20 Tips for a Cheap and Small Bedroom Makeover

20 Tips for a Cheap and Small Bedroom Makeover

If you are short of money but you want to give a new look to your bedroom you are in the right place today we will give you beautiful creative and original ideas to carry out this project welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 20 tips for a cheap and small bedroom makeover.

1. Cover a black wall using chalkboard paint and write notes that come out of your head you can use the wall to write poems lists of things to do or just inspirational phrases it’s a decorative option and a means of expression at the same time.

2. If black is your favorite color combine it with golden touches try to paint metallized geometric figures on a black wall then decorate the place with golden touches it will give a goth glam touch to your room the dark black brown or grey colors will help create a contemporary bedroom with a certain dose of sobriety and personality.

3. Are you an adventurous paint half the walls of your room with a vibrant yellow color as for the decoration do not leave aside the fuchsia orange white and pink tones make an accent wall it’s a quick and simple economical solution that you can make yourself as long as the wall is in good condition you only need to choose the color thoroughly so that you can give a new style to your bedroom equip it with the necessary material and get to work.

4. Make an elegant personal corner to hide when you need to relax by adding an awning made with semi-transparent fabric cushions and a rug you already have your adult version of the treehouse in this place you can sit and drink wine review Instagram read a book that you always take along perhaps just think about life.

5. This trick gives a bohemian touch to the works in which you want to decorate your space you will never be afraid of the paintings falling on you it really looks low-budget design but it’s the simplest one as well.

6. Enter the monochromatic wave and decorate a wall with different artworks by combining designs textures and images it looks crazy but they are following a pattern of having the same color tones of course not everyone likes it however some teenagers out there love this style.

7. If you do not have much space in your closet but you want to have your favorite pieces at hand buy a rack for clothes in it hang clothes by tones and it will look fabulous in addition you can customize it with faux fur fabric and little lights.

8. Place your bed in a corner and during the day position it as if it were a sofa the bed in the middle of the room takes up too much space placing it in a corner will help you refresh the image of the whole place during the day it will be a good place for you to sit while reading a book and even watch Netflix without that means having to go to sleep.

9. Paint a light grey wall and make the pink color stand out in the decoration gray and pink are two tones that go hand in hand and not only this they will also give your bedroom or relaxing and stylish vibe if you want to be trendy choose between the two trend colors for 2019 the quartz pink or the serenity blue ideal for the bedroom thanks to the relaxing effect they transmit.

10. It’s time to have a cool and cheap nightstand use a cube and divide it into four parts you can also use four cubes or wooden boxes then join them as shown in here you will have more places to store your things and it gives a modern touch to your room you could also try an old suitcase as a bedside table an old trunk for the foot of the bed some doors that replace the classic headboard or a painters staircase as a gallant at night they are something so simple and often so cheap we’ll help you to print a new atmosphere in your room.

11. If you have more than three hats and/or caps use them as decoration on a wall this idea has double advantages first your hats will be decorating your room giving it a hipster touch but a cool hipster on the other hand you will be keeping these clothes in perfect condition.

12. Hang some of your best photos above your bed do you want to hang art or paintings in your small bedroom maybe but you better leave them for the living room bedroom needs something more personal these photos on a rope similar to a clothesline are a beautiful decoration with a giant meaning.

13. If you are an ecologist with a tropical soul yours is a room where green is the protagonist choose one wall or all of any shade of green decorate the room with your favorite plants lots of wood and/or golden accessories from the forest to your bedroom if you want to give your bedroom a natural air introduce directly organic elements such as branches or trunks to create original pieces as bedside tables or sculptural headboards.

14. Not in the mood to paint your room then do it with the door be inspired by this two-tone design it will be fabulous with the colors of your preference instead of painting an entire wall you can also do it on other places this resource will give a very special touch to your bedroom with very little effort and economic investment it is a high pedestal that lives through the entire perimeter of the room including doors windows and cabinets.

15. Find a corner place two chairs with the same design and different colors and decorate them with two cushions the idea of having chairs in the bedroom is great they serve to put on your shoes it is also useful if a visit comes and you do not want to sit in bed or if you prefer to sit in a different place this idea is fun and decorative if you choose the right cushions.

16. If the bohemian spirit is something that characterizes you hang a decorative macrame on your bed supported by a piece of wood let us tell you that although macrame is more fashionable today than ever if it is something that goes with your personal style it will look great on your room although it may seem a contradiction recovered elements can transform your bedroom adding a plus of uniqueness and authenticity that will break with the monotony.

17. Buy cushions of different colors sizes and patterns that is the main decoration try to keep your white sheets and blankets so that the cushions are the protagonist of the story.

18. This is another tip with double advantages the first thing is that you keep your clothes and jewelry organized and the second you can show off your favorite pieces while you decorate your room a bit and give it a chic look.

19. What about decorating a wall with a single big map or a lot of varied maps from vintage Maps to a particular country or the whole world if you are an adventurous type of person you will like it placing a giant classic map of imagery map is also a good choice.

20. Paying a semi-transparent cloth between your bed and make light rain the truth is that this idea is super economic you just need to cherry the tube to hold the fabric that goes to the head of your bed you can also play with both the luminaries and the type of light bulb they can radically modify the light perception of the space for example replace the classic nightlight with the hanging light bulb in sight.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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