21 Genius Ways To Hide Things In Your Home

21 Genius Ways To Hide Things In Your Home

Many things around our homes have no value to thieves or opportunists Computer wires, hampers, electrical strips — even home appliances, like washing machines and routers. Many of this things is not only useful for hide things from thieves but also good to hide things from eyesore. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss 20 Ways to hide anything in Your Home.

1. Drawers in the base of a bed are a great place to hide large, personal items like purses, wallets, smartphones, and even laptops. Some clever painting can seamlessly blend these drawers into the bed’s construction design, making them virtually unseen when closed securely.

2. A hollow shelf on a wall or bookcase with an interior double roller swing catch is an excellent way to hide things in plain sight. Simply lift the bottom lightly to open and close your secret locker. Built properly, these are fantastic places to keep personal paperwork, checkbooks or wallets and look like any regular, solid shelves. Check out instructables for complete DIY guide.

3. If your home has a country flair, decorative box crates and barrels are great places for concealing wires and outlet strips, while also serving as convenient surfaces.

4. Hiding documents behind framed photos may be a tired cliché in the Mystery genre, but double-boxed frames on a hinge add a modern twist. These oversize frames are literally small Murphy Doors, hiding specially designed cabinets, with some being deep enough to hold medicine bottles, jewelry, and more. Just be sure they are securely fastened to the wall or the extra weight could bring it all crashing to the ground!

5. You may have seen hollowed-out containers with false tops before, but have you ever seen a fake houseplant? These ingenious contraptions look like real houseplants but, even if someone realizes that they are fake, they are unlikely to pull on the leaves – many people have fake houseplants for decoration, after all. When you pull the leaves, the whole thing – including the soil – is a lid for an empty vase!

6. The false “book spines” illusion is a classic which has also been used for lamps and bookends. The false front appears to be just another handful of books on a shelf, but it is actually the camouflaged front to an empty cabinet great for hiding wires, valuables, or substantially larger items. Depending on the strength of the construction material, the fake books box can also be laid on its side to look like any other stack of reading materials, making it more versatile than some of the other tricks.

7. Playing off this idea is even simpler. Buy an old book with a solid cover then unglue the pages from the spine. You could use a simple Styrofoam, cut to size with an X-Acto blade then glued between them, and it will keep the covers apart and maintain the facade.

8. Bore a hole into a wooden board or window frame to fit a small, metal container with metal lid. When inserted, the container should be flush with the surface, so that it looks like part of the plank or structure. Use an industrial-sized magnet to fish out the container whenever you need it!

9. An empty toilet paper tube can be inserted into a jar of dried beans, sugar, or some other ingredient to create an awesome hiding place for your cash, USB sticks, or whatever else. The jar can be set on a counter as decor or kept inside a cabinet with other foodstuffs so it does not arouse suspicion. Sometimes the simplest methods are often the most effective.

10. If you need a hiding place, consider buying a bookcase with concealed drawers beneath the shelves. These shelves have no visible handles so this inconspicuously doubles your storage space while also providing plenty of room for concealing routers, wires, phones, important paperwork, or laptops.

11. This sliding drawer beneath a surface concept also works well under windowsills, especially large ones. The more ornate the woodwork, the less conspicuous these become. These cupboards are somewhat shallow, as they can only be as deep as the width of the wall in which they are installed, but they do make excellent hiding spots!

12. Everyone knows about the door key under a fake rock trick, yet it is still effective. So, why not use this technique to hide larger items? Super-glue an empty medicine bottle filled with whatever you want to hide to the underside of a rock, then place it somewhere inconspicuous.

13. Hidden drawers can be built anywhere there is a surface beneath which they can be attached, but do not overlook the drawer’s facing itself as a hiding spot. Use a hollow metal or wood cupboard facing with a false bottom on one end, and turn that into a secret drawer within a drawer!

14. This one is really neat We have all seen clumps of spray insulation in the corners of exterior facings on both buildings and homes. Cut the insulation away like normal but then, hollow it out for use as a compartment and replace it in the corner! Be careful not to enclose heavy items or it is likely to fall.

15. The construction of this one could be dangerous, so consult a professional! A hollowed-out battery with a removable top makes a great, albeit tiny, place to hide cash and tiny items. Large D and -volt batteries are best; size C batteries should at least be able to hold a folded bill.

16. Bases and stands for display cases, terrariums, and aquariums can hold hidden drawers and compartments. They make a great place to store fish food, cleaning, and maintenance items. As the purpose is not always to hide objects from robbers; from a decorative perspective, these hideaways serve as less obvious storage space for everyday household items.

17. If you remove the plastic cap at the end of a round hairbrush you can purchase at any dollar store, you have a perfect compartment for concealing cash or (maybe) a USB card! The cap may be plastic or rubber and can easily be removed using a knife or screwdriver. After you break the manufacturing seal, the cap is usually easy to remove later without the need for a tool.

18. The key under a rock trick is great but this next one takes it to a whole new level. Craft a drawer inside a log and that’s it! This one definitely requires some woodworking skills, but a drawer inside of a regular log on top of a pile of firewood can hold much more than a house key.

19. Use an X-Acto blade to hollow-out the middle of a new stack of Post-It Notes for a small hideaway large enough to bear household keys, cash, or small valuables like rings and earrings. This is a variation of the hollowed-out book trick, which can hold larger items, and more of them. We touched upon this idea earlier but, in this case, you leave the spine intact.

20. Remove the insole from an inexpensive shoe, insert a cheap shoe cushion from a general store into the bottom, then replace the insole on top of it. Now you have a place for your cash, credit card, passport, or ID – and comfortable shoes.

21. Children’s plush toys can easily be refitted to conceal items such as valuables, paperwork, money, and more. An expert might use a screw top head, but we can simply remove the stuffing from the torso of the doll, then set it on a shelf or amongst some other dolls and toys. Fabric glue or some kinds of tape can also be used for a more permanent locker.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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