20 Clever Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

20 Clever Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Whether you’re downsizing or just want to give your kitchen a premium feel, we have of the most amazing pantry organization hacks for you. They’ll save you space, time and money – but that’s not all. Stick around until the end of the article to get an innovative insight that you never knew before. Trust us, this juicy gem will be the perfect dessert after this twenty-course meal of tips. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are Clever Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger. 

1. Light it up. And no, we don’t mean with a match. Small pantries are often darker than larger ones because there’s less space for light to come flooding in. This not only means that space is wasted because you can’t see things and food goes bad, but it also makes the space look even smaller. Hanging a light, even a battery-powered one, will improve your usage of the space and make it more appealing to the eye – win, win.

2. Mix up your shelves. You don’t want to waste any precious real estate in your pantry, especially when you don’t have a whole lot of room. Figure out what you want to store and where, paying careful attention to the heights of things. Many storage options have height adjustable shelves, but if they don’t, you can buy quick and easy clip-ons – instantly saving you a lot of space.

3. Shelf it. No, we aren’t going crazy and repeating ourselves. Just as we said you can add more shelves, you can also improvise with boxes. Any boxes that don’t need to be stored a certain way can be tipped on their sides, making a mini shelf space on top. Tea caddies, heavy duty cardboard boxes and definitely plastic containers work well for this.

4. Hang it up. If you don’t have space in the cupboards, make some! With a little handiness know-how (or store-bought shelves and some heavy duty glue), you can add ceiling-suspended shelving. Just don’t forget that you’ll need to be able to reach up and grab the items, so don’t hang them too high.

5. Use the back of the door. We don’t just mean use the back of the entrance door – use the cupboards, drawers, anything! There are plenty of ingenious ideas for storing your stuff here. The back of a door can hold spices, pot lids, utensils, dried herbs, carrier bag holders and all sorts of other small bits and pieces you might need but don’t want to look at.

6. Install pull-out drawers. Shelves are a thing of the past when it comes to pantry organization. If you’re willing to put down some dollar, then invest in pull-out shelves and drawers. Not only does this make it easier to access the items in the back, but if you get the soft touch drawers, they’re also super satisfying to close.

7. Unbox it. This is a simple one but a good one. Take things out of their packages so that they take up less space. Imagine how much room you’re wasting keeping a cereal box when it’s half empty and there’s a perfectly good plastic bag inside that can be folded down into a tiny package.

8. Make it your pantry into a U-shaped to get that hotel feel. You heard us right; if you make your pantry into a U shape, it’s easier to see everything that’s in there.

9. Use a can rack. You can now buy storage racks specifically for cans and canned goods. They’re designed to be the ideal height, and it helps you utilize all of the space in the cupboard and makes canned goods easy to find and reach.

10. Try meal prep stations. This might sound like something from the future, but the concept is really quite simple. Instead of stacking up mess on top of mess, use boxes to store ingredients as you cut them up. Just like a tea and coffee caddy, this keeps the counters clean.

11. Mix up your fridge. We all know that fridges have those nifty drawers in the bottom for your vegetables, but who said they have to be for vegetables only? You can put whatever you want in there.

12. Mix things you always use together. If you make your spaghetti bolognese with basil and oregano but both jars are half full, why not mix them together? You’re going to do it anyway. It saves space and can be super cute if layered well.

13. Make it pretty. Sometimes the only hack you need is diversion. If you don’t want people to see a small space, force their attention elsewhere. Clever use of lighting and labelling can do the trick.

14. Open it up. If your pantry is separate from your kitchen, then you might be tempted to keep those doors shut, but naturally, that creates a barrier. Just seeing those extra few feet of floor can really help.

15. Throw in some color. Color is a great way to change the shape of a room without actually changing the shape of a room. It’s an easy hack. Light colors make the room expand while dark colors make it shrink, so switching out dark items for light ones is a win. This works on cutlery, tiles, wall paint and so much more.

16. Add wallpaper. And while we’re talking decor hacks, wallpaper is your new best friend. If you have an area that needs expanding, you can get custom wallpapers to suit the space. Putting up a wallpaper that reflects long corridors makes it look like you have more space than you actually do.

17. Use mirrors. If it’s high shine, a mirror will reflect both length and light – but this tip doesn’t go for just literal mirrors. Adding chrome anywhere will do the trick, so start storing your items in high shine caddies and boxes.

18. Revamp your equipment. Maybe you’re not into cooking. If so, why do you have an oven? It probably came with the place but has been wasting space ever since. All you need to do is unplug it and you have instant, glass fronted storage – with the added bonus of racks that slide in and out, just like movable shelves. It’s quirky, cute and practical.

19. Vacuum it. Yes, you heard that right, Simply cut up your fruit and veg for the week, which compresses it, then put it in the bag. Clip on the hoover and suck the air right out of the bag. Your food will be flat and stay crunchy and fresh. It’s easy to store and fun to look at as well.

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