21 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks

21 Creative DIY Furniture Hacks

Old furniture is not useless it can be repurposed and be turned into something unique as well as practical instead of throwing away old furniture think outside the box and see how you can recreate it into something new welcome to Hello Cleaner DIY and here are 26 creative DIY furniture project ideas.

1. Your baby’s crib holds so many memories why get rid of it instead turn it into something that your child can enjoy a crafts table and this is a really easy DIY project all you need to do is take off one side of the crib paint the base of the crib the table with chalkboard paint you can also tack on a few hooks and baskets.

2. Store supplies to here’s another use for that crib you are planning to get rid of your baby has grown into an active little toddler and meets a bigger bed well simply convert his old crib into a fun new loft bed it takes the same amount of floor space and you get the added advantage of having extra storage space under the bed first find a sturdy crib that you’re willing to modify remove the mattress base and relocate it to the height you want take off one of the long edges of the crib and cut an opening for the ladder about two-thirds of the way down measure two sturdy pieces of wood to make the sides of the ladder for whatever height you cut your mattress base to use a ruler to create groups on the side of the ladder in the size and shapes of the rungs cut a notch in the top of the ladder so that I will fit snugly on the side of the bed get a metal angel brace to reinforce the end of a new guardrail since this part of the bed will undergo a lot of pressure as your little one climbs up and down holding on to it for balance.

3. Turn an old TV unit into something absolutely adorable a play kitchen this may take some time in patience but it will definitely be a labor of love for a little one it’s kind of old-school but you can check out the DIY process at giggle berry creations.

4. This is a dated telephone seat that basically is useless in today’s world however it still has a hidden purpose by transforming it into a DIY Lego table this was the before a very dated very drab piece of furniture use a jigsaw to cut out the top sand it and then paint it get a Lego baseplate at Target and then attach the plate to the base of the table with liquid nails.

5. If you have old or broken dining chairs don’t throw them out instead convert them into benches you can make beautiful european-style benches from your old chairs first look for chairs that look good from the side and then remove the front legs and seats make a rectangle box and then attach the box to each chair back by screwing from the chair into the short ends of the box make another box and attach it to create a bottom shelf fill all the holes with wood filler and a putty knife and paint the bench cut a piece of half-inch plywood and cover the plywood with quilt batting to create the top seat add the cushion and this is the final result.

6. This is a wonderful simple furniture hack all you need to do is turn a simple bookshelf on its side add storage baskets in the slots and make the seat cushions get an Ikea expedite shelving unit and turn it horizontal cut a MDF board and foam to fit the bench stretch the quilt batting over the edges of the foam and MDF board and staple it with a staple gun pull the fabric tightly over the edge of the foam and board and staple it down and there you have it the cushion is now complete with the MDF board foam quilt batting and fabric.

7. If you have no space for a proper home office then you can create your own little mini home office chest which can hold all your documents and office supplies and since all closed spaces need to have multi-purpose furniture this doubles up as a seating bench when closed.

8. A battered old ice chest but still does its job gets a makeover in this hack you learn how to transform an old and ugly but still functioning ice chest into something practical yet beautiful.

9. Here is a really creative way to repurpose an old stool turn it upside down put a coat of fresh paint on it and add some wheels and there you have it a new storage solution for your craft supplies and wrapping paper.

10. If you have kids who are constantly fighting for their own space then this is a great way to ensure each one has their own little spot to hang their coats and bags you can even add storage baskets to create more space.

11. If you have an old metal cabinet that has outlived its usefulness give it a new life turn it into a really smart garage storage unit all you need to do is take out the drawers put it on its side and give it a really nice coat of paint.

12. You can really do wonders with an antique TV people have converted these pieces of furniture into some really amazing things here is a wonderful hack on how to convert this old item into something totally new a living room feature first clean up the antique TV cabinet make a vertical divider box inside the shell trim out the front to hide the plastic molding used to attach the TV to the frame after caulking it it was finally ready to prime and paint use some kills to primer you’ve got on hand and your favorite paint color once it’s dry then you new furniture.

13. Here is an old damaged dresser that cannot be used any longer however after this transformation this old sad piece of furniture was turned into a beautiful console or buffet table start by removing the entire piece of trim and bust a decorative piece at the bottom to add a little character and texture cover the back with beadboard wallpaper when the piece is taking shape paint it with your favourite colour change the handle for a modern look and here is the end result.

14. Would you have ever thought that an old broken-down grand piano could be used as a bookshelf this project may not have been easy but the end result is just unique as well as practical fantastic for the complete DIY guide check out Instructables.

15. You can create a really amazing storage shelf just by turning the end unit of a bookshelf by 90 degrees and all you need is a basic IKEA style bookshelf blogger Michelle originally wanted to create a bookshelf by combining three IKEA shelves however the measurements were off 5 by inches so she turned one of the shelves by 90 degrees to fit the room then to conceal the blank side she added a chalkboard by taping off the edges using 3m Scotch blue painters tape and then gave it a couple coats of chalkboard spray paint from Home Depot it makes a wonderful organizer.

16. If you have an old ladder lying around in your garage turn it into a functional yet elegant tool a towel rack for your bathroom all you need for this project is a little sand paper a little bit of paint and some elbow grease.

17. This is one furniture hack I would have never thought of by myself but it’s absolutely brilliant repurposing an old bicycle to make your bathroom sink this would require some serious DIY skills but the end result is so worth it.

18. If you don’t have a closet in your bedroom or a storage area in your laundry room then this can be quite an innovative way to organize your closet or your laundry all you need are some foldable chairs and some nuts and bolts to put them in place.

19. Here is a nifty way to repurpose a magazine rack if you have a small entrance than having a small little shelf for your keys and a little decor is perfect and if you have a tiny bedroom that can’t fit in a nightstand then this is the perfect solution for you.

20. If you love the rustic look then there is one simple yet wonderful DIY shelving idea that you can use this unit can be placed in the kitchen the hallway or any other place you desire you can even add a few s-shaped hooks to make this shelf even more useful assemble the pipes to look like this and spray-paint the pipes a color of your choice press pipe into the wood for indentation from pipe use your drill with 15 by 16 paddle bit to drill holes through your indentation you made with the pipe hand tighten the caps on the Shelf after your center pipe on would add additional s hooks and use this shelf in any area of your home.

21. These bunk bed pieces get converted into something else entirely a little bit of paint a few hooks and you have yourself a brand new coat rack first get old bunk bed pieces from a yard sale prime all three pieces with some DIY chalk paint and my home write finish max use paint from country chic to paint a top coat with a cheap chip brush add some D rings to the back for hanging add hooks to the bunk bed for easy hanging this is the final result pretty nice and easy right.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this article please share your thoughts in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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