting board as the name suggests it is directly mounted on your kitchen sink.

9. Why keep those trash bags in somewhere else when you can always keep them under your kitchen sink just install a short dowel on brackets found underneath they are always all ready to organize trash bags first cut your dowel down to size and then sand the ends this will keep the wood from catching on your trash bag rolls measure where you want each bracket to hang under the sink mark your holes making sure they’re level and then drill a little hole screw the brackets into place with a screwdriver now that the brackets are hanging time to insert the dowels through the trash bag rolls once that’s done all you have to do is set the dowel inside the brackets.

10. Ah isn’t it a great experience to drink while being able to see what is outside this is exactly what this space-saving idea gives it’s like a little cafe corner which is designed to give you a fit dining room.

11. You think the space on top of your faucet isn’t usable of course it is you just need to mount a tiny shelf on top of it that way you can keep ingredients or place a nice little cactus on top.

12. Do you own a number of tank tops because if so you’re going to benefit big from this idea there is no need to use a lot of hangers anymore it is time to store all of them in a single hanger with curtain rings and this is what it offers.

13. A studio apartment also means a small bathroom space this is where you need to make use of all vertical space doing so means adding a vanity shelf so you can place items that you often use.

14. Just because it’s intended for garbage doesn’t mean you need to make it messy obviously you want the other way around just place any small basket over your apartments cabinet door it could be in the kitchen or bathroom anywhere is perfect.

15. While this needs a bit of craftiness the result you will get is superb a pulldown desk is perfect if you often find yourself working on some documents or paperwork also it is ideal for saving a lot of storage or space check out shanty 2 chic for the complete DIY instruction.

16. you really don’t need a wall to install a division in your apartment a curtain is enough to get the job done it is a beautiful way to separate two areas in your apartment for example it can be used to separate the living area from your bedroom.

17. Yes that’s right the vertical space on top of your door can be great leverage for storing stuff it is where you can mount storage to keep things like tower or extra clothes it is sleek and functional.

18. Like most people there is a beauty in owning a hefty kitchen knife set but if you are restricted by space you have in your apartment you might have to think twice about buying one that is why you need to consider this space-saving knife set instead each of the knives easily fits to the other for a perfect storage idea.

19. It’s time to move from vertical storage space to the corners of your bedroom it is where you can mount a little shelf to place items such as books designs or anything you can think of you can be creative by painting these shelves according to your bedrooms preference first put up two pieces of one by one make sure to nail directly into the studs behind the wall next cut a board so it aligns with your two walls nail directly into the top of the board so it hits the one-by-one supports underneath for the bottom of the shelf cut an identical board at the top one and attach it under the one by one measure a face board that will cover the gap the top and the bottom boards as before make sure you are nailing the face board into the top and bottom boards.

20. Of course it is a crime to forget the space under your bed it is exactly the kind of thing you need to obtain some space-saving solutions you can store your shoes laundry clothes or tools down there but make sure you do not just dump them in a messy way here’s an easy way to create a wheeled storage box so the first thing you want to do is saw the wood shims to the appropriate length next while holding the wood shim in place drill the screw through the plastic and wood shim repeat step 3 for all holes on the caster then repeat steps two and three for each corner on the plastic bin turnover remove masking tape and admire your awesome new under bed drawer.

21. This wall storage is ideal for keeping extra towels clothes or books if you have unused walls just mount a small basket sideways just keep in mind that this is a bit lightweight so don’t store stuff that is quite heavy.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this article please share your thoughts in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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