20 Small Apartment Makeover Ideas

20 Small Apartment Makeover Ideas

If your apartment is small do not think that you are doomed this is not the end there are numerous ideas you can carry out in your small apartment to give it a makeover that would cater to all your needs welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here a 20 small apartment makeover ideas that would make your life much easier.

1. The first makeover idea for your small apartment is to maximize use of the color white by that we mean keeping the walls white the rug a sheet of white etc white will help your small space feel area and lighter you can compliment this color with neutral accents and subtle pattern.

2. You know you do not need a giant headboard a giant headboard is only taking a lot of your wall space reduce the size of it so you can add wall panels shelves and photo frames to the saved space or you can simply get rid of it and have your very own statement wall.

3. Where you place your bed plays a major role it’s a good idea to place your bed against the curtain as it creates a natural focal point allowing a lot of room.

4. Other activities for your headboard actually has a lot of potential you can try hanging pendant lights to it which will get rid of the need for a table lamp the saved space can be used to do so much more

5. When you mount your light you are saving up a lot of space since you do not require table lamps anymore no need of nightstands either get control over your apartment lighting which will help you get rid of the trouble of getting out of bed on a winter night while you are tucked in bed.

6. The type of wallpaper you use in your small apartment also decides how area feels try avoiding wallpapers that have a very dark tone go for a lighter tone you can use bright and bold wallpapers.

7. Your bed has a lot of storage capacity underneath by adding drawers you can save a lot of room in your closet.

8. A daybed is basically a larger version of a couch day beds are actually pretty cute and multi-purpose a daybed in a small apartment can save a lot of space you can have it beside the window where you can read books and enjoy the cool breeze.

9. Adding Neer’s is actually a very smart idea to use in your small apartment not only does it help get rid of the need of a dressing table it makes space have mirrors on the closet wall to save wall space.

10. Great for people living in small apartments without having the need of buying a huge chunky pieces of furniture all you have to do is get fill tins like bookshelves built in beside your bed help save a lot of money to.

11. If you do not have a lot of space try making it feel like you do fake books wallpaper is one example that will help create the illusion of more space no need to have an actual bookcase when you have this.

12. Yes we need our desks but do we need them every day I don’t think so rethink about your desk why don’t you try using something that could work as a nightstand to save space and your money by getting creative with your desk.

13. If you require more than one table in your small apartment get yourself a nest of tables available in different sizes nest of tables can be easily pulled out and used in any part of the apartment you can even use it as a nightstand or to place your books at.

14. Room dividers are great as they can be assembled and tossed into the garage when not needed they help divide your small apartment in zones and spaces a divider will help you gain some privacy while you are changing on the side of your bedroom moreover by dividing your small apartment in zones you get to divide your work zone from your sleeping area.

15. One paint color is a trick more of us fail to understand try adding different floorings as they will help create the impression that there is a lot of room.

16. Another great hack that people living in small apartments can adopt if you have a sliding door in your apartment get rid of it immediately it is noisy costly and is taking a lot of space make use of curtains that are lighter.

17. It is always a great idea to tuck the bed as far as possible from the door.

18. No need to get rid of your valuables just because you are moving in a small apartment with limited space open shelving is a cool way of making use of the walls vertical panels built-in shelves and drawers underneath your bed are super handy it is also a great idea to place your mattress on top of storage unit which you can get customized.

19. As mentioned before the choice of colors you use in your small apartment says a lot about how Airy the room is give your apartment wallpapers and furniture pieces that have a lighter tone it will give you room to breathe and will make sure you don’t feel like the room is cluttered.

20. If you live in an apartment that is not only compact but has low ceilings to remember to purchase low furniture opt for furniture that is low in height and lessen weight this will help you move it around super easily as well.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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