21 Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

21 Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of any home and is also considered the busiest place in the entire house. If you need proper lighting inside your kitchen space, make sure it is operating at its best, and then you’ll always feel at home. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY. Here are Incredible Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas for a Brighter Space.
1. Pendant lights are the simplest and yet the most effective method of helping any kind of kitchen look brighter and more luminous. These black pendant lights must be hung at a particular height from your ceiling, which is why installing them requires the expertise of a professional. Make sure that these lights are spaced evenly and are all hung at the same height.

2. Combine white and gold Another great idea would be to use the concept of combining white lighting and gold accents. This concept uses white light pendants and gold flooring in the form of tiles or wood to bring out the most luminosity possible and make your small kitchen even brighter.

3. Exposed wires for small kitchens This is also an extremely trendy idea and involves hanging pendant lamps with exposed wires from the ceiling. This style is great for small kitchens, especially since you can always customize them with ease. These hanging pendant lights will prove to be an amazing addition to your small living space.

4. Give your small kitchen a vintage look with these hanging Edison bulbs. They can help you create a more intricate focal point for your small kitchen and also increase the sharpness and intensity of light reaching all corners of the room. These fixtures can be a little expensive, but on the other hand, you don’t need to install very many of them; or of these can completely light up your small space.

5. Install lights over the kitchen sink Some of you might be thinking that a window can provide you with enough light to do all your dishwashing, cooking, and baking – but if you think that, then you’re clearly in the dark when it comes to great lighting. Therefore, it is important that you install a ceiling light over the sink to increase the overall brightness of your tiny space. This will help you take care of washing the dishes and doing other kitchen chores as well.

6. Under-cabinet lights serve a dual function, as they can be used as a mood changer in your kitchen and simultaneously used as a space-saver as well. You can also control the overall brightness of the lights according to your preference by shifting through the many light-dimming options.

7. Hang some orbs You can take a simple approach when it comes to increasing the overall brightness of a small kitchen with the help of these orbs. This incredible lighting design won’t overpower your space, but it can help you to accent your space with an elegant, bright look and also increase the overall light reaching all the corners of your kitchen. These simple orb light fixtures will clearly increase the overall appeal of your small kitchen.

8. Mix and match Dealing with a small kitchen may bring hidden benefits – for example, you don’t have to stick to one particular theme or style. Anything that you can get your hands on is just fine. This then takes us to the fun and unusual idea of mixing and matching various light fixtures to give your kitchen a unique, modern look while at the same time fixing the brightness problem as well.

9. Be heavy-handed if you need to If you’re the type of person who does a ton of work in your kitchen on a daily basis and your kitchen space is always in use, then you might need to be bold with your lighting options. You can use something that ensures the light will be shine equally over all four corners of the room and will not diminish in intensity. A powerful light fixture will most likely solve any lighting issues for you and give you the illumination to need to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

10. Try out a bold color Sometimes it’s not just your current lighting theme that has been graying out the space; it could be your wall color that’s causing the overall surroundings to look dull. To overcome this, you must use a bold color choice for your kitchen. Adding a bold and fun color to your kitchen walls can improve your current lighting without you needing to replace it, and your kitchen will look brighter than ever.

11. Give nature a chance If you are more of an artistic, nature-loving kind of person, then maybe it’s time to liven up your kitchen lighting with nature-inspired decor. You can use a variety of items to bring a natural aesthetic to your kitchen, such as tree branches or plants hanging from the ceiling. Combine these with a variety of lights as the centerpiece to create a bright, mesmerizing lighting solution for your kitchen.

12. Play with texture Another interesting thing to try out is the use of different textures in your kitchen space. You can use a variety of themes to create a stylish modern kitchen. Try a professional chef style kitchen or maybe something inspired by the beach or the sea using a variety of lighting options. This will also help you to make the kitchen space brighter and more convenient to work in.

13. Use flush mount fixtures If low ceiling height is an issue for your kitchen, it can be solved with a variety of solutions. For instance, you can use flush mount lighting fixtures, as they can make your small space look polished without compromising on design. These lights can make your kitchen look more open and aesthetically pleasing as well.

14. Lighting in layers One of the best ways of brightening up your small kitchen space is making use of a variety of different lights within the space. There are basically types of lighting options that you can use here ambient, accent and task lighting. Each one of them serves its own purpose and also increases the overall luminosity of the kitchen space.

15. Provide your small kitchen with a chandelier An eye-catching chandelier can no doubt work in a tiny kitchen, but it can be hard to incorporate it into the space. However, with the help of keen judgment in selecting a style that will leave empty space between the chandelier and the ceiling, a chandelier can do wonders for your small kitchen. Be precise about the measurements here, because once installed, it is very difficult to re-customize the whole setting.

16. Clear up congested space Another tip that can help you increase the intensity of the light in your small kitchen is to clear up congested space. You need to clear out some space in order for your kitchen to look better and more open and spacious. Plus, if enough open space has been accounted for, the light will be able to reach each part of the room and illuminate every corner.

17. Think exotic Even though you have a small kitchen space, it doesn’t mean that you should back away from experimenting and trying new things whenever you can. Therefore, consider the idea of adding exotic lighting to your kitchen. You can use unique shapes like globe lanterns or other options like pendant lighting or a chandelier to make your space unique and visually interesting.

18. Paint the inside of your lights If you’re willing to increase the overall intensity or sharpness of the light that is refracted over the whole kitchen, then you should think about painting the inside of your light white, or any other color you’d like. The bottom line is that this will increase the overall brightness of the kitchen, even if you happen to have a small kitchen.

19. Contrast with glass Think about creating contrast within your kitchen with glass design options. This can be either a glass chandelier or any other lighting option that is enclosed in a glass fixture. The intensity of the light in your kitchen will also increase due to the refraction of light through the glass surface.

20. Play with different shapes In a small kitchen, you don’t have to be consistent with a particular lighting style; you can just shuffle through different options again and again till you find the best possible option for you. Continue playing with different shapes for your lighting options and continue to do so till you find one that provides efficient lighting for your kitchen.

21. Get lower ceiling lights If you want ambient light throughout your whole kitchen, then it is recommended that you use low hanging lights such as pendants or chandeliers to get the most light across your working area. This way, you will have the proper lighting where you need it the most, and the light will also shine throughout the whole kitchen.

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