20 Super Awesome Small Bedroom Office Ideas

20 Super Awesome Small Bedroom Office Ideas

Having a home office doesn’t always mean that you have a separate dedicated room for your computer and other work from home essentials a small bedroom office can consist of everything from a tiny desk and a few shelves to a closet that’s been repurposed into a space filled with supplies welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 20 super awesome small bedroom office ideas.

1. A tiny corner of a room quickly becomes a stylish office thanks to the addition of a white desk and some matching shelves the metal grid on the wall is both cool to look at as well as functional since it holds note cards sticky notes inspirational messages business cards and other reminders complete the space with a comfortable upholstered chair and some potted plants.

2. Add ambience to the corner too for rooms that lack floor space yet need a lot of storage a cool ladder desk will do the trick narrow enough to fit into the smallest of areas yet wide enough to handle a computer and other essentials these desks lean up against the wall and include simple shelves all you need is a chair some items to put on those shelves a little ingenuity and you’re in business.

3. Even the tiniest corner of a room can become a home office in this example the desk is made of a floating shelf that’s mounted on the wall this removes the visual weight of a traditional desk making the corner look a little bigger than it is the desk is balanced by the upper shelves which are just the right size to hold plenty of books and other work supplies.

4. Turn a quiet corner of a kids or teenagers room into a desk with these cool l-shaped shelves the coordinating desk and chair round out the look and increase the spaces functionality with plenty of storage space for everything from school supplies to crafting goodies this corner desk will quickly become your child’s favorite space in the house.

5. There’s nothing quite like the look of built-in shelves turning an unused cubby hole in a room into an office is just as simple as building a desk as well as a number of shelves not only does this free up some room on the floor but it solves the storage problem as these shelves go all of the ways to the ceiling allowing for plenty of additional space for boxes and other items.

6. Need space for more than one computer multiple tasks can be done at this cool corner desk it’s deep enough to handle a laptop and a more traditional desktop computer as well as a decently sized monitor the desk can even support an additional light allowing for the overhead one to be turned off a number of these shaped shelves fill the wall above the desk creating plenty of storage for everything from office supplies to books and speakers.

7. Bedroom desk spaces need to echo the overall design of the room or else they stand out unnecessarily this one is inspired by the cottage feel of the curtains and the wall the chair desk shelves and decor like the nearby wicker baskets all coordinate well with the room style the blanket draped over the chair adds a nice touch as does the bonsai tree plant and other cool elements.

8. A quiet corner of a room complete with a window becomes a great place to study and work in this example the desk overlooks the window which helps when you need to take a break the shelves hung high on the wall and placed on the floor make handy places to stash everything that you need finish up the look and make it more functional with a cool chair that fits neatly under the desk.

9. You’ll never run out of room for a desk with this idea a closet easily becomes an office once the doors are removed and the crucial elements are installed in this example the pocket doors were removed opening up the space thick floating shelves were installed with brackets hidden for an extra measure of chic miss a lower shelf one slightly thicker than the other becomes a desk thanks to the chair placed under it.

10. No matter how small your bedroom is you’ll find plenty of room for a small office space you may have to sacrifice a bit on the bed as this example shows but the results are worth it the wooden desk fits neatly in the corner it’s clean lines echoing those of the bed some coordinating shelves are mounted overhead taking advantage of the corner to come up with a little extra storage space.

11. If your room is particularly tiny you’ll need to get really creative when it comes to putting together an office this example has the bed on a platform with drawers under it the bed touches the desk which is l-shaped and placed flush against it some shelves on top as well as a drawer unit under the desk make up the storage opportunities and ensure that you do have a place for everything.

12. A compact space can certainly make room for a functional office just make sure that the bed the desk and the shelves are all light colors that coordinate well this makes them blend together plus the lighter shades in this case a combination of hickory wood and white add lightness that keeps everything from looking cramped plus the shelves are actually a series of cubbies ensuring that you have space for every item.

13. Sometimes simple is better that’s evident in this corner installed in the small space between two walls but with a nearby window to make things look less cramped the setup consists of a desk and a white modern chair the chair matches the legs of the desk pulling everything together there aren’t any shelves here just a cool arrangement of photos and other things hung for inspiration it’s enough for an impact.

14. Another super simple small bedroom office setup this one is ideal for minimalists a uniquely shaped desk top fits into the corner of the room the triangular portion meets the walls while the rounded edge faces outwards and it’s floating silhouette adds to its simplicity the chair has a basic shape and a comfortable pillow adding to the overall homey comfortable vibe the lack of shelves discourages clutter from forming everywhere.

15. Sometimes you need a workspace filled with plenty of natural light this setup is located on one side of a narrow a built-in bench with plenty of doors for storage lines the space under the window some comfortable pillows make it look inviting to the right of it are a built-in desk and some extra shelves made of the same colored wood as the bench for cohesion.

16. If you want a comfortable cottagey setup in your home look no further than this inspiration the desk is made up of a wooden table placed against a wall some shelves just the right size for decorative knickknacks mementos or plants float above it adding to the spaces ambience meanwhile the desk is large enough to hold several computers with ease yet it doesn’t feel heavy thanks to those shelves.

17. Turn an awkward cubby hole into a desk those spaces on your second floor that were formed by the shape of the roof or adding can easily be turned into great places to study just find a desk that’s the right size to fit into the cubby hole and include a cool chair hang some art above the desk to make it clear that this is a space to study.

18. Need enough room for a desk or two this long floating shelf turned into a desk ticks up a good portion of one wall but it does contain plenty of space for two people to set up their workstations and get down to business complete the look with matching chairs a lamp or two some plants and plenty of inspiring artwork for a place where things get done on time.

19. For something slightly more feminine take advantage of the pastel colors in this room a desk placed in the corner plus an additional shelving unit off to one side that mimics the shelf and dual cubbies perched above makes quite a statement the color of the chair as well as the decorative items that are also functional arranged around it use the same pastels as the rest of the space time everything together.

20. For a space with a more masculine feel start with walls painted in two different colors the muted blue on the bottom with an ivory white on top have a simple air that goes well with the lines of the desk made up of a plank wood supported by sawhorses on once side and a drawer unit on the other the desk is designed to hold a computer and plenty of drawing tools.

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