21 Seriously Smart Ways To Improve Underbed Storage Ideas

21 Seriously Smart Ways To Improve Underbed Storage Ideas

When you have a tiny bedroom you need to get creative when seeking places to store belongings sure there’s a closet and you can hang stuff on walls but what about actual storage welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 21 seriously smart ways to improve under-bed storage ideas.

1. Let’s start off simple when you are looking to place items under your bed you shouldn’t simply toss clothes and shoes underneath that will make the area’s sloppy in order to organize your storage place what you want in drawers and then slide the drawers under the bed.

2. When it comes to finding storage containers you can find them anywhere online or in stores why buy one when you can make your own DIY projects are fun and you can certainly apply your crafty skills when it comes to making storage bins first cut all your wood pieces if you are making these crates to slide under a piece of furniture measure your dimensions carefully before proceeding next stain all your wood pieces lay all your cut wood pieces on a plastic tarp in the garage and stain them all at once attach the front and back pieces to the two bottom boards nail the slats into the edge of the front back pieces leaving a small gap between the slats attach the casters with half-inch screws at the corners of the bottom boards attach a handle to the front of each crate.

3. Another way you can store clothing and shoes is by placing them in a plastic bin and sliding them your bed.

4. Whether you decide to place your winter clothes in there or unused blankets a plastic container is see-through so you know which ones you’re grabbing for this is a simple solution but it’s best to get drawers that have rulers on them this makes getting storage in and out much easier.

5. You’ll be able to store possessions with ease when you get drawers with rollers on them here’s a neat way to store items under your bed by investing in a bed with cubby holes you can easily slide baskets in those holes to store items it looks cute and we’ll be able to properly store shoes knickknacks or whatever else you have.

6. When it comes to underneath your bed you may think you can’t put certain things underneath the bed baskets seem like something that should be used for other uses in the house but you can use them to store items and place them underneath the bed you can store multiple baskets and pull out whichever one you need when you’re looking for something.

7. Here’s a really cool way to make the most out of your beds underneath area a storage bed literally lifts up and has an entirely blank canvas for you to put whatever you want in it let’s say you have a smaller bedroom and don’t have a lot of storage in general place paper towel bedroom essentials and even toys in the storage bed.

8. If you have small children it may be difficult to get them to be ecstatic about organizing this is why color-coordinated bins are extremely helpful you’ll not only motivate your child but help them in remembering where everything goes when it’s time to clean up.

9. Speaking of kids which kid didn’t like Legos, Legos help children put together visions and can really bring out the creative side of your son or daughter the problem is the mess utilize your under bed storage by using it to store your Legos you can either place all of the different box sets under the frame or get a roller drawer to pour those loose Legos in first lay out your plywood and measure the mark where you will need to cut next mark and cut all your wood pieces for the sides of your drawer cover your plywood with your sticky back contact paper roll use white duct tape to secure the edges on the bottom side pre-drill each hole before screwing together start by screwing the three sides together measure and attach the middle piece making sure it’s all squared up screw in place from the outside with your sides facedown lay your covered plywood facedown on top of it screw your plywood down along the edges screw each wheel down using two screws each one wheel in each corner a couple inches from the edge mark on your board to Center then pre-drill your holes and then screw into place now step back and admire your handiwork.

10. Many different Organization lists recommend an over the closet shoe storage for your shoes but have you ever considered putting them underneath your bed if your bedroom is small your closet might be small as well.

11. You don’t want to take a broom in your closet when you can store your high heels work shoes and sneakers underneath your bed check out this step-by-step guide on Anika’s DIY life.

12. Just because you’re using your bed as storage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style with an open decorative shelving you can prominently display plants and other items you don’t need to use your under bed to simply stuff items away in you can use it as a peace of expression.

13. It’s really simple to add some wheels to a mesh bin in order to use it for storage you can buy a mesh bin or if you have one laying around then all you need to do is get the wheels no need to spend lots of money to find ways to make the most of your under bed area for a complete step-by-step DIY guide check out heathered nest.

14. Here’s another way to give your under bed storage a fashionable Flair acquire some vintage suitcases they look better than modern suitcases but you wouldn’t exactly want to travel with them instead use them for storage and push them underneath the bed but keep them visible enough to help perk up the room.

15. When you see this idea it may seem a little odd but you need to be creative when you are trying to make the best out of a small space this is why you can repurpose kitchen cabinets as bunk beds there is a ton of storage this can be a great idea for those who can twins but only one room for both of them by installing these cabinets you add storage and leave more room in the bedroom.

16. In today’s day and age more people are working from home sitting on your bed or couch with a laptop in front of you seemed like a good idea at first but it can be really uncomfortable on your neck if you don’t have room for a bed and a desk compromise invest in a loft bed that has a built-in desk attached so you can comfortably get your work done.

17. If you have the opportunity to buy a bed for your small bedroom perhaps purchasing a bed with drawers built-in is a good idea instead of simply using blank space you can purchase a frame that has drawers already built in this gives you more room for clothes blankets and even books that you don’t have room for elsewhere.

18. Use the under bed for children’s toys if you have kids then your kids probably have a lot of toys you don’t want to deprive your children simply because you don’t have a large place this is why you can use your under bed as a means to store their toys you can teach them how to put away their toys when playtime is over.

19. If you live somewhere that has different seasons you’re not wearing the same clothes all the time why keep your large winter clothes in the closet during the summer instead place them in a vacuum sealed bag which will shrink everything down then store what you don’t need under the bed when winter comes back around open up the bags and your clothes will be available for you.

20. Just like a suitcase a storage box with a handle can certainly help when retrieving your under bed storage many times we don’t keep up with organizing our home because it becomes a nuisance even something as simple as sliding something underneath your bed could become inconvenient with a storage box with a suitcase you can easily retrieve what you need.

21. This is a simple solution but it goes to show you that you don’t need to go to the store to purchase something to store your belongings in if you have a wire container lying around at home use it put your items in it and place them underneath your bed whenever you need more storage.
22. I mentioned a loft bed earlier in this article but it’s because it’s probably one of the few beds that actually comes with a large space underneath for storage if you live in a small room or even a dorm a loft bed allows you plenty of room if you need to store bigger items under the mattress and don’t want anyone to see that installing a curtain to hide the items can do the trick and that’s all for now what do you think about this episode please share your thoughts about this video in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Channel thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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