20 Easy DIY Hacks For Modern Kitchen

20 Easy DIY Hacks For Modern Kitchen

Everyone can agree that the kitchen is the heart of any house it’s where you gather to cook and prepare meals it’s where you often discuss important family matters as cliche as it may sound every kitchen needs a revamp every now and then but if you’re looking to upgrade your modern kitchen there is no need to spend ridiculous amount of money welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY here are 20 easy DIY tips for small modern kitchen.

1. Do you have at least a few of those mesh office supply organizers if so repurpose them especially if they’re just lying around simply hang one of them on the wall particularly by your kitchen sink from there you can just store dish soap and sponges among many others.

2. This is where you need to be a bit crafty the idea is to build a vertical drying rack integrated to the wall you will need some hooks and screws but it would not be much of a work not only will you free up space but you’ll also benefit from having an extra storage area in your kitchen.

3. Are you feeling a bit futuristic you could do this tips by adding a tiny magnetic cloth holder to make things a bit more interesting try to combine it with a hanging dish drying rack if you have an old one you can use it.

4. A sponge holder can help you big-time since it adds functionality and simplicity you have two options in terms of where to hang it, it could be mounted on the kitchen wall but if you want to be more functional just let it hang over the sink faucet.

5. You will appreciate how versatile this tip is especially since you can place it anywhere in your home simply fill your mason jars with different utensils such as spoons and forks you could add some flowers to brighten up the overall design.

6. If you do not feel like using mason jars you can always go with tin cans and since you are going to use tin cans try to design them with paints to let your creative side loose.

7. These DIY utensil cans are somewhat like the tin cans but you are going to hang them on a metal rod it also gives you functionality since it can be used as a hand towel rack first use a metal safe drill bit to create a hole just below the rim on the back side of each tin can turn cans upside down and coat each one with spray paint in the colors of your choice embellish tin cans with washi tape stickers or tags hang each tin can from an s hook onto a towel bar fill with utensils herbs or kitchen tools.

8. This silverware holder is capable of adding a chic vintage which in turn give your kitchen the much-needed aesthetic appeal plus it can give you a drawer space you can store different utensils either way as long as you keep things organized start by cutting a pile of slats to 4 inches if you want the faces to be fastener free use Gorilla Glue to hold the Front’s after the boxes dried cut pieces from the bottom glued and screwed those together glue two longer slots together and to end using some makeshift patches once that set attach the boxes from behind be sure to pilot drill all your holes first otherwise the wood may split and here’s the final result.

9. Do you want to keep paper towels in the kitchen but you are afraid they will mess things up worry no more this DIY hack is all you need simply convert a drawer into a paper towel dispenser nothing fancy but it should give you a modern feel and a functional drawer in the kitchen.

10. Like the paper towel dispenser this one works in the same way they’re ideal for storing vegetables such as potatoes squash and beasts that can be kept in dark temperate places.

11. This tip is pretty straightforward as you are going to make use of an under cabinet bin and adds charm and functionality to your kitchen you’ll feel more inclined to grab an orange or two if they’re hanging near eye level and your countertops will be free of cumbersome fruit bowls.

12. Every now and then you may want to take a look at your cookbook just so you can check if you are doing things accordingly use a retractable book stand and just keep your cookbook there if you no longer need it you can just simply push it it is so easy right.

13. Do you know that those magazine holders can be used alongside your fridge yes you heard that right just simply repurpose them as freezer shelves it is not only great for organizing stuff but it is also an efficient way to store fruits and vegetables inside.

14. Want to give your fridge a nice bump try to use miniature pullout drawers this will give a pop of color while keeping things organized inside that way you will not be bothered about using other kitchen space just to store bars eggs and others.

15. This tip is perfect for all spice lovers out there want to know where your spices are immediately keep them organized inside a dedicated drawer or spice rack either way it is a fun way to organize things in the kitchen.

16. Sometimes you just want to do things inside the kitchen simultaneously install a cutting board on top of your kitchen sink that way when you are done cutting fruits or vegetables you can easily wash or rinse.

17. Want to know which is which well start labeling your kitchen items do it so it will tell you where you keep those spices.

18. Are you running out of kitchen space do you think all your drawers have been used up fret not think of those fake drawers in your kitchen and use them for sponges or utensils first take the hinge and place it on the interior of your opening at the base and mark your openings with a pencil you can drill pilot holes to make it easier to put in the screws, screw in the screws repeat on the other side and last attach the panel to the hinge once the hinge is attached to the panel front you can hang your trays on the screws.

19. There is a reason why many kitchens are made to have more vertical space and this is exactly one of those install a hanging mechanism and use it to hang pots pans or other kitchen tools.

20. Once you’ve cleaned your dirty counter sink and stains on the floor it might be tempting to just run your sponge under some water and send it at the edge of your sink doing so however sets the stage for mold and mildew to build up thankfully you can keep your sponge from becoming gross and unusable with a simple clip just place the sponge upright which will prevent it from sitting in water as well as help it air dry fast.

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